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About Avid Archery Club

Archery is the sport, practice or skill where you need to forget the previous last arrow because if you have trained hard, next arrow will count. Avid archery club offers the best archery training to help next generation accomplish their dreams in archery. It is one of the finest archery clubs in Delhi NCR where the attention and coaching are given to focus the right way. It organizes indoor as well as outdoor activities of archery.

Avid archery provides best facilities to do practices for competition at state national and international level.

The club provides coaching/training for :

  • MiniA (Under 9)
    An Archer may participate in Under 9 National Archery Championship when the competition takes place up to and in the year of his/her 9th birthday. 
  • MiniB (Under 14)
    An Archer may participate in Under 14 National Archery Championship when the competition takes place up to and in the year of his/her 14th birthday.
  • Sub-junior (Under 17)
    An Archer may participate in a Sub-Junior National Archery Championship when the competition takes place up to and in the year of his/her 17th birthday.
  • Junior (under 19)
    An Archer may participate in a Junior National Archery Championship when the competition takes place up to and in the year of his/her 20th birthday.
  • Senior (no age bar)
    There is no age bar for participation in Senior level National Archery Championship.

So if you want to aim right, and not just right but with all might then the academy is the right target for you.

Advantages of playing Archery:

It might be just another fun hobby for some but here are few amazing reasons why you should try your hands at archery:

  • Improve hand-eye coordination and balance
    The archery requires all your attention and in the process, you ought to aim right. Your hands need to tell your mind where it is exactly aiming for and your eyes need to see where your mind is telling to watch. This coordination can be improved through the game of archery.
  • Upper body’s flexibility improve
    The body stretches, for a while, you calmly focus on the target and your finger are at a stretch along with the shoulders and chest to aim at perfect posture. The continuation of such movement will surely make your upper body more flexible.
  • Improve patience
    Have you seen or heard a sniper had to wait for hours and hours to get the target at a right radar and then shoot with the desired perfection. The credit goes to such games of patience. Archery asks for your patience until you realize the breath is perfect, the air movement is being sensed, the target is at your sight and you know it is your kill.
  • Increase confident
    The moment you will hit that bull's eye, you need to be told about your worth. That shoot is enough to boost your confidence as an individual and as a player. The game is actually a boon to boost the confidence that is already within you.

Calories burnt/session:
Although it also depends on the weight of the person, an individual can burn up to 200 calories per hour at the game.

Equipment required:

  • The Bow
  • The bow stringer
  • Arrows
  • Nocking point
  • Armguards
  • Finger tabs


jai jangra photo
jai jangra
28 Sep, 2018
Best archery academy in Delhi NCR.
Best archery academy in Delhi NCR.

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