Mumbai – sapno ka shehar! A lot of people with dreams in their eyes come to this city to make it big in their life. How many times have you heard this line? I am sure there is no count for it and major thanks to some Instagram poets for glorifying Mumbai, career, dreams, and aspirations together. Also, we all love Aamchi Mumbai and once coming here means not going back at all.

The fast forward, modern, electrifying life at Mumbai is what real dreams are made of. Having a well settled life in Mumbai is something totally worth doing and there is nothing to complain about except for some days when the traffic gets on you, or when the fast paced life is difficult to catch on, when the bills do not stop hovering over you, and some similar things. 

If you are a Mumbaikar, you would agree with this!

Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

Mumbai and Life

And when we are caught up with all these things, Mumbai itself comes with rescue and that is by having tonnes of beautiful getaways. Mumbai is near the western ghats and it means it always is blessed with some awesome small towns and hill stations where you can escape to for having a fabulous time.

These small towns make for some peaceful weekend getaways near Mumbai and attract a lot of Mumbai bikers during the weekend to just chill, relax, and lower down their life’s speed for some time. And let us all agree mutually that it is not always possible to head out to lavish locations for a vacation no matter how badly we want it because budget and time always are constraints. 

On that very travel oriented note, here are some of the best weekend getaways near Mumbai that you can always count on for some budgeted trips. Also, read carefully to see our curated list of activities that you can do in each of these locations. 

#1 Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Camping

To begin with, one of the finest weekend getaways near Mumbai is Lonavala. There is no means to elaborate how much Lonavala is loved by the people of the city. It is always a good idea to head out to Lonavala and get back refreshed. The best part about escaping to Lonavala is that you never need to think about the budget and not think about the holidays because Lonavala can be explored during the weekends. Pawna lake camping is one of the best things to do when in Lonavala. 

Camping near Pawna lake is an affordable, exotic, and a pleasant activity to do. The Pawna lake is one of the artificial lakes in the Mumbai Pune highway where a lot of travellers and city sick people head out to have a fun time. Because of the construction of the Pawna dam the camping near Pawna lake has become really popular. It is a fun activity to camp beside a lake and have relaxed time. It also includes bonfire followed up with amazing dinner. 

Pawna lake camping for couples is a really popular activity and a lot of couples head out to the spot to spend some quality time with their loved ones on a budget. And also it is a great way to relax leaving off all the luxuries and getting close to the vibe of nature. Spending two days in the tents beside a lake and waking up to the view of the sunrise is a bliss to have in your life for sure. Go for it now! 

Distance from Mumbai – 120 km 

Best Things to do

  • Camping by the lake under the stars
  • Star gazing while sitting at the side of the lake 
  • Explore and trek to Visapur fort
  • Trek to the Lohagad fort
  • Enjoy paragliding
  • Visit the Narayani Dham temple
  • Go ahead and explore the Tikona fort and Tung fort
  • View the sunrise at the Lion’s point
  • Explore the Bhaja and Karla caves
  • Explore the Bhushi dam and Tiger’s point
  • Other attractions are Water park and Dinosaurs park
  • Enjoy bonfire nights
  • Enjoy barbeque night

Best time to visit

From October to March that is both the winters and the early summers are however great for camping in Pawna lake. Pawna lake camping can also be done during the monsoons with the help of the water proof tents but that somehow is not very ideal. But, choosing the months right after the Monsoons could be amazing for Pawna lake camping. 

#2 Kundalika River Rafting

Kundalika River Rafting

Are you looking to escape from the city traffic and indulge into something thrilling? Head out for Kundalika river rafting where you could actually be in the thrilling waters and rowing a raft. Instead of the irritating horn there would be water splashing right on your face and taking you to an entirely different world.

Kundalika river is in the green pastoral land of nature that makes everything super delightful. Rafting in the speedy white waters in Kundalika in the lap of the nature between the best scenes makes for a fabulous weekend getaways from Mumbai in summers and monsoons. 

Along with river rafting, there are a lot of other activities to do here like camping, trekking, kayaking, jet skiing, and archery. So, if you are really looking forward to spend some days doing some adventurous activities in budget near Mumbai then you can surely go ahead to this hotspot of the state. Within a strict budget, you will be doing a lot of things and will be feeling good about it. 

