Fly Boarding at Vagator Beach

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Starting from 3499 Per Person
First Aid included
First Aid
Note: Mask, Sanitizer and Gloves are mandatory for all travellers.

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About Fly Boarding at Vagator Beach

Flyboarding is a watersport that is capturing the attention of many people. This watersport is extremely exciting and promises to be full of fun. A flyboard is a hydroflighting device which propels you to the air giving rise to something called hydroflying.

Flyboarding was invented only in 2012 and is therefore probably one of the most recent and innovative watersports activities that you can participate in. Bollywood movie buffs can immediately get a reference of this from the movie Bang Bang where Hrithik Roshan was flyboarding in one of the stunt scenes.

A flyboard rider stands at on a board which is connected to speedboat. Water is then released under pressure with jet nozzles and propels the board. Flyboarding can lift a rider to a height of about 15 metres in the air.

A flyboarding kit has two components- a flyboard, which is buoyant on water and personal water craft (normally a jet ski) by which water is forced under pressure through jet nozzles and can lift the rider high up in the air.

Flyboarding requires some basic swimming skills and training. Instructors are there to train people before they go for this activity.While flyboarding is extremely popular in places like Bali, Phuket and Maldives, it is still only in a few places in India presently but is surely becoming popular with time and spreading to a number of more places.

Goa is one of the best places to indulge in some flyboarding activity. The waters here are just perfect for the activity. The flyboarding is done under the supervision of experts and all safety measures are taken. Flyboarding is Goa is one of the exciting watersports that you can be part of.

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Package Details

Our Flyboarding in Goa package is a day-long affair and is priced at INR 3499 per person. The exact location where this activity will happen is located at around 10 kilometres away from Calangute beach . You can choose your pickup time anytime between 10am to 5pm.

Once we are here, we will first arrange a briefing session where experts and instructors will let you know all about the sport. Next we will have a pre boarding training where the instructors will train you in the sport and teach you all the nitty gritty of the sport.

While flyboarding, maintaining your balance on the flyboard is the most important thing. The instructors will also brief you about how to maintain your postures during the activity in order to do enjoy the activity better.

The flyboarding will span for a time duration of 10-15 minutes. All safety measures will be followed and equipment rentals will be taken care of. We will return back in the evening after finishing the activity.


All activities will be carried out under the supervision of experts and instructors

You will be given life jackets for the water activity

If you have some ailment or health issues, make sure you get yourself checked before indulging this activity and get a clearance from your doctor whether it will be advisable to participate in this

Make sure you listen to all the instructions given by the instructors before starting the activities

Do not look down once you are in the air as it will make you lose your balance

All safety measures and government regulations will be adhered to for this activity

Is swimming a necessity for fly Boarding?

Basic swimming skills will be required for flyboarding. Although you will be given a life jacket and a flyboard which will help you keep afloat in water but knowing swimming will help you not panic.

Best time for performing the sport:

The best time to perform this sport is from October to May


  • Pick-up charges only. Drop off charges, however, can be obtained at additional cost.
  • Pre Boarding training
  • Professional instructors
  • Equipment rental
  • Safety gears (Life Jacket, Helmet)
  • Instructor supervised Flyboard experience( 10-15 minutes)


  • Anything that it not included in the inclusions
  • Personal expenses if any

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellations are made 30 days before the start date of the trip, 50% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • If cancellations are made within 0-30 days before the start date of the trip, 100% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain activities may be cancelled and in such cases the our service partner will try his best to provide an alternate feasible activity.
  • For all the above choices, you can transfer your tickets to your friends. We would be more than happy to have them on board and you could save your hard earned money.
  • The company reserves the right to cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances, in case of such cancellation your amount will be refunded back.

Refund Policy

  • The applicable refund amount will be processed within 10 business days
  • All applicable refunds will be done in traveller's togedr wallet.

COVID 19 additional measures

  • Members travelling should practice social distancing.
  • If the trek/trip gets cancelled due to any pandemic or government’s order, there would be no refund instead the plan will get postponed.
  • Everyone travelling should have the ‘Arogya Setu App’ installed on their phones.

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Duh, yes! Atmanirbhar Indians do it all. Hence, it is necessary.

We suggest you to be safe at this time and use your own vehicle to reach the destination. If necessary, we can also arrange for a fully sanitised taxi from the pickup point to the property and back.

Umm, unfortunately no! This is only for yours and traveller’s safety. Get back to us when things are normal.

Not a lot but, hard copies of ICMR approved COVID RT-PCR negative test report, the E-permit pass for the state you’re travelling to, original address proof and govt. issued ID proof are the only ones.

In that case, these are the two choices you have for yourself.
  • You can simply cancel the bookings for staying in the property and get back to your home. We would give full refund in this case.
  • You can undergo the quarantine period as said by the local authorities and resume the stay at the property. You would be charged only for the amount you are going to stay there.

Things are really uncertain at this point of time and it will not be a surprise if this happens. So, we will refund your entire amount and you will have to go back to your home.

In this case, we would suggest you to get checked at the nearest COVID centre labs around you. If you are found positive, you’ll have to undergo institutional quarantine and have to follow all the government regulations and guidelines. If you are found negative, you can resume staying in the booked property.

Our recommendation would be more than 7 nights. This is to minimise the overall influx of people entering and exiting state borders in short intervals.

Just draft an email and send it to your stay coordinator. You can write in the mail the later dates for which you want to book your stay and your stays will be postponed.

  • To begin with, we are checking all the mandatory health reports and making a file of it
  • We are checking the travel history of the travellers
  • We are not taking anyone who shows even the slightest possibility of cough, cold, or any other symptom
  • The properties are well sanitised
  • We are involving minimal human interaction
  • We are taking extra care of sanitisation

It might happen in this uncertain time so you can transfer that voucher to your family members or friends to not let them get wasted.

Don’t get in TOUCH with anyone, just drop us a mail. Cool!

Nothing much, basically what you have been doing all these while.
  • Social distancing
  • Not touching anyone
  • Wearing masks
  • Washing hands and face frequently
  • Using gloves
  • Using hand sanitiser
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Avoid coming in contact with someone who shows even the slightest signs of cough, cold, or fever.

Of course, but not all the time. Not when you are safe in the sanitised area. Not when you are alone. Not when you are with your closed ones who you know are safe.

Just practise social distancing, use sanitiser on hands, wear a mask, wear gloves, do not come in contact with anyone closely, take bath with soap as you end your journey, drink warm water, and wash your hands with soap.

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