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Ramesh Swimming Classes

3.8 (41 Ratings)
Starting from 200
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Raj Swimming Academy

3.4 (49 Ratings)
Starting from 300
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Aim Sports Swimming Academy

4.4 (34 Ratings)
Starting from 160
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WMM Enterprises (mcd Swimming pool)

3.8 (30 Ratings)
Starting from 160
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Friends Swimming Academy

3.2 (36 Ratings)
Starting from 1980
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Balaji Swimming

3.1 (41 Ratings)
Starting from 160
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CM Fitness

3.5 (49 Ratings)
Starting from 7920
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Aqua Delhi Swimming Coaching Institute

3.9 (36 Ratings)
Starting from 160
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Aqua Floats

4 (42 Ratings)
Starting from 270
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Vasant Kunj Sports Complex

Greenshoots Sports

Rohini Sports Complex

Siri Fort Sports Complex

Paschim Vihar Sports Complex

Rashtriya Swabhiman Khel Parisar

Noida Golf Course

Major Dhyanchand Sports Complex

Sportstar Welfare Foundation

Panchshila Club

Vision United Sports Academy

Deva Swimming Institute : North Delhi

Starting from 160
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Greater Valley Sports Academy

About Swimming

Swimming is one of the most important activities every individual must know. Doesn’t matter how old are you, it is never too late to learn swimming. It is just as important as walking. It is an individual as well as a group sport. Swimming lessons are taken seriously also in a physical fitness perspective. The person’s body fluidity and movements is very important in this activity as both the hands and the legs have to work simultaneously while moving forward. There are various skills that is taught in the swimming lessons like backstroke, butterfly dips, breast stroke, free style, individual medley and few more.

Swimming can happen indoors in the swimming clubs or outdoors in the open swimming pools. The Competitive swimming is one of the most looked forward games in the Olympics. Swimming is an activity which does not only help you learn the swimming skills but it also helps you learn how to stay under water and control your breath. It teaches you the free locomotive movements which makes your body even more flexible. Every next person learns swimming because it is highly beneficial in all ways for your body. It also helps in increasing height for the kids.

As a physical fitness activity, people massively consider swimming as their primary activity. Swimming helps you lose weight and stay in shape. If you are struggling to lose some thigh weight or tummy muscles, then swimming proves to be the most effective. Swimming helps your child build endurance and maintain a healthy weight, heart, and lungs. Book Swimming classes for kids at the indoor swimming pool near you at Find the best swimming classes and also consider learning in the indoor swimming pool because that is fun too. Just make sure that the swimming trainers teach you all the skills well and in a perfect time frame.

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