Lamkhaga Pass Trek

10 Days | 9 Nights
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About Lamkhaga Pass Trek

Lamkhaga Pass trek: experience the fairytale life in high altitude Garhwal Himalayas

  1. Trek Difficulty: difficult as well as challenging
  2. Highest Elevation: 5300m
  3. Trek Duration: 10 days
  4. Trek Distance: 85-90 km
  5. Region: Kinnaur-Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh
  6. Base Camp: Chitkul
  7. Nearest Bus Stand: Shimla
  8. Nearest Railway Station/Airport: The nearest rail station is Kalka/Chandigarh. The nearest airport is Shimla Airport.
  9. Best time to do: May - June or September-October
  10. Approximate Temperature Range: Around 5 to 15 degrees Celcius between March to mid-October and rest it goes to -10 degrees Celcius or even lower. 

Lamkhaga Pass is one of the exciting places to go for trekking in the Gharwal Himalayas. The thrilling journey through the valley will definitely be the best experience of your life. Surrounded by the snow-covered mountains, dark forests, beautiful waterfalls, crystal clear streams make the entire trek a wanderlust. This trek could way better if you go there in the Summer or in Autumn rather than any other period. Trekking through the Tibetian border and small villages will give you a refreshing experience. 

Mountains and peaks around the entire region with a clear blue sky over the head will definitely help you to get lost inside nature. To enjoy the seasons like summer and autumn on the edge of the Himalayas is always a pleasant experience. When the sun rays fall on the peaks covered with snow, there will be a reflection of different colors and will give you that exact thrilling you need to go out for some adventure without any hesitation.

It is one of the trek in India that is considered as difficult. Snow can be covered up to the hill or sometimes maybe as high as the waist level. Everything you see around is white. This place is different from others because of the variety of different elements of nature. At Lamkhaga Pass, you can find green meadows, snow-covered peaks, glaciers, snowfields at a high altitude, streams of rivers with crystal clear water, and white clouds within your surroundings. Those are the deadliest combination which continuously drives any traveler to go out.

This trek is full of green. As long as you walking towards the destination, You will always find a lot of green trees in your surroundings. As you will be exploring the remote regions of Garhwal Himalayas you will also cross dark forests on your path. The places are full of Pine, Sal, Oak, Deodar, Alpine trees and last but not the least, Flora is found in different altitudes. The trek will consist of beautiful valleys like Baspa valley and beautiful small villages like Chitkul. Those villages consist of beautiful little houses made of wood and green fields that are used for farming seed.

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Lamkhaga Pass Trek: Sort Itinerary

Day-1: Shimla to Chitkul:

Today’s journey will be from Shimla to Chitkul today. A total of 245 km drive by shared cab, It will take 8-9 hours to reach Chitkul. Altitude: 11269 feet

Day-2 -Chitkul to Rani Kanda via Nagasthi:

The journey from Chitkul to Rani Kanda through Nagasthi is a 10 km path and you need at least 5 hours to complete it.

Day-3: Acclimatization day:

This day is nothing but get used to the weather at the high altitudes. You will not travel today. Rather you will stay at Rani Kanda.

Day-4: Rani Kanda to Dumti:

Trekking will start from Rani Kanda and to reach Dumti you have to trek 15 km. It will take almost 8 hours.

Day-5: Dumti to Gundar:

The trek will start at Dumti and will finish at Gundar. It is a 15 km long path and you need 8 hours to reach the destination.

Day-6: Gundar to Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp:

Today’s journey will start from Gundar. It will be a 12 km long path. To finish it you need at least 6 hours to walk.

Day-7: Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp to Basecamp-2(Kinnaur):

Starting from Lamkhaga base camp, there will be a 5 km walk to reach Basecamp-2. It will take 5 hours to reach due to the difficulty of the road.

Day-8: Basecamp-2 (Kinnaur) to Lamkhaga Pass–Basecamp-3(Gangotri):

The distance between Lamkhaga basecamp-2 and basecamp-3 is 16 km and it will take 6 hours to reach there. Altitude is very high here. You will see the glacier here.

