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The Paintball Rocks

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Paintball in Noida

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Shootout Zone

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Paintball in Mumbai

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About Paintball

Paintball is a leisure sport which can be enjoyed frequently with your gang to chill and de stress yourself. It is basically a game in which there are two teams and the opponents have to kick off each other and whoever stays on the field, wins. The fight is done through shooting. And the interesting and the fun part is the guns called paintball marker used for shooting release colours and basically you have to hit with colours and make splash of different colours on the opponent’s outfit. The colours burst out from the spherical dye-filled gelatin capsule that breaks immediately when it hits something. It can be played outdoor as well as indoor through the laser games. In the malls and gaming academies, this is done through laser paintball game technique.

The game is really competitive and requires one to be active and vigorous while playing it. There is a lot of running, hitting, aiming and escaping is involved in the game which makes it more interesting. The whole point of the game is getting a win over your competitors. The laser games are also equally interesting like the outdoor ones. Instead of the colour, laser light radiates from the gun and hits on the player you are aiming at. Full gear from jackets to helmets and cover ups are given to the players which makes you look all geared up for some real fight.

Call your troops and ask them to join in because it is going to be the ultimate fun by hitting each other with the capsules and even with the laser. There must be various laser tags game academies near you or in the mall which you can easily find on our platform. So, count this weekend to do something different rather than just binge watch movies with your friends. Explore Paintball, laser tags, laser x, and more with

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