Tour Lead

Tour Lead

Experience: 0-1 year
Job Location: Begaluru, Delhi, Goa, Dehradun, Manali, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh
Duration: Min of 6 months(Need to be available at least for 2 weeks in a month)

Job Description:

Tour leader leads the group to their desired destination. Work involves being in some of the greatest trek slopes of our country. Tour leaders at Togedr, of course, call it the best job in the world! Tour leading is a skill that can be learned on the go if one has the right attitude.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Leading a trip begins with making a commitment to give it the time and energy required. The trip leadership team usually includes three to five members; one team member is designated the leader who makes the final decisions and ensures milestones are met.
The team leader’s role includes these responsibilities which may be shared among the leadership team:
- Makes the decision to organize the trip on campus and recruits a team of co-leaders
- Brings his or her own vision of a trip and takes the lead in defining trip goals
- Projects an infectious enthusiasm for the trip; makes others want to join
- Creates a buzz on campus
- Provides clear, compelling information about the trip, its itinerary, and costs
- With the leadership team, puts together an interesting and balanced itinerary that delivers the goals of the trip
- Develops a schedule; sets and meets critical milestones
- Helps the leadership team work together and define shared responsibilities
- Settles disagreements
- Monitors all aspects of the trip and steps in to help as needed

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