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About Judo

Judo is commonly known or called combined as Judo Karate. But it is something different from Karate. It is also a Martial artform but a modern Martial artform. It is now uniformly recognized as a combat and Olympic sport. The history of Judo states back from 1882. It is a Japanese Martial artform and it was developed in Japan as a method of mental, physical and moral pedagogy. The word Judo is derived from the Jujutsu. It is a dynamic combat sport which involves great physical power and extreme mental strength. Lack of any of these can be a barrier in your learning system.

The major techniques of the game involve standing at the same point and doing the efforts and applying the techniques to lift and throw your opponent down to the ground. It is basically pinning after lifting him up your opponent down while you remain to stand. The Judo techniques are not that simple and the professionals rank the rules as the complex ones. But, whatever that may be, the ultimate thing remains to pin down the opponent and master them. The sport which evolved in Japan as a small activity is now an important Olympic sport which is practised by the people from all around the world.

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