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Sachi Sports Academy

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Dynamic Martial Arts & Sports Federation Of India

Core Combat Martial Arts Institute

Blue Bulb

Mohan Martial Arts

About Kickboxing

Kick Boxing initially started as a perspective or mixture of karate and boxing. Later it gradually evolved to many things more. There are two major skills required to ace this sport and that is kicking and punching. Just like karate or any other Martial arts, this sport was also started as a matter of self defence. People also took up this activity as a form of general fitness where they able to shed tonnes of calories and also learn self defence technique in return. The focus of the entire sport is on kicking and striking. The current form of the game states playing in the ring and competing against someone. It is a group of stand up combat sport where one person has to punch and kick off his competitor.

Proper head gear, teeth gear and gloves are given to the boxers so that they do not injure themselves in the game. The game is now really popular worldwide and we have seen some incredible boxers winning a lot of championships. Kickboxing training is very easily available in the kick boxing classes. They have some highly professional trainers who teach you this sport extremely well. Kids, women and men learn this sport like martial arts and also in form of fitness. Kickboxing workout is one of the most famous workout training types in the current scenario.

Kick boxing can also be said as the mix of Karate and Taekwondo as well. For Weight loss and toning, book classes for Kickboxing workout at and pave your path to fitness. You will be learning a martial artform and an art of self defence while losing those extra pounds, how cool is that. So, instead of just wondering about your body, get up and get it strong and in shape with just one artform.

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