The Kundalika rafting camps are so exciting because it comprises of rafting, camping beside the Kundalika river, and engaging in some rafting activities like bonfire, barbeque, star gazing, and story-telling sessions. The itinerary of the weekend camp in Kundalika is a lot of fun that includes trying out activities like archery and kayaking on the first day followed by a fun night camping having a delicious dinner.

The second day is all about rafting in the white water and nurturing your souls with the much needed thrill. All of these activities are totally affordable. 

Distance from Mumbai – 122 km 

Best Things to do

  • Enjoy the white water river rafting
  • Camping 
  • Visit the Tamhini ghat waterfalls
  • Explore the Bhira dam and the Ghosala fort
  • Go for the Plus valley trek
  • Have some serene time at the pristine Sutarwadi lake
  • Tala fort and the Kuda Mandad caves are other places to visit

Best time to visit

The Kundalika rafting camp is accessible throughout the year and people visit the place to try out the Kundalika river rafting any time of the year. It is because the weather of the place is pleasant throughout and also because the water of the river is controlled by the river dam which is equal throughout. The levels of it do not actually change with seasons. 

#3 Kamshet


One of the nearest weekend getaways from Mumbai is Kamshet. The charming villages, mud houses, and the greenery all speak calmness and attracts visitors from all parts of the world to breathe in this ambiance. Kamshet is a hill station and the hills in this route are filled with a lot of cave temples, hill fortresses, and colonial hill stations. Camping and trekking in Kamshet are a quite popular activities to try out. Doing the adventure activities in a serene and peaceful place is always a good idea as you get to enjoy the activity with the view of the delightful nature. 

The scenes of the region are quite soothing to the heart and also it is near Lonavala and Khandala because of which the sight of the Pawna lake is prominent too. Paraglider’s paradise is also the name given to this place because of the popularity of paragliding in this region. It is great to visit such small places and invest some time and money in adventure activities to add the best experiences in your list. 

Besides these, the other things to do here in Kamshet are sight-seeing places like Kondeshwar temple, Karla caves, Bedse caves, and Bhaja caves. So, even if you are not here for some adventure activities, you can still enjoy your vacation. It is also one of the ideal weekend getaways from Mumbai in the monsoons. The weather is great and everything is a lot more pleasing but obviously doing activities like paragliding becomes restricted and is difficult. 

Distance from Mumbai – 102 km 

Best Things to do

  • Camping
  • Explore the famous Bedse caves
  • Try out the famous paragliding 
  • Visit Pawna lake and have camping there
  • Trek to the ShindeWadi hills
  • Explore the Bedsa and Bhairi caves
  • Explore the Kondeshwar temple 

Best time to visit

The months of October to May are the best to visit Kamshet and indulge in any kind of adventure activities. During these months the weather is pleasant and not humid or rainy at all. You would enjoy paragliding the most during this time. 

#4 Kolad River Rafting

Kolad River Rafting

Talk about famous and favorite weekend getaway destinations to the people of Maharashtra and they would not take enough time to name this place specifically. Some reasons for it is that the place is scenic, it is near to some of the main cities, is a place to enjoy a relaxed vacation, and also a place to enjoy some adventure activities.

The Kolad river rafting became popular lately for a few years and now every year during the peak season, it sees the most number of adventurers. Also, it has become so popular that the adventurers from various corners visit the place for trying this activity throughout the year. The Kolad river rafting is the most popular amongst the people of Pune and Mumbai as it is also one of the famous weekend getaways from these cities.

You are bound to experience the sights of numerous waterfalls, the enchanting Sahyadri ranges from all sides, and lush greenery when in Kolad. It is a peaceful and a vibrant location where one can try a lot of other adventure activities along with river rafting like rappelling, kayaking, rock climbing, and a lot more.

Along with the river rafting which is the hero of the place, you also get to explore the forts and the dams.

The Kolad white water rafting Kundalika river happens at grade II and Grade III. The difficulty level depends upon the grades. Even the beginners can go for this river rafting because the grade levels are different as per the professionalism.

The best part is that one does not need to know any kind of swimming skills to try out river rafting in the Kolad river. There will be guides who would explain and teach you the entire rafting skills with accurate safety measures, so you can try it out without any issue. 

Distance from Mumbai – 122 km 

Best Things to do

    • Enjoy white water river rafting
    • Visit Tamhini ghat waterfalls 
  • Explore the Bhira dam and the Ghosala fort
  • Go for the Plus valley trek
  • Have some serene time at the pristine Sutarwadi lake
  • Tala fort and the Kuda Mandad caves are other places to visit
  • Camping
  • Trekking

Best time to visit

Kolad river rafting is a very famous activity which attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year and there is no specific main season for it. It can be done throughout the year and people do visit Kolad throughout the year to do the river rafting. 