Day-9: Basecamp-3 to Kyorkati:

From basecamp-3(Gangotri) to Kyorkati is pretty smooth. Altitude will go lower from here.

Day-10: Kyorkati to Harsil:

The final part of this thrilling trek ends here after overcoming lots of ups and downs.

Expanded Itinerary

This 10-day journey through Lamkhaga trek(from Shimla to Harsil) is exciting as well as thrilling. The day by day itinerary through the beautiful village of Chitkul in Sangla or the eye-catching Baspa valley of Kinnaur, everything will remain in your memory for life. The journey through the heart of the Garhwal Himalayas will definitely be an attraction to you. 

Day-1: Shimla to Chitkul

Total Distance: 245 km

Duration: 8 to 9 hours

Altitude: 11269 feet

This exciting journey will start right from Shimla. You have to reach Shimla either via rail or air. You have to stay at Shimla at night. After having breakfast in the morning at Shimla, you have to go out for a ride towards Chitkul via Kufri and Narkanda by a rental or shared cab. After traveling for 8 to 9 hours, you will reach Chitkul in the afternoon. The beautiful Sangla village is one of the main attractions of Chitkul. You will stay at Chitkul at night. There will be a PWD rest house, guest houses, and homestays available. The entire Chitkul is situated at a valley called Baspa valley which is very pleasant.

Day 02: Chitkul – Nagasthi – Rani Kanda

Total Distance: 10 km

Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Altitude: 12139 feet

Chitkul is the most attractive village in Kinnaur district. Chitkul is located on the right side of the Baspa river and is the last village in the Baspa valley. Chitkul is popular with the tourists for its houses with slate or wooden plank roofs. The trek will start from here. There is a very popular temple called Kagyupa temple with a very old image Shakyamuni Buddha. You will start the trek from Chitkul and travel towards Rani Kanda. Nagasthi is a check-post point near the Indian-Tibetian border and 20 km away from Chitkul. The scenic beauty of Nagasthi cannot be described in words. You have to spend the night here at Rani Kanda in tents.

Day 03: Acclimatization day

Altitude: Around 12000 feet

Today you will take rest most of the time in Rani Kanda to acclimatize yourselves with this high altitude weather. As it is a high altitude trek therefore, the difficulty level of this trek is pretty high. To keep your health safe and to avoid problems like AMS(Acute Mountain Sickness) you must be very careful on this day. You can walk a little bit around the tent. You have to eat light food and take rest to keep yourself ready for the next day. 

Day 04: Rani Kanda – Dumti

Total Distance: 15 km

Duration: 7 to 8 hours

Altitude: 13287 feet

The trek will start from Rani Kanda this day. Today you will go upwards. There will be some eye-catching waterfalls and beautiful meadows full of colorful flowers on the way to Dumti. Dumti is another important part of this trek situated at Kinnaur district. The scenic beauty of Dumti village and it’s surrounding is like a haven. At Dumti village there is an ITBP camp too. You have to stay here at night in tents in Dumti.

Day 05: Dumti – Gundar

Total Distance: 15 km

Duration: 7 to 8 hours

Altitude: 14432 feet

At Dumti village, there is a popular temple called Karu Devta temple. Inside the temple, there is Karu Devta and a Shibling. The journey for this day will start from here. Today you will go at more height and the trek will become more exciting. You have to follow the Baspa river and walk. When you go alongside the Baspa river, you have to cross a number of streams and finally, you will reach Gundar after trekking 7 to 8 hours. Gundar is at more altitude.

Day 06: Gundar – Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp

Total Distance: 12 km

Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Altitude: 14599 feet

Gundar is also a small village at Himachal Pradesh. It also has it’s own beauty. The journey from Gudar to the first base camp is the most difficult as compared to the previous part. The altitude has become higher, the weather will also is unpredictable here. You must be very careful at all circumstances and strictly follow the leader. It is necessary to start as early as possible. You have to stay at the base camp at night.

