problem solving training

Problem Solving Training Description

Problem Solving Training

Problems and crisis are some of the most commonly heard words in most organisations. Like it or not, but skipping it or running away is never an ideal option in such cases. As a matter of fact, it is situations like these where one can put their critical and creative thinking to use to generate inventive solutions to everyday problems.


Problem solving is one of the most sought after trait in an employee. Recognising this requirement, Togedr’s Problem Solving Training provides the knowledge and skills needed to leverage rational thinking in critical situations, analyzing problems, spurring creativity, and implementing innovative ideas in a practical way at workplace.


Togedr’s problem solving training follows a 3-step ‘S.O.S’ approach. Each of the modules in this session are aimed at:

S -  Search

O - Operate

S - Success

Search: The first step to problem solving is to study the problem and search for any and every information on it because the more you know, the better you can handle. In times of crisis, most people skip this part and directly action a thoughtless approach which may not be a healthy decision. It is ideal to take a moment, understand the situation and then actioning a plan. It is at this stage when one should evaluate processes for problem solving using skills like reasoning, logic, quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Operate: Also known as the implementation stage, where all the knowledge gained, research and planning comes to play and problem is operated upon. An important aspect that is touched upon in this module is motivating team members. We focus on applying processes to assess work issues and problems and transform creativity into practical business solutions.

Success: Post the implementation stage, evaluate the success of the solution whether or not was the problem completely addressed. This helps in bettering problem solving skills for the future.


  • Being critical yet creative in problem solving
  • Knowing and making the right decisions
  • Expedite processes and techniques for process solving
  • Creatively implementing practical business solutions

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