The Ultimate Guide for Trekking in India

Trekking is nothing but a challenge.

A challenge to yourself that “Yes, I can do it”.

You will have to challenge your own abilities, stamina and will-power.

If you can’t challenge yourself to move ahead of difficulties and your own limitations then trekking is not for you.

Having experienced it once will also improve your personality by improving your self-confidence, stamina and will-power.

In India, Trekking as an activity is catching up fast and more and more people want to experience it.

In this detailed guide “The Ultimate Guide for Trekking in India”, I will resolve all your queries regarding trekking in India.

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List of Sub-Topics:

Difference between Hiking and Trekking          

10 reasons why you should go on trekking “NOW”

Weekend Treks around your City

Best Trekking Trips for Beginners in India

Best Summer Treks in India

Must Do Treks in India in Winters

Best Treks in India during Monsoon

Best treks in India for family

Safety Measures for Trekking

Things to carry while Trekking

Where can you rent trekking equipment?

How to prepare for your trekking adventure?

Benefits of solo trekking

Difference Between Hiking and Trekking 

Many adventure enthusiasts get confused of these two terms “Trekking” And “Hiking”.

Let’s see if there is any difference in two.

Though they are used almost interchangeably to denote each other, there lie a few differences between trekking and hiking.

Hiking mostly involves walking in pre-charted or marked paths. The paths here in consideration maybe nature trails inside a forest, crossing a river stream or a walk through tea or coffee plantations.

There may not be infrastructure or establishments on this path. We can find very few people on such trails and it comparatively remains empty.

It mostly is a daylong activity stretching for some particular hours where people start early and come back by the evening.

People do not require any specific equipment or gear to on hiking trips. A bottle of water and some dry food is sufficient for any enjoyable hiking trip.

Hiking is less difficult or challenging than trekking but, can really test your endurance levels.

Now, what does trekking mean?

Trekking is a grander affair stretching for a number of days. There are small shops on the path at times.

While trekking, it is almost a necessity to hire porters and guides to help navigate the distances.

There are no means of transport whatsoever.

Proper clothing, survival kit, food supplies, camping gear, boots and compass are a must while trekking.

Trekking routes generally have difficult or rigorous terrains which test both the mental and physical strengths of a person.

People generally set up tents or stay in small huts or accommodations on the way with very basic amenities in such trekking routes. The climatic conditions can be challenging.

Trekking also involves routes that are at much higher altitudes than hiking.

Though they have a few differences, the amount of thrill and excitement one usually gets in both the activities are almost similar.

Both are just two beautiful experiences with minute differences.

10 Reasons why should you go on trekking “NOW”

Trekking does entail walking on arduous paths in some tough situations at times amidst beautiful landscapes and views but, is also so much fun and exciting as you get to learn and be part of things which you cannot really witness in everyday life.

Once in a while, it is highly advisable to go on treks, here are 10 reasons why you should go on a trek “NOW”

1. It Rejuvenates your Mind, Body and Soul

Trekking helps you in taking a break from the everyday monotony of life. It refreshes your mind and as well as the mind and body.

You can enjoy being amidst nature or even meditate by the edge of a cliff, these are experiences you can never get in the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a city.


You can cut off from the whole world and be away from the pressures of professional and personal life.

Just breathe in some fresh air, marvel at the beautiful nature around and live the moment

2. It makes you more confident and responsible

Trekking through some tough terrains and inclement weather conditions, makes you more resolute and confident.

You are not aware of what lies ahead. We all have our share of fears deep within. It can be fear of darkness, fear of being left out alone or even fear of wild animals.

Trekking ensures that we shrug off these fears and be ready for any challenge coming our way.

The whole feeling of being in difficult situations while trekking and then successfully completing it, gives a certain level of pride and satisfaction which feel really good.


Trekking also requires a certain level of discipline. You have to plan your everyday trekking route and schedule and decide which is the right route to take.

While camping on the routes, trekkers ensure they do not litter the place and spoil the landscape.

We also have to also ensure you carry sufficient amount of food, medicines and basic supplies with you.

So while it gives us freedom to make our choices, it also requires us to be responsible and pragmatic in approach.