Day 07: Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp – Base camp II (Kinnaur)

Total Distance: 6 km

Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Altitude: 14599 feet

Today you will go from base camp 1 to base camp 2. Today’s entire journey will be on the steep path and covered with thick layers of snow. You have to ready to go out for the trek as early as possible to reach the base camp 2 early. You may need some technical gears depending upon the path and situation. You have to spend the night at the base camp 2. 

Day 08: Base camp II (Kinnaur) – Lamkhaga Pass – Base camp III (Gangotri)

Total Distance: 16 km

Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Altitude: 17335 feet

Here in this part of your journey, you will trek towards the Base camp 3. The base camp 3 will be near the Gangotri. After crossing the final part of the Lamkhaga pass and walking by the edges of the mountains you have to travel at least 16 km to reach Gangotri. The path here is the most difficult of the entire journey. You will go upwards today. The altitude of the base camp 3 is the highest of the entire journey. You may need some technical gears while trekking and you must be very careful as well.

Day 09: Base camp III (Gangotri) – Kyorkati

Total Distance: 10 km

Duration: 5 hours

Altitude: 12532 feet

Today you will go downwards right from the base camp 3. Your journey towards Kyorkati will start from here. You can see a beautiful meadow right beside the Gangotri glacier. The tents will be here to take rest at night.

Day 10: Kyorkati – Harsil

Total Distance: 10 km

Duration: 5 hours

Altitude: 7478 feet

The final part of this thrilling and exciting journey will be doe on this day. After trekking through ups and downs, dark forests, several eye-catching waterfalls, and unknown streams, and beautiful meadows you will finally reach the last point of this trek. In this part, you will have to go downwards for 5 long hours to reach Harsil. There will be some homestays and guest houses available. You can take rest at night here in the village homestays or tents. The next day you will travel towards Uttarkashi by car.

Lamkhaga Pass weather

The temperature at Lamkhaga Pass varies over the months. During the Summer, the temperature is as high as 10-15 degrees Celcius. But during winter it can go below -10 degrees Celcius. The average temperature here is around 0-10 degrees Celcius during the April-May period. The average temperature around the August-September period is 5-10 degrees Celcius. During December-January, the average temperature is -15 to -10 degrees Celcius. The weather around Lamkhaga Pass is pleasant. As it is a bit difficult to trek here, therefore there will be pretty fewer tourists around. As a result, the place will be calm and quiet all the time throughout the year.

Peak Information(height)

The highest point of this trek is at the third base camp near the Gangotri glacier. It is approximately 17335 feet above.

Difficulty Level

The entire journey is pretty much difficult. The weather here is not always in favor. Stil,l best time to go here is between May, June or September, October. Beginners are advised to not to choose this particular trek.

Snow Trek

You will find snow on the parts from one base came to another. So You have to walk on a thick layer of snow. Keeping this in your mind, you have to take essentials and gears for the trek.

ATM & Mobile Connectivity

There will be ATMs available at Shimla. After that, no ATMs will be found on the entire journey. So, you need to withdraw a sufficient amount of cash from here according to your needs. You will get ATM at Uttarkashi again, where the journey will end.

There will be no network coverage on this journey. You can get some network coverage only at Gangotri if you have a BSNL connection on your mobile. You are advised to take or make all the important phone calls here.

Cancellation Policy

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  • No refund if the cancellation is requested is less than 5 days of day of travel.
  • No show, no refund.
  • Booking cannot be transferred to another date against cancellation.
  • In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain activities may be cancelled and in such cases the our service partner will try his best to provide an alternate feasible activity.
  • For all the above choices, you can transfer your tickets to your friends. We would be more than happy to have them on board and you could save your hard earned money.
  • The company reserves the right to cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances, in case of such cancellation your amount will be refunded back.

Refund Policy

  • The applicable refund amount will be processed within 10 business days
  • All applicable refunds will be done in traveller's togedr wallet.

COVID 19 additional measures

  • Members travelling should practice social distancing.
  • If the trek/trip gets cancelled due to any pandemic or government’s order, there would be no refund instead the plan will get postponed.
  • Everyone travelling should have the ‘Arogya Setu App’ installed on their phones.

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