Content Marketing Executive Video

Content Marketing Executive Video

Experience: 0-2 years
Job Location: Gurugram

Shooting videos in outdoors is challenging. Doing it on Treks & Expeditions is even more so. Managing all the equipment, reaching at places before everyone else to capture that perfect shot of the group or waiting for hours to get that perfect time lapse require lot of planning & hard work. With us, you get to work out there in some of the most beautiful sites on planet earth. Videos may be either documentaries, promotional videos of trips/activities/expeditions, product reviews, learning based Know how videos & Interviews etc. If nature is your second home and shooting is your forte, we invite you to apply for video shooting assignments.

Job Description:

1. Video content Ideation
2. Script Writing
3. Location Planning
1. Shooting in Planned Locations Which will mostly be in Himalayas on our Treks/Expeditions.
Editing & Publishing
1. Editing the raw footages with the help of editing software and publishing the final output on various platforms

Required Skills

Proficient in Written & Spoken English. Experience in Video Planning, Shooting & Editing

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