3. Helps you keep fit and healthy

Trekking helps you keep fit and healthy. Climbing mountains, walking across boulders and then walking across streams or forests, it provides a vast set of terrains which will test your endurance and patience.

There are oxygen levels in high altitudes, trekking ensures our body muscles to work more in such altitudes and keep us fit.


It is surely more interesting than going to a gym as here you tend to be in physically as well as mentally challenging tasks which require use of both mind and body.

The best part while being in such activities, you also get to be amidst the beautiful nature.

4. It helps you meet new and interesting people

Trekking helps you come across new and interesting people coming from various different geographies and cultural backgrounds.


Meeting new people helps you know more about different cultures and countries.

It broadens your horizon and how you look at various things in life.

5. It brings out your leadership skills

While trekking might sound really thrilling and exciting, it does come with a fair share of risks also. There might be tough situations on the journey.

Trekking brings out the leader in each one of us. We tend to use our acumen and all our available knowledge to deal with the situations.


We push our boundaries and try enhancing our skills in order to adapt to such situations

6. It helps you connect more with the nature

Trekking brings you closer to nature.


Along with beautiful views, we get a chance to do things like bathing in a waterfall, discover unexplored spots and learn more about various trees and animals.

It helps us forge a closer bond with nature.

7. It gives you major life lessons

Trekking tests your relationships with the people around you.

It teaches you how to survive in tough conditions with limited resources.

It helps you to be more open to new cultures and ideas.

8. It gives you freedom and independence

It gives you freedom to make your own decisions.

You have to cook your own food, set up your own camp and plan your itinerary.


Even if you are trekking as a group, you are individually independent in decision making. You consult together as a group and give us suggestions.

9. It helps you explore new things

It helps you discover new things about various places and people there, which probably Google will not possibly have idea about.

You get to hear stories from local people.

Going back from a trek, you will surely have so many stories to share

10. Provides you so much positivity

It provides us with a long list of positive things in life.

It is a huge learning experience.

You come out as more confident and resolute. It makes you younger mentally.


Trekking is addictive and the whole process of planning a trek is all the more exciting.

You will surely cherish memories of a trek with loads of stories to tell.

So what are you waiting for? Go on a trek RIGHT NOW!!!

As there are hundreds of places for trekking in India, you can enjoy it here itself.

Weekend Treks around your City

In this busy life, you might not be getting enough time to think about trekking.

But, that’s not the reason to get away from trekking.

There are hundreds of places for trekking in India and there are enough challenging treks around your city which you can explore in the weekend.

Here I will let you know, weekend treks around your city which you can explore even in the upcoming weekend.


  • Triund Trek: Triund trek is a short and easy at a distance of 483kms from Delhi. It is located at an altitude of 2880m in the lap of Himalayas.
  • Chakrata Trek: The distance between Delhi and Chankrata is about 300kms.Chankrata is a cantonment located in the district of Dehradun.
  • Bhrigu Lake Trek: The distance between Bhrigu kund and Delhi is 56kms. This is an ideal trek for the beginners.
  • Chopta Trek: Chopta is about 430kms from New Delhi and is a renowned trek in the Himalayas.
  • Dodital Trek: Dodital is at a distance of 280kms from Delhi. Dodital trek is a trek to Lake Dodi located at an elevation of 3307m.


  • Makalidurga Trek: It is an ideal weekend trek located at a distance of 60kms from Bangalore. Makalidurga is a Hill Fort known for its Lord Shiva temple.
  • Ranganathaswamy Betta Trek: It is also called as Bilikal Betta in at an altitude of 1552m and at a distance of 60kms from Bangalore.
  • Savandurga Trek: Savandurga is the largest monolithic stone in Asia located at a distance of 70kms from Bangalore.
  • Ramanagara Trek: It is a perfect weekend gateway located at just 50kms from Bangalore. It is the spot where movie ‘Sholay’ was shot.
  • Anthargange Trek: It is a night trek located at 70kms from Bangalore. Anthargange trek is known for activities like cave exploring, chimney climbing and many more.


  • Malana Trek: Malana village is at a distance of 563kms from Noida. The Malana River is at an altitude of 2652m above the sea level.
  • Kanatal trek: Kanatal is about 306kms from Noida. Located at an altitude of 2850m it is an ideal weekend trek in Uttarakhand.
  • Tosh trek: Tosh is at a distance o 574kms from Noida. Located at an altitude of 2400m at the foot of Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh.


