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Experiential Learning Program Description

Experiential Learning Program

Capability building is one of the foremost priorities of corporates around the world. Organisations are investing heavily on employee learning and development for improving efficiency, motivation and skills. However, very few of these trainings result into actual behavioural change that we seek. While there can be numerous reasons to it but we strongly believe that when it comes to the methodical acquisition of knowledge and skills to support business transformations, success depends on a synergy of intellectual comprehension and hands-on experience. The approach integrates shared contextual experiencing with reflective thought processes, it is a dynamic combination that amplifies individual and group comprehension. Experiential learning program fosters participants in an active and shared learning environment where they experience and analyze content along with their peers in a shared experience, and then gradually reflect upon it.


In today’s corporate settings, efficient capability builders rely deeply on dedicated experiential-learning programs to improve work efficiency, motivation and skills. Experiential learning has had a long successful journey, having proved itself time and again to be the most effective tool to acquire skills. The process is designed on the premise of interaction and experience and aims at establishing a friendly space where learners can digest manageable knowledge, follow their inquisitiveness, and chart their own learning paths.


At Togedr Experiential Learning Program, we take participants on a journey through real-life environment. This environment can be an actual workplace, a special capability development center mirroring a workplace setting, or an ordinary classroom. The program is designed to link participants’ day-today work to business impact and value generation. This experience challenges people to move above and beyond their established work routines into a learning zone. Key elements of Experiential Learning Program include role playing, simulated situations and guided discussions. Participants are also given an opportunity to work with new tools and methods, make decisions and practice new skills. Participants are encouraged to focus on the essential skills, be fearless to take risks and learn from their mistakes. The experiential-learning environment is meant to be a danger-free zone where participants are at ease to expedite their personal growth process.


  • Conceptualise
  • Experiment
  • Experience
  • Reflect

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