Why you need a Road Trip ?

I ignored hundreds of questions similar to this, from the day I planned till the day it got materialized. The idea sparked to me when a friend of mine did it and was completely exhausted when he returned. It was a nightmare which ended for good, but why?

I needed an answer to this question, why a journey to a place so beautiful was so horrific, just to test the authenticity of his remarks over the whole road-trip; I came up with a plan. The road trip to Goa from Bengaluru, an 800 odd km journey with a little twist, beating God in his own game.

A race to beat the sunset.

In terms of artillery, I had a navigator, a friend of mine who was more of a pseudo speed limiter, lot of snacks and the car, the most important of the lot. The race began when the first ray of sunlight shot upon us. The roads of Bangalore were not of their true nature and we were zooming past cuts and intersections with a zeal in our eyes and the goal in our mind.

Why you need a road trip?

The first stop was taken to quench our morning cravings, we halted at a restaurant just outside Bangalore and had tea and home-made omelettes, a task I completed when my navigator was still breaking the bed.

After this little break, we set again and to my surprise, the highway was an amazing one, the roads were even and traffic sense was prevailing in most of the people, a rarity!

Why you need a road trip?

When we left, we had planned to take breaks in terms of kilometers, 100-200-300-100, after the first halt taken on plan, the second one was a bit premature, I was a bit sleepy and this was the perfect time to test the theory, can an apple freshen you up better than a cup of tea?

YES! It can.

After eating the apple and taking a power nap of 15 min, we rolled again. We had no sense of fatigue and the snacks kept us rolling and we were crunching the kilometers like crazy.

Road Trip

At around 350 kilometers from the start, it was around 12’ish and we were hungry. To my surprise, the numbers of road side restaurants en-route Goa are very few and if you pass by one thinking you will stop at the next, the next might be 50 odd kilometer away.

By the grace of our car, the 50 odd kilometer went away in a jiffy and we found ourselves sitting in a canteen, hogging on dosa and tea, it was yummy and I wish I could have had another one but a tiny tummy disappoints you a lot and today was no different.

From this point onward, there was no looking back, no stops were allowed and most importantly winning was just round the corner. Literally the twisty roads of the ghat section was a joy to drive on, it was the time when kilometers were passing quicker than the time was. The black Mercedes gave us company for a long time with the game of cat and mouse being played every now and then.

Road Trip

We entered Goa with two hours to sunset but the race was not over yet, we wanted to end it on Chopara fort, the famous Dil Chahta hai spot and we were there at exactly 4:40 PM. We won, the machine won and we realized, road trips make you better in every way.

It was a chase through windmills, trucks, eating stops, hundreds of toll-plazas and a black Mercedes, the most memorable race I have ever been in, enjoying every bit of it and assuring myself that this whole trip of around 2000 km was every penny worth because it made me discover myself again.

So, go on! Take a road trip, chase dreams, discover places and see the world through a bigger glass, a world sweeping right past you every moment.

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