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Perfect Skating club

3.9 (41 Ratings)
Starting from 100
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Pusa Roller Skating Academy

4.2 (42 Ratings)
Starting from 1490
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Patel Skating Club

3.3 (49 Ratings)
Starting from 100
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Delhi Skateboarding Academy

4.4 (104 Ratings)
Starting from 200
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BEPIC After School Academy

4.5 (30 Ratings)
Starting from 1390
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Roller Skating Private Coaching

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Starting from 1190
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4 (112 Ratings)
Starting from 800
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Mount Carmel School

Siri Fort Sports Complex

Dwarka Sports Complex

Rashtriya Swabhiman Khel Parisar

Bharat Sports Management Group

Major Dhyanchand Sports Complex

Siri Fort Sports Complex

Sports Zone

Sportstar Welfare Foundation

Vision United Sports Academy

About Skating

Skating is one of the popular sports or activities amongst the kids. Remember the days when we used to roll and fall with our first ever skates we got as a kid? The reason of our fall and fail was because of the lack of training. Rolling the skates is something which involves a lot of tactics and practice. One cannot do it overnight or also no one is God gifted with the skating skills. You need a lot of practice for it. This is a sport in which one has to walk on the plain surface or ice wearing those skates. So, basically, it is rolling wearing the skates and not walking.

Both the ice skating and normal skating is extremely popular especially amongst the kids. Skating can be learnt in the skating rinks in the skating classes. This extra-curricular activity is getting popular amongst the kids majorly. Skating is a popular game in the Olympics so a lot of people prepare and learn skating for participating in the Olympics. Ice skating is also called as figure skating where the athletes have to wear the bladed skates and perform the acrobatic movements on the icy surface. This is one of the most interesting spots visually but it involves a lot of training and practise.

Go through the list of best roller skating or ice skating rinks near you for school going children or for adults to go have fun. Find out the best ice skating rink nearby and book on today! This is an activity which you can take up solely to learn something new while the enjoying every bit of it. The acrobatic movements would involve a lot of time and effort from your side but once you will learn those skills, you will always be happy about it.

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