#5 Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

There isn’t a chance that you have not visited Mahabaleshwar if you have spent some considerable amount of time in Maharashtra. This is one of the many relieving places in the state and the best escape to when in need. The soothing hill station is all about greenery, pure and fresh air, and enough serenity. The best part about Mahabaleshwar is that it is not extremely cold and not like the typical hill station. This one is a complete hill station package that the kids would love to the fullest. Mahabaleshwar is exciting, fun, beautiful, and best for kids as well as adults. The climate of the hill station is pleasant to enjoy and chill.

The activities to try out in this hill station are quite different from the other major hill stations. There are a lot of travel points to explore and one of the major attractions of the place is the Mapro Garden of the hill station.

You can try a lot of strawberry delicacies here like strawberry shakes and other things. The garden is such a beautiful one where a lot of beautiful things are there to explore. And Mahabaleshwar is a land of fresh strawberries where you and your kids can try out strawberries freshly picked out from the trees. The hill station is a really fun one to be there.

Staying at the luxury hotels or at the camps and waking up to the sunrise view to sip a hot cup of coffee while being in between the mountains is a feeling we all are all time craving for. And all of them can always be lived on a budget in Mahabaleshwar. The best part is that there are a lot of great staying options available here these days. 

Distance from Mumbai – 263 km 

Best Things to do

  • Visit the Mapro gardens
  • Overlook the mountains from the Elephant’s head point
  • Enjoy boating on Shikara and horseback rides at the Venna lake
  • Visit the historic and iconic battle sight of Pratapgarh
  • Go for jungle trekking in Tapola
  • Take a dip at the Lingmala falls
  • Seek blessings at Mahabaleshwar temple
  • Visit the strawberry garden
  • View the beautiful sunset at the Wilson point
  • Visit Babington point
  • Enjoy the sights from the Connaught peak
  • Explore the caves of Rajpuri

Best time to visit

The most splendid hill station of Maharashtra which is Mahabaleshwar is the best during the summer season. The months from March to June are great to have a relaxing holiday in the Mahabaleshwar hill station. The weather here during this time is cool and pleasant when there is heat in most of the cities. 

#6 Goa


Talking about the best weekend getaways from Mumbai, the top place has to be Goa. I cannot stress enough on this place because honestly, the name is enough. Goa is the most loved holiday destination of India and it is the most looked forward destination for people of all age groups.

Goa is just a few kilometres away from Mumbai and is always packed with people of Mumbai during the weekends. Escaping to the life of beaches and clubs is the best and the most chilled out holiday to have in your life. 

It is a known fact that Goa is all about beaches, shops, forts, clubs, casinos, and fun nightlife. But, there are so many more things to do and explore in Goa that are offbeat. If you wish to have a relaxed and not an OTT vacation in Goa, you can surely go ahead to some of the offbeat location or offbeat beaches where the chaos and crowd is less.

This is the best way to have a chilled out time in the city wherein you can soak in the sunset and sea view. Other things to try out in Goa is to try out some adventure activities, go for some jungle treks, explore the waterfalls and other scenic places, go to the hill station in Goa, explore the old churches and houses of Goa, and stay at some rejuvenating places. 

Right from having a budgeted vacation to a top class luxury vacation, one can have their preferred kind of vacation in the state and make the most of your weekend getaway. Staying at the cottages or the villas is one of the best experiences to have in Goa. 

Distance from Mumbai – 585 km 

Best Things to do

  • Explore the famous forts like Aguada fort, Chapora fort, Reis Magos fort, Vagator fort, Corjuem fort, Nanuz fort, Sinquerim fort, Cabo De Rama fort, and Anjdiv fort
  • Explore the famous beaches of Goa like the Baga beach, Anjuna beach, Candolim beach, Calangute beach, Butterfly beach, Dona Paula beach, Sinquerim beach, Vagator beach, etc
  • Party at some of the famous clubs like Thalassa, Love Passion Karma, SinQ, Café Mambos, Cape town café, and Club Cabana. 
  • Visit the famous churches of Goa like the Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Paul’s Cathedral, St. Francis of Assisi, Lady of the Immaculate Conception, St. Cajetan, Church Lady of the Rosary, and lots more. 
  • Try various water sports like banana boat rides, parasailing, surfing, sea diving, sea walking, scuba diving, and many more. 
  • Explore the city on bikes by yourself. 
  • Visit some offbeat places like Dudhsagar falls and other scenic places. 
  • Go for trekking at some destinations for an adventure holiday. 

