Bara Bhangal Trek

11 Days | 10 Nights
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About Bara Bhangal Trek

Objective Information:

  1. Trek Difficulty: Moderately difficult
  2. Highest Elevation: 16000 feet
  3. Trek Duration: 11 days
  4. Trek Distance: 80 km
  5. Region: Bir, Manali
  6. Base Camp: Manali
  7. Nearest Bus Stand: Chandigarh(310 k.m), Shimla(249 k.m), Ambala(338 k.m)
  8. Nearest Railway Station; Airport: Chandigarh (310 km); Bhuntar(52 km)
  9. Best time to do: Mid-May to mid-October
  10. Approximate Temperature Range: 10 to 20 degree Celcius during summer and 0 to 5 degree Celcius during winter

Highlights of the Bara Bhangal trek:

Bara Bangal is a moderately difficult trek. A journey through the remote village of Bara Bhangal is such a magnificent way to enjoy. Trekking as well as moving around the steeps of lower Himalayan mountains is the best thing to do for the trek lovers. Moving through the lines of extremely difficult passes, tiny streams, and the glaciers are the best way to lost in nature. Green valleys and meadows are also joyful to watch. The scenic beauty of the valley gives pleasure to anyone’s eye.

Starting from Manali towards Dharmashala is absolute paradise to the nature lovers. This trek is one of the most versatile treks as it offers different types of natural beauty each day. From paragliding at Billing to meet the villagers at the Bara Bhangal village, each and every part gives you new thrilling. And last but not the least, traveling through the dark and dense Himalayan forests gives the exact same thrilling for which you came to this trek.

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Bara Bhangal Trek
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Bara Bhangal Trek: Short Itinerary


You have to arrive at Manali. You can reach there by train or by air.

Day 2:

Manali – Loma Dugh

Day 3:

Loma Dugh – Riyali Thach

Day 4:

Riyali Thach – Kalihani Base

Day 5:

Kalihani Base – Kalihani Pass- Donku Thach

Day 6:

Donku Thach – Dev ki Marhi

Day 7:

Dev ki Marhi – Dal Marhi

Day 8:

Dal Marhi – Bara Bhangal

Day 9:

Bara Bhangal – Marh

Day 10:

Marh – Thamsar Pass-Plachak

Day 11:

Plachak – Billing– Dharamshala

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Manali

On this day, you will arrive at Manali. After reaching Manali, you have to go to the hotel to take some rest. You can visit some places like Old Manali, Hadimba Temple, and Mall road on the day of arrival. The trek will start from here on the very next day.

Day 2: Manali – Loma Dugh

Distance to cover: 3017m

Approximate time to cover: 3-4hrs

Today, the trek will start from Manali towards Loma Dugh after breakfast. At the very beginning of the trek, you have to cross a deep and dark forest full of trees like Pine, Deodar, etc. You will cross a few green valleys near Manali. From here, you have to climb upwards. The path will be steep and not so easy to climb in the upwards direction. After climbing this section up to a certain height, you will be able to see those beautiful places like Deo Tibba and Indrasan. After climbing up towards an incline and moderately difficult path, you have to go along with the trail that follows towards the right side of a ridge. This following slant trail will go to the campsite. As long as you reached the campsite, you will see the meadow full of Alpine surrounded by dense and dark forests. Today’s trek will be a short one. After 3 to 4 hours of trek, you will reach the Loma Dugh. The surroundings of the campsite will be very beautiful and thrilling to spend a night. 

Day 3: Loma Dugh – Riyali Thach

Distance to cover: 3400m

Approximate time to cover: 3-4hrs

Today you will have to cover around 3400 meters within 3- 4 hours to reach Riyali Thach. Starting right from Loma Dugh, you have to go straight uphill just behind Khand Pari Tibba. There will be a steep trail on the vertical ridge, which may be tiring to someone but still, the scenic beauty around the entire path during the climb is absolutely blissful. After climbing up for a while through a patch full of difficulties, you will reach the campsite at Riyali Thach. The beautiful Kullu valley is very close to the campsite area, which is situated by the side of the Beas river. The Manali town is not too far away from the Riyali Thach. This place is also beautiful and the scenic beauty of around it is also mindblowing. You will stay one night here at Riyali Thach.