  • Bithur: It is situated on the bank of river Ganga at a distance of 145kms from Lucknow. It is the birthplace of Lord Rama’s son Luv and Khush.
  • Naukuchiatal trek: The driving distance of Naukuchiatal from Lucknow is 378kms. The trail passes through the lakes and various orchards.


  • Rajmachi Fort Trek: Located at a distance of 313kms from Mumbai its famous Fort trek in Mumbai at an altitude of 2710ft.
  • Kalsubai: Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra having an elevation of 1646mts located at a distance of 153kms from Mumbai.
  • Lohagad: It is at a distance of 98kms from Mumbai. Lohagad Fort trek is an easy pleasant trek usually done in monsoon.
  • Harishchandragad Fort Trek: It is located at a distance of 201kms from Mumbai in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Harishchandragad Fort situated in Malshej ghat offers spectacular views of Kokan region.
  • Kulang Fort Trek: Located at a distance of 136kms from Mumbai it is a famous trek in the Igatpuri are of Nashik district.


  • Andharban Trek: Located at 150kms from Pune, it is popular trek in Tamhini ghat region.
  • Visapur Fort Trek: It is an easy trek located at just 63kms from Pune.
  • Lingana Trek: The driving distance of Lingana from Pune is 139kms. It is situated in the north Raigad.
  • Jungli Jaigad Trek: The distance between Jungli jaigad Fort and Pune is 301kms.It is located near konya lake.
  • Bhimshanhar Fort Trek: Bhimashankar is a renowned temple in Pune region. It is at a distance of 110kms from Pune.


  • Saputara: Saputara is a hill station located at 400kms from Ahmedabad. The trail passes through lush green forests, mesmerizing waterfalls.
  • Zanzari Fall: It is located at 70kms from Ahmedabad. It falls in the region of Dahegam region of Gandhi Nagar.
  • Mount Abu: It is a hill station located at 235kms from Ahmedabad. It is renowned hill station surrounded by dense forests in Guaranteed.


  • Waki Woods: It is 33km away from Nagpur. The trail passes through lake, forest and wildlife.
  • Khekranala: It is a dam site located around 57kms from Nagpur. The main attraction for Khekranala dam trek is the lake around dam surrounded by the lush green forests
  • Ramtek: It is a historic place located around 49kms from Nagpur Mythology says it is the place where Lord Rama rested during his exile.


  • Nagalapuram: It is renowned trekking spot located at 70kms from Chennai. The waterfall surrounded by rocky mountain provides ideal spot for trekking.
  • Tada Falls: Located at 92kms from Chennai, Tada fall has 10kms of trekking distance.
  • Trek to Talakona Waterfalls: Located at a distance of 193kms from Chennai, it is near Sri Venkateswara National Park.
  • Dolphin’s Nose Trek: It is located at a distance of 220kms from Chennai. It is an ideal trekking spot in Kodaikanal providing a bird’s eye view of the surrounding.


  • Ananthagiri hills: It is at a distance of 75kms from Hyderabad. The trail passes through beautiful gardens and sunflower farms.
  • Bhongir Fort: It is located at a distance of 50kms from Hyderabad. It is a giant structure erected by the Chalukya ruler.
  • Kondaveedu Fort: It is located at 260kms from Hyderabad. Kondaveedu Fort was constructed by the Telugu Chodas at a height of 522m above the sea level.
  • Ethipothala Waterfalls: It is located at a distance of 160km from Hyderabad. It is also known as Nagarjuna sagar of 21m high.
  • Horsley Hills: It is located at 534kms from Hyderabad. It is a series of hills in Andhra Pradesh.


  • Benog Tibba: Benog is at a distance of 315kms from Gurgaon. It is a mountain hike in the western outskirts of Mussorie.
  • Nag Tibba: Nag Tibba is located at a distance of 389kms from Gurgaon. It’s an easy weekend trek to Himalayas.
  • Kasol: Kasol is at a distance of 556kms from Gurgaon. Kasol trek is a leisure walk to the beautiful valleys of Himalayas.


