Top 10 Treks to do in February

Treks to do in February – Trek is the best thing for an adventurer and there is no such thing like done too many treks in their life. Trekkers keep searching for new places all the time to go trek and explore the natural and wild side of the world.

And talking about the treks, here are some of the best treks that you can try out during the month of February. The treks if tried during their favorable months then they turn out to be their best. The best sights of the trek and the mountains look the best during the months they bloom in.

Here we are listing some of the best winter treks that are the best during the months of February. If you are winter person then you need to surely try out these treks. You will come across some of the most amazing sights when you are being on these winter treks during the month of February.

P.S – You would instantly feel the urge to book these trips and head out for some memorable experiences of life. So, get ready for booking your dates in February for some amazing treks and adventurous memories that you can have for a lifetime.

#1 Kedarkantha Trek

Credit: Jai Devbhoomi

Starting with the best! One of the best treks to go during the month of February is Kedarkantha trek. This is probably the best trek to try out in India during the winters.

The best part of this trek is that the beauty of this trek is accessible throughout the year and every month you will experience something new over here. Though Kedarkantha trek best time is during the months of winters!

Kedarkantha trek has various amazing campsites which are its main attractions. One cannot find such amazing campsites everywhere. These campsites undoubtedly make for the best picturesque hiking destinations where Juda ka Talab campsite and the Kedarkantha Base trek campsite are the best ones.

One can view the beautiful sight of the peaks like Swargarohini, Banderpooch, Black peak and Ranglana after reaching the top.

This is probably one of the best Himalayan treks that is majorly famous for its beauty, leave aside the adventures that you can experience here. For sure it is a combination of beauty with adventure.

#2 Chadar Trek

Credit: Aishwarya Tomar

If you are a true adventurer then you must be fanning over the Chadar trek Ladakh for sure. The sight of the trek here is unimaginable. The beauty for sure is unreal. This trek is in the Ladakh region and that makes it even more fascinating and ten times more adventurous.

The trek is called Chadar trek because snow forms a bedding over the Zanskar gorge. It is basically a frozen river trek. Chadar trek images on the internet is unreal for sure.

It is a winter suited trek because the actual beauty can be seen at that time only. It is very challenging trek because walking on the frozen gorge is never going to be easy.

It is challenging for sure but another unique thing about this trek is the trek gradient is mostly flat. There will be minimal climbing involved in the trek but mostly it is a flat gradient trek.

It is a difficult level trek because walking on frozen ice sheets in the lowest possible temperature is never easy. But it is beautiful and totally worth your time and energy. Are you ready for the Chadar trek 2019 adventure?

#3 Prashar Lake Trek

Credit: Sougata Sinha

Prasher Lake trek starts from Mandi in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. Mandi is one of the most beautiful cities of this state and this trek is equally pleasing.

The Prasher lake trek is a gorgeous and pleasing blue water lake surrounded by Dhauladhar ranges in the Kullu Valley.

An intriguing detail of the Prasher lake is that this lake keeps changing its position throughout the year. This makes it more interesting to explore. Along with this, it is believed that sage Prasher meditated here and hence the name of the lake is kept on his name.

The highest altitude of the Prasher lake trek is 8900 ft and the difficulty level is easy to

moderate. So, the beginners can definitely out this trek with a bit of difficulty. The trail involves charming dense forest, rivulets, small villages, long pin trees, temples and peaks.

It is a simple 2 day trek that takes you to incredibly insane locations and Prashar Lake trek distance can be covered in these two days. During the months of February, mountains are even more beautiful as they are covered with snow. Prashar trek in December is also quite popular.

#4 Chandrashila Trek

Credit: Rohit Joshi

Chandrashila trekking has to be the best trek that you can do during the months of February. This trek is super famous for the beauty of the area. The snow-capped mountains are the beauty of the place.

The speciality of the Chopta Chandrashila trek is that there is snow everywhere. This trek is also called as the Mini Switzerland as well because of snow being all over.

This place is a part of the Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary hence the trek is covered with evergreen forests and meadows. The altitude of the place is 4090 metres.

7 to 8 days are worth spending while being on this trek. So, if you are having long weekends or if you take a holiday then you can totally go on this trek.

The difficulty level of the Tunganath Chandrashila trek is moderate. Walking on the snow is not going to be easy for the beginners so that is why the level of the trek is moderate. The climate keeps on decreasing from day to night and during the winters the temperature is extremely low.

#5 Brahmatal Trek

Credit: Komal Garg

If you are a winter weekender and winter lover kind of a person then the Brahmatal winter trek is totally for you. Go for this trek during the month of February and you will be the happiest.

This trek has snow, frozen glacial lakes, snow laden forests, and amazing sights of the Himalayas which makes the Brahmatal trek amazingly exciting and fun. Saying it to be picturesque would surely be an understatement.