Day 4: Riyali Thach – Kalihani Base

Distance to cover: 4010m

Approximate time to cover: 5-7hrs

Today’s journey will start from Riyali Thach. Today’s journey from Riyali Thach to Kalihani Base will be a long one. You have to start as early as possible after taking some breakfast in order to reach Kalihani Base earlier. Therefore, you will get enough time to take rest thereafter. The trail is incredibly fascinating as we tread on the vast open meadows. The foliage adorning the alpine slopes is a sight to see. You have to trek towards the trail. The natural beauty around the path is really incredible. Towards the trail, you will reach a meadow. While you walk in the same path, it will guide you to a stream. The stream has crystal clear and chilled water. This will refresh your mind and you will gain new energy from it. After that, you will get a path that goes upwards. Therefore, you have to climb upwards as well through a difficult path. After climbing through the inclined path for nearly about 4 hours, you will reach the base of Kalihani. The atmosphere and beauty of the calm surroundings are beyond imagination. Here you can take rest, take some food or maybe you can enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee. From this point, you can see various snow-capped peaks and ranges standing aimlessly in front of you. Deo Tibba and Indrasan peaks will be seen right from here and their view from here will be the best of the entire journey. In the evening, the sparkling color of the night sky and the glittering of the stars will make a combination that you will feel you are in your dreams. You have to spend the night at the basecamp here at Kalihani Base.

Day 5: Kalihani Base-Kalihani Pass-Donku Thach

Distance to cover: 9600m

Approximate time to cover: 7-9 hours

On this day, you have to get out for the trek early in order to reach the destination early. After taking some breakfast, you have to start the journey from Kalihani base towards Donku Thach through Kalihani pass. Today’s sh journey will be the longest until now. The path will be difficult at places. At the beginning of this day, you will have to climb upwards through an inclined path. The path is fully covered with small stones and debris along with the Kalihani Glacier till the pass. When you reach the top of the pass, you will see some popular snow-capped ranges like Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal. Here you can take some rest and walk around on top of the glacier. After crossing the glacier, you have to move forward. Where the pass is going downwards. In this way, you will see some unnamed lakes formed by melting water of these glaciers. In the afternoon, you will arrive at Donku Thach campsite. You have to take rest here at night and prepare for tomorrow.

Day 6: Donku Thach – Dev ki Marhi

Distance to cover: 3850m

Approximate time to cover: 5-6hrs

Today, you have to move towards Dev Ki Marhi after leaving the Donku Thach behind in the morning. You have to take some breakfast here in the morning before leaving Donku Thach. From Donku Thach on the way towards Dev Ki Marhi, you have to walk alongside the Kalihani river for an hour or two. The trail goes downwards after the Kalihani river and went to the dark and dense forest of Fir, Oak, and Birch. The path in this part is not easy rather there will be ups and downs. You will be able to reach Dev ki Marhi after trekking for about 6-7 hours to the campsite. Here at the campsite, you can have some food and hot tea and get refreshed. The scenic beauty of the surroundings is very beautiful. You have to spend the night here at the campsite.

Day 7: Dev ki Marhi – Dal Marhi

Distance to cover: 3900m

Approximate time to cover: 5-6hrs

Today’s journey will start right from here in the morning. Here, you have to take some breakfast and then start trekking towards Dal Marhi. On this day you have to trek about 6 hours in order to reach Dal Marhi. Starting from Dev ki Marhi, you have to move through the dense forests and rivers. In the beginning, you will find the path going upwards with keeping the Kalihani river alongside. After traveling around for a while, you will see that the path starts going downwards and went through into the dark and dense forest full of trees like Birch, Oak, and Fir. Particularly, this part is of the trail is very much interesting as well as thrilling. At a certain point, you will see some beautiful wild flora and fauna. The trail is moderately difficult here. Finally, the moderate trail ends at a point where you reach Dal Marhi. After reaching the camp you have to take some rest after trekking for hours. The surroundings is nice to watch. You will spend the night here in the tent.

Day 8: Dal Marhi – Bara Bhangal

Distance to cover: 2882m

Approximate time to cover: 5-6hrs

The journey towards Bara Bhangal stars from here. You have start trekking early in order to reach Bara Bhangal before the afternoon. You need to eat something in the morning before starting the trek. Bara Bhangal is a village in Himachal Pradesh and the only village in the valley. From the village Bara Bhangl, the trail will go downwards. At a point, while going downwards, you will meet a river called Ravi. After the river, you have to follow the trail and it will take you to a dense forest full of Conifers. After reaching the village Bara Bangal the trek for today’s end. Here you have to stay in the camp. In the afternoon, you can visit the village and meet the villagers.