  • Morni Hills: It is located at 45kms from Chandigarh. Morni Fort is a historic Fort famous for trekking.
  • Kasauli Trek: It is located at 65kms from Chandigarh. Located at an altitude of 1900m in the lap of Himalayas is an ideal trekking place.
  • Parwanoo Trek: It is located at 30kms from Chandigarh. It offers panoramic views of the Shivalik Hills.
  • Chail Trek: It is located at 103kms from Chandigarh. Situated at an altitude of 2250m it offers view of Shimla, Sutlej Valley and kasauli.


  • Sandakphu Trek: It is at a distance of 633kms from Kolkata and the highest peak in West Bengal.
  • Dooars Trek: It is an ideal weekend trek known for its scenic beauty. It is located at 632kms from Kolkata.
  • Darjeeling Trek: It is located at 615kms from Kolkata Darjeeling and is known as the paradise for hiking.


  • Patalpani Waterfall: It is a famous trekking spot located at 32kms from Indore. Patalpani waterfall is 300m high providing a picturesque spot.
  • Tincha Fall: It is a renowned trekking and picnic spot in Indore. It is 300ft high and ideal picnic spot for nearby citizens.
  • Kajligarh Fort: It is located at a distance of 25kms from Indore. It is a popular trek among adventure junkies.
  • Bamniya Kund: It is located at a distance of 37kms from Indore. Bamniya kund trek leads to Mehendi Kund and Aasapura forest.


  • Sanchi Trek: It is located at a distance of 50kms from Bhopal. It is the renowned Buddhist pilgrimage.
  • Bhimbetka Caves: It is at a 45kms driving distance from Bhopal. It is believed that ‘Pandavas’ stayed here.
  • Ginnorgarh Fort: It is located around 65kms from Bhopal. It is 1127 metres long and 266 metres broad hill fort.
  • Barusot: It is at a distance of 50kms from Bhopal. Barusot is a famous tourist spot involving activities like boating, bird watching, cycling, camping and hiking.


  • Daman Diu: It is a famous trekking spot located at a distance of 119kms from Surat. It is known for its pristine beaches.
  • Vangana Lake: It is located at a distance of 126kms from Surat. Vangana Lake is famous for its shrine beauty.
  • Khanvel Trek: It is around 141kms away from Bhopal. Khanvel Lake is known for providing various water sports. There are various water sports.


  • Aravalli Trek: It is located at 370kms from Jaipur. Aravalli Mountains are oldest mountains and are simple for trekking.
  • Godwar Trek: It is located at 200kms from Jaipur. This trek offers views of wildlife of Rajasthan.
  • Mewar Trek: It is at a distance of 185kms from Jaipur. Kumbhalgarh Fort in Mewar is up trek to Fort.
  • Ranthambore National Park: It is at 10kms distance from Jaipur. It is a vast wildlife park Ideal for nature lovers.
  • Jaisalmer: It is at a distance of 560kms from Jaipur. It is known as “the golden city” famous for its desert trekking.


  • Varanasi Trek: It is around 32kms from Kanpur. It is a pilgrimage place.


  • Kathmandu: It is at a distance of 370kms from Patna offering breathtaking views of spectacular mountains without its climbing.
  • Jonha Fall: Jonha fall in Ranchi is located at 530kms from Patna. It is also known as “Gautamdhara” and is 43m high.
  • Rajgir: Griddhakuta Peak in Rajgir is a famous trekking spot located at 105kms from Patna. Jainism and Buddhism cultures are reflected in this area.

If you have gone to these treks around your City, you must be willing to try some other treks in different parts of India.

Now I will show you “10 Best Trekking Trips for Beginners”.

10 Best Trekking Trips for Beginners in India

Amateur trekkers always face difficulties for going on a trek. Not being experienced in the trekking areas always makes the beginners conscious about taking any trekking expedition.

But, hey hold on, not having an experience for the trekking does not mean you cannot go on a trekking tour.

You can definitely try out the trekking with those trekking destinations which are suitable for the beginners.

After all practice makes a man perfect and you can be a pro with all the trying efforts that you will take. No one nailed it from the first go.

Everyone had their first time and so will you. Here are some of the best trekking trips for beginners in India.

  • Valley of Flowers Trek

Beginners should start with those treks which have the easiest trails and the most picturesque scenes so that you get inspired to do more such treks in life.

