5 Best Weekend Getaways near Pune for a Perfect Nature Rejuvenation Therapy

Have a conversation over Misal Pav and chai with a Punekar or with anyone who has stayed for at least one year in Pune and you will discover the city just through it completely. Yes, that’s a word, trust me! This is because Pune is not a city but a feeling and you will agree with me if you have ever spent a considerable amount of time there. Pune is a city that is a delight to stay at by all means. Isn’t that the reason why Pune is ranked as the top city of the country having the highest standard of living?  Out of all the good things about Pune, one great treat of staying here is the boon of heading out to various weekend getaways near Pune.

Though Pune in itself is a city where you can be sufficient on the weekends and other days, but we all need a break, don’t we? So, that makes these weekend destinations a need of the life. And trust me when I say that Pune has a plenty of them and all of them are worthy. Here we talk about 5 best weekend getaways near Pune and what you can do over there to make your paisa vasool.

#1 Lavasa


Beginning with the best and the most favorite weekend getaways near Pune that is Lavasa, of course! This is that one place that is suitable for all age group of people be it a kid or a college going student, a couple, family, and even for the lovable older generation. Lavasa is around 58 km and it takes around less than 2 hours to reach. But, the journey and the highway that leads to Lavasa is extremely soothing in itself that you would enjoy every bit of your road trip. 

And the entrance of Lavasa city in the hills is mesmerizing to next level where you could get some serene time to chill. Lavasa own city is gorgeous and can be safely called as the Copenhagen of India because of the entire scenario. Having a good relaxed time there from day to night is the best. Also, there are various villas and hotels to spend the entire weekend in serenity, peace, out of the city chaos, and yet with the most modern city’s facilities. 

Talking about the weekend getaways near Pune for couples, we would like to tell you that nothing beats Lavasa in this matter. You have your own little time in this exotic out of the world place which is purely rejuvenating. 

So, if you save for some time and spend in a luxury hotel in Lavasa, you could have the best time of your life with your partner at this one of the best weekend getaways near Pune.

#2 Tarkarli


Tarkarli from Pune is of about 380 km and it takes an overnight journey of 8 hours to complete it. It is good enough if you travel overnight so that you can enjoy a great weekend there. This destination is for all the beach lovers who want to soak in the beach vibe without spending much and going to Goa. 

The sight of the Tarkarli beach is a splendid one with white sands, azure blue sky, and the crystal clear water. Along with a lot of places to visit around the Tarkarli beach, one can also indulge in some great adventurous water sports if they wish to and that too in a budget. Snorkelling, zorbing, rafting, deep sea diving, parasailing, swimming, boating, banana rides, etc are some of the many water activities that you could do here. 

Tarkarli temperature is amazing during the months of October to May which means the winters and the springs are the best season to have a holiday at Tarkarli beach. If you visit the place during the Dussehra celebrations then you can view the grand celebrations at the place which is a pure delight. 

While you are at Tarkarli Pune, you got to try the famous Malvani cuisine which is the speciality of the place. At the sea, the marine life could also be seen because there is an area protected strictly for them. A weekend is the perfect time to chill and enjoy at this beach and also at the shacks.

#3 Diveagar


Talking about the beaches, there isn’t any chance that we cannot miss out on mentioning about Diveagar. If you are someone who is looking to spend their weekends in peace without doing a lot of things, then we suggest you to head out to Diveagar as it is a small clean beach village. The beach of Diveagar is basically a beautiful stretch of 15 km in white sands and quaint waters which is in between Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar. 

Diveagar Pune distance is of 170 km which is quite less or rather appropriate for a short road trip. It would take around 5 hours to complete this beautiful road journey and reach this serene place. Diveagar from Pune is a quite popular destination for the college students as they can come here on budget and also for outstation picnics. 

The best time to visit Diveagar to Pune is during the months of October to March. So, most of your winter weekends can be sorted at Diveagar in the most peaceful and romantic beach of the Maharashtra state. 

Lately, Diveagar has also been the best weekend getaways near pune for couples. The place lets you stay close to the nature in the fancy ambiance and have a refreshed time with your loved one.

#4 Kolad


There are kinds of people who would also want to break the monotony of their life by doing something offbeat, adventurous, and fun rather than just soaking in peaceful ambiance. For those adrenaline junkies or the extreme fun lovers, Kolad is the best place. 

Kolad from Pune is of just about 145 km and it would take around 3 hours to cover the road trip which is quite entertaining because of the beautiful highway. The scenes that you encounter throughout the road trip are pretty. For the people who love living in the tents and camping, Kolad gives you an opportunity to camp beside the beautiful Kundalika river whose appearance is enchanting. 

It is on this river that the water sports are done like the ever so famous Kolad river rafting. River rafting in Kolad is an experience of a lifetime which is always on the list of the adventure lovers. You must definitely try this out and bring some fun energetic element to your life. Kolad is also one of the best picnic spots near Pune for the youth especially because again this place can be enjoyed on a budget. 

Going to Kolad during the months of June to March make it one of the best weekend getaways near Pune. The time suited best for a vacay here is quite long and that means you have enough time from now to plan for this gorgeous getaway place. If you have never been to Kolad, you are really missing out on a lot of good things in life.

#5 Amboli


Lastly, one of the best weekend getaways near Pune has to be Amboli which is situated over the Southern range in the Shayadri hills. Amboli is one of those weekend getaway destinations that are the best for outing during the monsoons. Precisely, June to March is the best months to explore Amboli as it is the time when Amboli weather is the best. 

The ambiance and the Amboli temperature is really romantic and that makes it one of the best places for the couples and the honeymooners to head out for a quick rejuvenated vacation. It is nestled in between the lush green vegetation which makes for a delightful sight for the eyes and soul. During the Monsoons, the entire hill station looks supremely pleasant and rains just add on to the whole vibe of the place. 

Waterfalls and the sight of the Hiranyakeshi river over here are great to suffice your nature love needs. Hence, we suggest you to book one of your monsoon weekends for this getaway destination. 

The hill station lovers would have to go on a road journey of 340 km from Pune to reach this small delightful hilly place. Just not for the couples, but it is also a great place for the adventure enthusiasts to try sports like the rapelling, trekking, and rock climbing. 


It was tough to fit and complete this blog in just 5 places. There are numerous weekend getaways near Pune and all are beautiful that needs your visit for sure. But, here were some of the best weekend getaways near Pune that you have to visit if you are in or around the city.

These weekend getaways near Pune are enough to give you the nature therapy that your city heart is craving for. We would strongly recommend you to head out to these getaways on a road trip with your family, friends, solo, or partner because that is the best way to enjoy the entire trip and not get exhausted.

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