Reasons why Cycling is still the coolest Outdoor Activity

Cycling – If you always feel amazed to see how beautiful these morning and evening sun looks in pictures and movies, now is the time to discover them. I would not be the person that I am today had I not tried cycling daily in the morning and evening.

I always find my limits each day and then push the paddle to exceed them next and this goes on for each day. Apart from the fact that cycling makes you look awesome than rest of the people, here is why hopping on the bike is real happiness :

  •  You feel Free 

With the command of the handle in your hand, the sensation you get while riding is close to or somewhat superior to that of a plane pilot. I feel no obligation to follow the routes that are defined.

I can make my own path and go where ever and however I want. I can trust my sensation of finding direction. I feel free and can go anywhere where it takes me. The journey is not dependent on anyone but me.

cycling with Togedr

  • Saves your time, a lot! (totally mean it )

Have you felt tired of being in the traffic jam and you see a cycle making its way through the traffic and your two-wheeler gets some inferiority complex and the only thing you wish, if you could have that cycle thing would have been simpler? There are a lot of short distances which can be covered with ease and can save a lot of time if you prefer to cycle.

It is faster than almost anything and it helps you to learn the twists, turns, and dead-ends of the city. I have discovered a number of shops, cafes, and pubs that I would never have known existed if I used my motorcycle or car. And nothing will beat putting your head down and bursting across one of your close streets, mashup in the spring sunshine, to lighten your Monday morning; however horrifying your job is.

cycling with Togedr

  • Don’t you want to look fit?

With every muscle perfectly toned in excellent proportion and shaped nicely, always makes you feel more good about yourself. If you are looking for something that will make you fit, cycling will never disappoint you. The growth is slow and gradual but end results are amazing.

when it comes to weight loss, you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Cycling burns calories: between 400 and 1000 an hour, depending on intensity and rider weight. Once you start enjoying cycling you will never have any weight issues.

cycling with Togedr

  • You will need no appointments to go back to nature

If you are the person who has learned to appreciate the gift of life, you will feel lazy to go back to the same nature to thank it for its beauty. A cycling tour might sound lonely but it will give you some good introspection time. Rivers, seashores, and mountains come into being when you’re on a cycle.

Faster than walking but slow and noble enough to take in the sights, sounds and smells of both the animal and human kingdoms. It is rightly being said, “It is by riding a bicycle that you discover the circuit of a country best since you have to sweat up the hills to meet them.”

cycling with Togedr

  • You can stop and take rest in your surrounding

Away from all the city rush and resting into the silence of nature, you can just put your head in the lap of surrounding and can take a nap. This liberty of doing cycling cannot be achieved anywhere or by any means.

You can choose your location of rest as your nearby hill or the far side river. You can even manage to take breathtaking pictures if you are totally into it. It’s beautiful, to ease the pain, resting in nature, giving your worries some break.

cycling with Togedr

  •  Save your money

Travelling costs are increasing on the daily basis, whether you’re paying for fuel or spending it on a bus or train pass. While cycling can have its buying costs, but still you can save plenty by using a bike to get around.

The expenses of the fuel that you spend on two motor wheels will be reduced to the great extent just by using that cycle for small purposes. Here are few key points to note how cycling saves cost :

  • You need less fuel for your other vehicles
  • Less wear and tear on your car.
  • No membership for the gym.
  • Less sick days.

cycling with Togedr

  • You aspire to feel better, don’t you?

In past years, I always got depressed about a lot of things. Be it from my studies to career choices to the bad relationship and what not. And then last November, I started cycling. Along with the long-lasting smile on the face and a boost to fitness, I’ve noticed a big improvement in my cognition health.

Anything that makes me healthier and happier cannot be bad in my wish list and to do list. The more you are close to nature and away from the world that has never been an easy go for you, with cycling you get the strength to fight them. Right now I may not be strongest or the fastest, but I have learned to move in the hardest.

cycling with Togedr

From being a beneficial exercise to cost savior mechanism, cycling serves a lot of purposes. Bring yourself more close to you and the nature cycling serves the basic purpose of life, to push yourself for a better version of you. From the exciting and breathtaking views around you, cycling will take you everywhere, every corner untouched.

I always find possibilities in nature and in myself to create new things and always feel more close to the limits to which I can push myself after cycling daily and exhaustively.

You have not lived enough if you have not taken the road less travelled. If you are looking for places to go on your own cycling tour than look no more. Find some best options with Togedr! So, what’s your reason to hop on that paddle?

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