Valley of Flowers is a resplendent valley in Uttarakhand state which has a view of all kinds of gorgeous flowers in the world.


It has everything like steep paths, river crossing sites, waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, lanes of flowers and a lot more. But all these are easy to cross and survive.

  • Prashar Lake Trek

This is one of the easiest trekking trips for the beginners. It is in the Kullu valley in the Himalayan range.

The trekking trail includes dense forest, rivers, local villages and meadows. The view of the trek makes the trekkers believe in the fun of the trek.


The best part is that the trek is totally easy for the newcomers.

  • Chopta Tunganath Trek

This trek would literally take you to the top and give you the chills of adrenaline rush, but easily.

The Chopta Tunganath trek is in the Garhwal region of the Uttarakhand state.

The Tungatnath temple is the highest temple in the whole world and reaching here is an achievement for sure.


You will get to view the Nanda Devi, Kedarnath and the Panchachuli peaks. You will also be viewing the rhododendron forest and enjoy every bit of it.

  • Malana – Chanrakhani Pass Trek

This trek is one of the most popular treks in India and beginners surely go on this trek because there is a lot to experience with total ease.

The trails have cool pine forest, lush green meadows, oak forest, ancient architecture, snow-capped peaks, and the picturesque valleys.


The trek will take you to the height of 12000 feet.

  • Dayara Bugyal Trek

Uttarakhand is going to make the amateur trekkers really very happy because of the numerous easy treks that it has.


This trek in Uttarkashi in the Uttarakhand district has the highest meadows of all treks which you have to cross. Trust me, this makes it more exciting.

The grasslands and the meadows are fabulous to look at the meadows are also covered with flowers and a lot more flowers to make it picture perfect scene.

  • Triund Trek

This one also tops the charts of best trekking trips for beginners in India. It is in the Kangra valley of the Himachal Pradesh.

You will come across the old temples, sacred mountains, hidden villages, and rocks over the peaks and beautiful meadows.


You will also explore some of the best peaks of the country from here. Spending a night in the tent at the Triund makes it the best.

  • Beaskund Trek

The Beaskund Trek is near the Beas River in the beautiful city of Manali.

This is one of the most beautiful and picturesque treks as you will come across some of the most gorgeous glaciers lush green slopes, tree lines, sweet grass and also meadows.


Pic Credit -Santosh Reddy

The Beaskund Lake is the highlight of the trek and it shines in crystal emerald green color which makes it a striking element.

  • Kedar Kantha Trek

If you are looking for all kinds of adventures in a beginner’s trek then you will be happy to go on this one.

It has easier ascends and some gradual descends to make it easily adventurous. You will explore the valley of the Tons River which is covered with snow during the winters and makes for a dreamy sight.


Pic Credit – Piyush

You will also explore the Govind National Park.

The weather of this trek is totally suitable for the amateur trekkers.

  • Kasol Trek

This trek is also one of the best treks for the beginners which is situated in the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

The prettiest campsites are found in this trek. Pine trees, rocky areas, clear rivers, hot springs considered for the therapeutic purposes and the stretches of the oak make for a long picturesque site.


Pic Credit – Pankaj Manhas

Kasol is one of the most visited towns of Himachal Pradesh.

  • Bijli Mahadev Trek

This trek will take you to the gorgeous views of the Kullu district through the easiest slopes.

The Bijli Mahadev temple is very famous and is on the top. Reaching this temple is quite easy and is famous to experience the lightning during the storms.


Pic Credit – Ankit

You will explore the fruit orchards, cedar forests, pine tree lanes, and paddy fields.

These were some of the best trekking trips for beginners in India.

Trust me guys, exploring the heights and the mountains is just not the task of the professionals.

If you have the will and the courage then there are a lot of options to experience the beautiful world.

Now, let’s see which are the best treks in India as per various seasons.

15 Best Summer Treks in India

The best thing about summer is that it is the perfect time to explore the great outdoors.

We tend to spend too much time inside our houses trying to entertain ourselves when we have a various outdoor activities to explore, especially here in India.

India boasts the most beautiful scenes and terrains in the world, perfect for some amazing treks.

Here are the 15 best summer treks in India:

  • Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

A perfect trek for those who want to view the wonders of Northern India, the trail goes through gorgeous valleys and evergreen forests.