Day 9: Bara Bhangal – Marh

Distance to cover: 3830m

Approximate time to cover: 5-6 hrs

On this day you will travel from Bara Bhangal towards Marh. Today, you need to travel a long path. Therefore you need an early start. As the path to be cover today is long and the trek is pretty difficult here. Here the trail that goes towards Marh is pretty exciting. You can see the Himalayan Mountains right from here. Trekking down the trail, you will be able to see the scenic beauty along with the meadows full of green grass. There are several streams with crystal clear water crosses the road. There will be several plants, trees and herbs in the Himalayan mountains like Deodar, Pine, Oak, and Birch will be seen while walking down the path. The trail will take you to the campsite at Marh. From here you will see frozen snow-capped mountains. The campsite at Marh is very close to the Thamsar Glacier. The weather here at Marh is pretty cold. You have to spend the night here and prepare for the next day’s trek.

Day 10: Marh – Thamsar Pass– Plachak

Distance to cover: 7600m

Approximate time to cover: 6-8hrs

Today’s trek will also be a long one ad full of difficulties. You have to keep yourself ready within the early morning. You have to take breakfast here at Marh and set off for the journey. From Marh, you have to go forward along with the trail towards Thamsar Pass. Here the altitude is very high and the temperature is pretty low. There will be moraines (which are formed by debris carried by the glacier when it moves) at a certain part. These parts will be hard to trek. And finally, you have to cross the Glaciers. The path through which you have to climb upwards is very tiny. As the altitude is very high, the air density is also less. Therefore at such heights and high altitude respiratory problems could occur. You have to be very careful and conscious and you must maintain the guidelines properly. After overcoming the difficulty, you will climb up to the top of the pass. From that point, you can watch and enjoy the beauty of the magnificent Kangra Valley. The flipside of the pass is going downwards and in this way, you will reach the campsite. Then after trekking for hours and overcoming the obstacles, you will reach Plachak. You will spend the whole night under the stars at Plachak.

Day 11: Plachak – Billing – Dharamshala

Distance to cover: 3700m

Approximate time to cover: 5-7hrs

Today will be the last day and it will be the easiest of the whole trek. The journey will start toward Billing. You will reach Billing via Rajgundha. Billing is an international paragliding sport site, which is a very popular place in here. After Billing, the trail goes downwards through the green forests full of plants and herbs along with a number of streams across the meadows. As long as you go forward, there will be another beautiful view of the Kangra valley. At the end of the day, we will reach to Dharmasala.


Weather at the Bara Bhangal trek is not too pleasant. The temperature runs mainly on the lower side. During summer the temperature falls between -5 degrees Celcius to 5 degrees Celcius. The temperature usually falls between -5 degrees Celcius to -15degree Celcius during Winter. The best time to go out for this trek is somewhere between May to October.

Difficulty Level:

Bara Bangal is known as one of the moderately difficult treks of Himachal Pradesh. The path in which you move forward that may be very difficult at times. Sometimes the path becomes too tiny, and there will be small streams that you have to cross on your way. This is a trek in the high altitude. You may feel suffocation or related problems.

Snow Trek:

There is no snow trek at any part. As you must avoid the winter to go there. Therefore, you don’t have to face snow trek. Although you can see mountains and ranges full of white snow around you.

ATM & Mobile Connectivity (Max 50-100 words):

Manali and Bir have full mobile connectivity of most of the major operators. At some point, you may get a little bit network of BSNL. Except that, in most of the parts of the trek, there will be no network coverage. There will be no ATMs on the mid-way of the trek. You can take sufficient cash from the ATMs at Manali.

Cancellation Policy

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  • For all the above choices, you can transfer your tickets to your friends. We would be more than happy to have them on board and you could save your hard earned money.
  • The company reserves the right to cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances, in case of such cancellation your amount will be refunded back.

Refund Policy

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COVID 19 additional measures

  • Members travelling should practice social distancing.
  • If the trek/trip gets cancelled due to any pandemic or government’s order, there would be no refund instead the plan will get postponed.
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