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Sanskriti Arts

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Starting from 990
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YEN Batminton Academy

3.7 (31 Ratings)
Starting from 1980
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YEN Batminton Academy

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Starting from 1980
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All india Balkanji BARI

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Starting from 1490
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Princess Victoria Mary Gymkhana

Y M C A International House & Programme Centre

The Sports Gurukul


About Badminton

One of the most energetic sports which never lets you stay calm is badminton. It requires much of your enthusiasm, energy and spontaneity. Badminton is a game which can be played indoors in the badminton clubs or outdoors in the courts. The game of badminton is played in singles with two players as opponents and as doubles with four players having two on each side. The badminton rackets have long handles and the nets are tightly sewed. Instead of the balls, the game is played with a cork. Cork can be a plastic cork or a feather cork. Badminton is one of the most common Indian street games played almost in every gully.

The match happens between the individuals or groups and there is a net in between which is the deciding centre. Though this game is played in the streets unprofessionally, there are various badminton coaching and badminton training in your city in which you can get yourself enrolled and learn the professional coaching of the game. These coaching clubs and training centres also prepare you for the upcoming badminton tournaments in which you can take part and take your game to the further level. There are various badminton state level and national level championships happen for which these badminton academies prepare you.

Singles or Doubles, Playing Badminton always gives you the sense of joy and satisfaction of burning so many calories and playing your passion along with it. Book indoor badminton courts and coaching centres at to get started today! Even there are separate badminton academies for kids where they can learn the game on the professional level. Make the most of your kids life and let them grow in some cool badminton academies near you.

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