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About Squash

An energetic and enthusiastic game played in singles by two players and doubles by four players just like tennis or badminton is squash. Squash game is a leisure ball sport game played in the fancy four walled squash courts. The ball used to play this game is relatively smaller than any other alike games and is of rubber. The rule of the game is quiet different as the players have to strike the ball alternatively with the rackets while hitting the ball on the playable surfaces in the squash court.

The squash game is a fast paced leisure game. It is also said as the turbo charged chess game where the person has to be skilled enough to excel it. If the player has practised enough and is more skilled then the game is more fascinating for him and always falls on his side. Though the game is quite simple but there are a lot of different rules which one needs to know before playing it. The squash sport is undoubtedly is played on the competitive level as opponents are involved in it. To excel in the squash game one can join the squash centres to learn the technique of the game. And then one can also take part in various squash tournaments after learning the game properly.

Apart from all these, the game of squash is ideal for workout and also to de-stress oneself. In the process, the players would also burn those extra kilos because a lot of body movement is involved in the game. The fitness enthusiast in you will be awaken by this great game of Squash. Make a booking at and book squash courts near you. This game is something fancy and leisure and you must try it as your new fitness activity.

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