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Young India Martial Arts

4.1 (42 Ratings)
Starting from 100
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Warriors Martial Arts

4.3 (38 Ratings)
Starting from 200
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Warriors Martial Arts

3.5 (32 Ratings)
Starting from 200
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New Delhi Taekwondo Academy

4.4 (43 Ratings)
Starting from 990
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The Sculpt Gym

3.6 (40 Ratings)
Starting from 300
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Iron Blast Gym

4.3 (45 Ratings)
Starting from 200
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Suresh Kanojia Martial Art & Fitness Centre

Mohan Martial Arts

Core Combat Martial Arts Institute

Studio Vrindavan

Bandi Martial Arts

Ninja Kungfu Martial arts academy


YMCA Basketball Court

Morning Star Center

Sportstar Welfare Foundation

Vision United Sports Academy

About MMA

MMA is an abbreviation of Mixed Martial Arts. MMA is the most extreme form of Martial Arts which is not so popular amongst the general public. It involves a lot of pressure on the body while learning the techniques of this sport. It is an entirely full combat sport hich involves grappling and striking. Both of these techniques is done by standing on the ground. No weapons or the arms are used to perform this artform. It is entirely used done by using your hands, legs and the entire body. It involves various techniques and tactics which are not so simple to perform.

Most of the wrestling matches that we see are based on the techniques of the MMA martial artform. The steps and the techniques that are involved in it are extremely of high intensity and involves a lot of body pressure and stiff movements. It is just not about the physical fitness but it is also about the mental fitness where one has to be quick with his decisions so that he does not get caught up in between the match. These days, there are numerous MMA classes which excel in providing MMA training through their highly skilled and professional MMA trainers.

Hit the MMA gyms near you to learn this self defence training or the MMA training. It is an exercise more than just the physical fitness. MMA training is a self defence sport with multiple techniques which cannot be learnt just by the videos or by self. You need to enroll yourself in MMA classes to learn the mixed martial arts training. Book MMA classes and training session near you on the Togedr platform and get started! Make sure to cope up with the dieting charts these MMA trainers give you because body energy is of the utmost importance while learning this sport.

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