The weather keeps fluctuating and during the nights, it becomes extremely chilly. Camping, hiking all the way to the lake and rapelling are some of the other things that you can enjoy in this thrilling adventurous trek. The difficulty level of this trek is from moderate to difficult.

This trek has some thrilling passes so that and that is the reason why a lot of beginners do not go on this trek. It is also very exciting because the trekkers have to rappel down the snow wall at 15000 feet.

This is not it but the trekkers would also have to trek down on the snow slides. For more info, you can also refer to our Brahmatal trek blog.

#6 Dayara Bugyal Trek

Credit: Vijeet Shaw

The next best trek to try during the months of Fenruary is the Dayara Bugyal trek. And this one is also from Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is undoubtedly a heaven for the amateur and professional trekkers.

This trek in Uttarkashi in the Uttarakhand district has the highest meadows of all treks that makes the trek challenging.

The grasslands and the meadows are fabulous to look at the meadows are also covered with flowers and a lot more flowers to make it picture perfect scene.

You would love the scene of the whole Dayara Bugyal trekking because of the change in landscapes and seeing more flora and fauna all over.

If you haven’t heard about this trek then you are truly missing out on a lot of fun and this would make your weekend so much more perfect. Get ready for it.

#7 Nag Tibba Trek

Talking about the weekend treks near Delhi, this 2 day trek in Uttarakhand is the best one. It is totally suitable for the ones who don’t like disturbing their weekly routine.

During the weekends, the trek is totally crowded but the time is worth is and you can get to meet a lot of fellow trekkers and travellers.

The trek has easy trails and easy trek gradient and hence this one is an easy to moderate level trek. So, the beginners and trek enthusiasts, you can totally try this trek.

An even more fun part is that you can reach the base of the Nag Tibba base in a jeep. This enthrals the feeling of rush and adventure a way too much.

Some of the famous some of the famous peaks from the top like the Bandarpoonch peak, Kedarnath peaks, Changabang snowy peak, and the Gangotri peaks.

You also get to explore the Doon valley which is incredibly beautiful. The trail of the trek includes dense forests and flora and fauna. Check out the Nag Tibba trek cost on our website or our Nag Tibba trek blog.

#8 Kuari Pass Trek

Credit: Neelam Saini

To begin with, this is not a mediocre trek in terms of beauty and adventure for sure. This is such a fantastic trek that would give you all kinds of adrenaline rush and thrilling experience to you.

Kuari is actually the gateway of Himalayan high mountain pass and it is in Garhwal. It is somewhere in between in the South Tibet and west side of the Nanda Devi sanctuary.

The trek difficulty level is somewhere between moderate to tough. There are a lot of climbing process involved in this trek and that makes it tough for beginners.

The trek is high on fun and adventure side so you will have a lot of fun while being on this trek. That is for sure.

Have a little experience and knowledge about trekking and camping then you can surely try the out the Kuari Pass trek this February without a wait. February is the best time to experience the adventures of the Kuari Pass winter trek.

#9 Dodiatal Trek

Last but not the least, the best trek of the month of February is the Dodiatal Trek. First things first, the difficulty level of this trek is very difficult and that makes it a challenging trek. The beginners cannot go on this trek because of the challenge and toughness level.

The most exciting part of this trek is that this trek changes it position throughout and you would see something new in the landscapes while being on this trek.

The trek is basically in the Garhwal region in the Uttarakhand area. Bandarpoonch and the Swaraghini ranges are the peaks that you can view from this place.

The duration of the Dodiatal Darwa pass trek is 5 days and it is a round trail trek. Most parts of the trek is covered with snow. This is India’s best winter treks that you can try out during the months of February.

If you have some long weekend plans then this 5 day trek is a gorgeous one to try out. Book this trek with Togedr and check out fascinating Dodital trek cost at our website.

#10 Har Ki Dun Trek

Uttarkhand is blessed to have numerous trekking spots and destinations. Har Ki Dun trek is one of the most adventurous trek in Uttarakhand in the Garhwal region. It is a very popular trek amongst the adventurers as it is also one of the oldest treks in India.

It is an easy to moderate level trek so it is totally suitable for the beginners. So, if you are someone trying the trek for the first time. you can surely start with this one.

The Har ki Dun trek map shows that the valley is located at an altitude of 3500m in the Western Ganges. The trek is adventurous filled and fun also. But one needs to be physically active and fit to go on this trek.

The view is amazing with snow clad mountains during the winters and hence February is the best month to go on this trek.

Har ki Doon is also famous by the name of Hanging Valley of Gods which is a cradle shaped valley. The trek is famous for dense forest and sparkling peaks.

Totally, it is one of the gorgeous looking treks of India. Check out our detailed Har ki Dun blog for more details.


So, now that you know about the treks that you can do in the month of February, get ready to try out these. The best part about these treks is that they bloom and look their best during the months of February.

If you are planning to try out any of these treks then you can reach out to Togedr and book some of these fabulous treks through us. We would help you plan the best trek through the best service provider at the best rates. So, check out to see our plans for this trek.

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