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About Bowling

If there is one universal game which almost everyone loves is bowling. There would be hardly any visit of a friend’s group to the mall and return without playing bowling. Bowling is like mother of all fun group games. The game is really simple as the player has to throw a balling ball towards the target and that are the pins. The game is counted in the leisure game category because of the light hearted vibe attached to it. People generally prefer playing this game during the weekends so that they can devote most of their time into it with their friends and family.

Just not only fun but it is extremely competitive. And no one wishes to lose in that level where the scores are displayed in the giant boards visible to everyone. Also, no matter how simple bowling seems, we all know that it is not. Be it the right technique to hold the ball or throw it properly so that it doesn’t slide in the corner, it requires a lot of practise. Over talent, it is all about practise. Hitting all the balls in one go is a huge task and if you do it to the core, you are a pro. If not, you must take part in this game more often till you get it perfect. The bowling game is exciting more because of the music, lights and those competitive vibes of your group.

One's favorite leisure sport, Bowling is about meeting your friends, have fun, drinks, and some chit-chats. Make a booking for ten pin bowling at and find Bowling alleys near you. Find out some of the best bowling places near you to enjoy your leisure time in the best way possible.

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