Best time to visit

Do you really need a best time to visit Goa? Hell No! Any time of the year when the plan is final, you go. But, technically summers are not great for a vacation Goa because of excessive and humid. The monsoons, late monsoons, and of course, winters are a great time to be in Goa and have the best time of your life. 

#7 Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort

This may not be the nearest weekend getaway from Mumbai but the place is worth exploring during the weekends. Rajmachi fort is known for architecture. This fort comprises of two forts which are Shrivardhan and Manaranjan forts. This fort overlooks the Bhor ghat.

The fort is known for the amazing architecture and this is what people come to explore. The fort has strong walls, huge getaways, huge ramparts, residential units, secret gates, water reservoirs, and administrative centers inside.

Just near to this antique fortress there is an ancient temple and while people explore the fort also go ahead to explore the temple. It is also an attraction over there. And between the two forts, there is also one another temple of Kal Bhairav that people make sure to pay a visit to for seeking some blessings. 

On the western side of the Rajmachi plateau is an ancient Buddhist cave which is believed to have been carved in 200 BC. This spot is another attraction that makes the trek to the Rajmachi fort a lot more fun. Along with sight-seeing the fort and the temples, the adventure activities to try here are camping, trekking, and hiking. 

A weekend is more than enough to spend time here but also if you want to have a one day trip to the place you can do that as well. You just have to trek and reach the fort, explore the place, do sight-seeing, and return the same day. 

Distance from Mumbai – 312 km 

Best Things to do

  • Visit the Shrivardhan fort and the peak
  • Explore and trek to the Rajmachi fort
  • Explore the Manoranjan fort
  • Visit Tungarli dam and lake
  • Pay a visit to the Bhairavnath temple and seek blessings
  • Visit the Rajmachi wildlife sanctuary
  • Explore the smaller villages like the Udhewadi village and Walvan village

Best time to visit

A trip to the Rajmachi fort is best for your weekends during the season of monsoons in the months of June to September. These months are best as the weather is pleasant, the temperature is pleasant, and the water springs and greenery is the best during these months. 

#8 Camping in Lonavala

Camping in Lonavala

Just like Goa, Lonavala is a highly loved place for a vacation, especially for the people of Mumbai and Pune because of the distance and also because of the ambiance. But unlike Goa, there are simply no chances that the plan for this place would be cancelled. The plans for Lonavala are always spontaneous and filled with adventure.

A road trip with friends or even solo from Mumbai to Lonavala is one of the best road trips to have in life and the great part of this road trip is just not about reaching the destination but about enjoying the journey to the fullest. The highway is amazing and filled with the prettiest scenes to soothe your eyes. The most favorite time of the people to head to Lonavala is during the monsoons when it drizzles and makes everything fun. 

Lonavala is also one of the top weekend getaways from Mumbai. There are so many ways to spend a beautiful vacation in Lonavala by either having a camping or just staying in decent hotels. However, camping in Lonavala must be tried because spending some days off luxury and in the lap of nature is something totally worth it.

To beat the monotonous routine of your life, go ahead to Lonavala, this time for a whole weekend and enjoy some camping scenes there. Camping in Lonavala is fun accompanied with bonfire and barbeque nights. 

Camping near the Pawna lake is one of the most serene experiences near Lonavala. The view and the ambiance of the lake side are magical and make for a fabulous vacation. 

Distance from Mumbai – 89 km 

Best Things to do

  • Camping at various points
  • Trekking
  • View the sunrise from the Lion’s and the Tiger’s point
  • Try out various adventure activities
  • Visit the Della adventures park
  • Camping at Pawna lake
  • Go for canyon valley trek
  • Enjoy hot air balloon safari
  • Trek to the Lohagad fort and korigad fort
  • Explore the Bhaja caves
  • Camping at Aundoli
  • Visit Valvan dam and Bhushi dam
  • Take a dip at Kune waterfalls
  • Explore the Tikona fort and Narayani Dham temple
  • Visit the waterparks
  • Enjoy bonfire nights
  • Enjoy barbeque nights

Best time to visit

Lonavala is a hill station which means it is good throughout the year and it actually is. People love a road trip to Lonavala from Mumbai or Pune on their bikes during the monsoons because of the lovely weather. And the best time for camping in Lonavala has to be during the months of October to early April when the weather is pleasant throughout in Maharashtra. 

