motivation skills program

Motivation Skills Program Description

Motivation Skills Program

Inspiration or encouragement of any kind is important for the overall wellbeing of an employee. Motivation comes not only in terms of work appreciation or providing the employee with various perks and privileges but also picking them up at the time of failure and making them come out stronger. High pressure jobs, unrealistic timelines, competition with peers and many other factors are responsible for employees declining motivation levels.


It is important to ensure that employees are motivated enough in their jobs to trust and create responsible leaders. Motivation increases efficiency at work and also adds value to the company whereas a demotivated employee can drag down the morale of the entire team, which can affects the company in the long run.


Through a combination of games, activities, presentations and role plays, we underline the importance of motivation in an employees wellbeing. Togedr’s Motivation Skills program can be crafted on a need basis to help people become a better team and self motivators. The program provides an understanding on how people can be motivated in many different ways. Participants will learn the concept of motivation from a theoretical perspective as well as a practical perspective.


A visible difference in performance, attitude and communication. The program induces passion that fades away with the mundane lifestyle people create for themselves. It ignites a drive among employees and make them hungry for success and results for which they work more accordingly. It largely stabilizes the emotional quotient of participants that helps in better planning and maintaining work-life balance.

Togedr’s Motivation Skills program will give participants the skills to:

Togedr’s Motivation Skills program will give participants the skills to:

  • Motivate peers, subordinates and oneself
  • Understand the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction
  • Level up employee engagement levels and enjoy the proven outcomes
  • Apply theories of motivation in the workplace
  • Use time management techniques to expedite the processes
  • Replace lethargic vocabulary and procrastination with motivational communication
  • Create a sense of purpose through goal setting and reaching targets

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