Stok Kangri Trek


Stok Kangri trek is one of the famous spots for Leh and Ladakh trekking. It is meant for seriously experienced trekkers. Stok Kangri is the highest peak of Stok ranges of the Himalayas in the north-west region of Ladakh.

It is undoubtedly one of the tough trek, which tests your mettle and grit to keep going. Stok Kangri peak is located at an altitude of 6,153 mt / 20,182 ft. It is a challenging trek and not meant for beginners, without any significant Ladakh trekking experience. Ladakh trekking is categorised as one of the difficult treks of India. Hence few days of acclimatisation is necessary before starting the Stok Kangri trek.

No doubt, this trek is rewarding to all those who took the pain and conquered the Summit. Once at the top, it provides the breathtaking view of the valley and you can view the Karakoram Range to your north and Zanskar Range to your south. It is among one the daunting trek which challenges you at every step, with ever-increasing pressure as you approach the summit.

It requires the trekkers to have a good fitness level, months of preparation to tackle physical and psychological challenges encountered while trekking the insurmountable peak. To gauge, the entire stretch of Stok Kangri trek, have a look at the Ladakh map. You will be able to trace the trek path from Stok Village all the way up to the point of the summit.

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