#9 Karjat


One of the best weekend getaways near Mumbai is Karjat. If we talk about the best weekend getaways near Mumbai for family then Karjat would surely be on the top of the list because people prefer visiting this place with family to have a picnic or enjoy a one day trip.

One can have a fantastic weekend getaway in Karjat and spend two days in serenity. Karjat is mostly famous for its natural beauty which is in abundance and tourists visit this place to soak in the natural beauty. People love visiting these places to breathe in fresh air, see the pure sky, and see clear natural beauty which is a rarity in the cities. 

Apart from the natural beauty of the hill station, there are innumerable adventure activities to try out. This calls for a lot of adventure enthusiasts as well to visit this place and satisfy their adventure lust. The adventure activities that are done here are trekking, river rafting, mountain climbing, camping, cave exploration, etc. Also, beginners can try out these adventure activities and take advantage of adventure vibes. 

Karjat is also one of the best weekend getaways near Mumbai for couples. The scenic backdrops call the travel enthusiasts to visit the place to click loads of pictures. This small town also has the largest chain of farm houses in Asia. And not only this, the town is famous for movie shooting as well.

And some of the International production houses have also planned to set up facilities in this place. The other major attractions of the place are backwaters of the Pali Bhavali dam, Bahiri caves, Bhor ghat, Kondeshwar temple, Jain temple, Kondava caves, Peth fort, Ulhas valley, and ND studios. 

Distance from Mumbai – 62 km 

Best Things to do

  • Visit the historical Sundai fort
  • Trek or climb to Irshalgad
  • Visit the Morbe dam
  • Nishiland water park is another place of interest
  • Explore the Kondana caves
  • Spend some time at Peth fort
  • Go for trekking in Karjat, Bhivgad, and Kothaligad fort
  • Explore Zenith, Bekare and Bhivpuri waterfalls
  • Visit Khopoli

Best time to visit

You must definitely avoid going to Karjat during the summer because of the hot and humid weather. The temperature rises to about 40 degree centigrade making it super hot. The summer here starts from April and is till the end of June. Hence, the best time to visit Karjat is during the month of Monsoons. The monsoon starts from July and is till October. So, you can visit anytime during these months. 

#10 Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort

If you have been to Lonavala a lot of times and have done all the relaxing things over there, here is a time to try out something different. This time try to be adventurous and head out for the Lohagad fort trek. Lohagad fort is located in Lonavala and is a historic fort with some interesting architecture that calls a lot of travellers to explore this. It is an easy level trek and just involves climbing up that can be done by beginners as well. There is a lot of interesting things inside the fort to explore. 

Spend a weekend getaway by just climbing up to reach the fort which is nestled in between the lush green vegetation. It is a fun trek which is filled with a lot of enthusiasm when done in groups. Indulge in a trek to the Lohagad fort this weekend and see the other interesting side of Lonavala. The trek is also accompanied with delicious lunch and breakfast for the win. This is surely one of the best weekend getaways near Mumbai. 

Distance from Mumbai – 89 km 

Best Things to do

  • Camping at various points
  • Trekking at Lohagad fort and Korigad fort
  • View the sunrise from the Lion’s and the Tiger’s point
  • Try out various adventure activities
  • Visit the Della adventures park
  • Camping at Pawna lake
  • Go for canyon valley trek
  • Enjoy hot air balloon safari
  • Explore the Bhaja caves
  • Camping at Aundoli
  • Visit Valvan dam and Bhushi dam
  • Take a dip at Kune waterfalls
  • Explore the Tikona fort and Narayani Dham temple

Best time to visit

The best time to go to the Lohagad fort for Lohagad fort trekking is during the monsoon season. This is a very pleasant season to be at Lohagad fort as the surroundings are cool, breezy, and all things soulful. The dark clouds along with the sun are always there to accompany you during this time. 


We hope you would not settle for boring weekends from now on. Take your best gadget out i.f. your phone, call your friends, and start with a plan for any of these weekend getaway places near Mumbai. And if millennial being millennial cancel out the plan, you can always head up for a solo trip and see what’s new in the world. Have such experiences for yourself and then decide whether you would love to know more of it or not.

And if you have plans for any of these places above, hit us up because we have some crazy and wonderful travel deals for you in your budget. Let’s do it Togedr

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