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Change Management Training Description

Change Management Training Program

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” This statement holds more truth than one, particularly in the corporate sector. Given the rapidly evolving and challenging environment, the work setup can be extremely uncertain at times. While most people fear this change but it can bring huge benefits once we learn to deal these imagined fears and concerns.


This Change Management Course by Togedr is appropriate for anyone involved in change in the workplace. It dives into the befores, durings and afters of a change and helps provide practical tools to make potentially difficult situations more manageable. Aimed at making participants understand the impact of change, it also helps dealing with resistance and various other unfavourable conditions. The idea is to re-instill confidence and motivation among employees after the commotion to avoid negativity and continue the business as usual and emerge stronger.


Training techniques vary from role plays, presentations, case studies, games and activities. Through these, we foster a trained army of change-ready employees. The module focuses on:

  • Understanding the basics of change and its impact with reference to past stories
  • Not letting the ball drop
  • Driving momentum
  • Identifying reasons for resistance
  • Understanding reactions to resistance
  • Employing effective change management strategy to manage resistance


Togedr’s workshop in Change Management Training provides a key component in prepar­ing organizations and their leaders to thrive in this ever competitive world. This innovative, programs provides all the tools and resources one needs to develop change-savvy managers who can attain success for their organizations, satisfaction for their work reports, and job fulfillment for themselves.

Key attributes that we drive through this program are as follows:

  • Sense of Belongingness

  • Strategic Communication

  • Understanding patterns of change

  • Emotional Balance

  • Goal Setting and achieving

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