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What's Outbound Training?

They are young, dynamic and committed to make it big in life - The Gen X and Gen Z are beyond the 9-5 workers of bygone years. With a constant lookout for more, the employees of this generation are spoilt for choices, driven yet fickle-minded, dreamers but realists at the same time. India’s workforce is one of the most efficient and hard working set of human resources in the entire world. Then why does almost every organisation still find it challenging to treasure a bunch of satisfied, highly-motivated and loyal employees that represent the basis of a competitive company?

A lot goes into the learning and development of an employee. Factors such as associating with the company values, bridging differences with peers and subordinates are pivotal in making a good company ‘great’ because this power is largely vested in the employees.

The employees of this generation want more than to just exist in life, while jobs fill pockets but it is their soul that needs more adrenaline to function right.    

Togedr’s Outbound Training is the need of the hour for this generation’s employees who want ‘more’

Outbound Training is a universally acclaimed practice adapted by numerous corporates for experiential learning of their employees. It greatly affects and improves the work efficiency and fills that much needed void. In literal terms, Outbound training means taking a group of employees away from the four walls of office into the outdoors performing some challenging tasks and activities to aggravate all their senses.  

Reasons to choose Outbound Training


Usually, outbound training comprises a variety of fun team building activities such as treasure hunt, trekking, camping, raft racing, etc. built around the training theme and are carried out by employees in teams in and around the city. These trainings are customised basis feasibility of location and number of participants.

Why Outbound Training?

The usual classroom or boardroom trainings have limitations, particularly when it comes to developing life skills such as positive attitude at work, team building, motivation and leadership. Outbound Learning, with its innate therapy of Learning while Living, transcends these limitations. Adventure based experiential learning provides scope for self-development that prepares people for the present day challenges.

Whether you wish to bring your employees or students of professional colleges/ schools or even friends and family, we will curate and create a programme tailored to your needs.

For adventure enthusiasts, we have a mix-bag of cocktail to choose from mountaineering, trekking, bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving , river rafting and many more. Our outbound training method generally flows through the following process:

The therapy focuses on exploring the edge. Reaching the periphery of existence where one’s full potential resides, breaking free of perceived limitations, blocks and damaging habits to awaken the giant within, we want you to stretch yourself, there is a power inside of you capable of creating profound personal change and the fulfillment of your greatest goals, together we will draw out the true self, which is likely asleep inside of you. We will challenge and encourage you through this process

Our holistic approach towards individual development involves concepts that look to apply a real-life situation in corporate context and it’s not only about team building and leadership development in the wilderness. Attributes such as sales effectiveness, effective customer service, employee orientation, campus to corporate and every concern areas can be covered to achieve these objectives in the most innovative and high impact formats.

Why us?

At Togedr, we aim to bring your organisation closer to the employees and the other way round. We enable organisations and its employees to broaden their visions and feel passionate about their work and life through various activities, adventure, games and training.

Togedr is basically the real-life corporate answer to ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’

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