Pic Credit – Soumya Shah

This trek is a moderate one which passes through various villages of Himachal Pradesh, the duration of it is around 8-9 days.

  • Triund Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Once you accomplish this trek, you will be treated to a view of a lifetime!

Trekking up Triund Mountain is a task, but even beginners can take it on with the right mindset.


Once you reach the top you can even camp overnight with tents provided there, the whole trek reaching the top takes about 4-5 hours.

  • Benog Tibba Trek, Delhi

Here is an easy one for people just starting to explore trekking, the advantage of this trek is also how close it is to Delhi.


The trek takes you through gorgeous forests and across steep mountains, where you reach a perfect spot to set up camp overnight before you head back the next day.

  • Roopkund Trek, Delhi

This is a perfect trek for the more experienced people, said to be one of the most difficult treks near Delhi.

Roopkund Trek

If you feel like you have the mental and physical strength for this then it’s a perfect adventure for you, an 8 day trek across some incredible scenery.

  • Nandi Hills, Bangalore

If you are interested in trekking in Bangalore, one of the more popular tourists’ destinations in Bangalore is Nandi Hills, a perfect place for trekking.


Pic Credit – Micheal

There are a few temples you can also visit while on your trek for an authentic experience, this one is an easy treks so beginners can rejoice.

  • Ramanagara, Bangalore

Adventure seekers must visit this town for trekking near Bangalore, as it is a base for a few trails leading to difficult yet rewarding treks.


You can also experience rock climbing and bouldering if you are feeling really adventurous.

  • Lohgad Trek, Pune

 A fairly easy and short trek for people who are just starting to explore the great outdoors, filled with beautiful scenes and a gorgeous fort on top.


You will have plenty of company along the way, and by that we mean monkeys! You can find these little fiends throughout the trail.

  • Tikona Fort, Pune

A popular trekking spot and for good reason too, this trail provides the perfect amount of difficulty for more experienced trekkers.


You will find yourself surrounded by breathtaking views and a gorgeous, old fort on top to explore.

  • Ramakalamedu, Kerala

A brilliant trekking destination for beginners, once you reach the highest point of this hill you will know why.

Ramakalamedu, Kerala

You will be treated to a splendid panoramic view of the villages around.

  • Chembra Trek, Kerela

Want to challenge yourself? Then this trek would be perfect for you! One of the top places for trekking, reach the mountain peak and you can even indulge in rock climbing for you super adventure seekers out there.


Pic Credit – Wayanadan clicks

  • Godwar, Rajasthan

If you love wildlife and trekking then this is the perfect combination for you, beautiful scenes and you can even try out a camel safari if you like!

  • Mount Abu, Rajasthan

 If you want a challenge and love to sweat it out then you need to give this trek a shot. They even organize campfires at the end of the days where you can relax under the beautiful starry skies.


Pic Credit – Travelis to live

  • Talley Valley Trek, Arunachal Pradesh

A trek which lets to experience nature at its finest, through thick forests and gorgeous plateaus.

Talley Valley Trek

Pic Credit – Mandotasso

They even have fishing in their village if you want to unwind after your trek.

  • Dzukou Trek, Nagaland

A true culture experience on top of trekking, explore the villages of this mountain where you will find an array of interesting people and culture along with gorgeous wildlife to boot.


  • Goecha La Trek, Sikkim

Here you will find the best views ever, this is one of the most famous treks in North East India and cannot be missed. It’s a 10 day trek and as daunting as that may seem, it’s an experience of a lifetime!


Now let’s see which are “9 must do Winter Treks in India”

9 must do treks in India in Winters 

  • Kedarkantha Trek, Uttarakhand

Kedarkantha located at 12,500 feet, provides breath taking view 13 other peak from Himalayan mountain range. Comparatively easy for beginners to try.


The trek takes your through spots like Juda-ka-talab, Kedarkantha base camp followed by the Kedarkanth summit.

  • Nag Tibba Trek, Uttarakhand

Close to Mossurie, Naag tibba is a beautiful peak in Pantwari village of Uttarakhand. The Nagg Tibba trek provides the view of Bandarpoonch, Kedarnath and Gangotri peaks.

  • Chopta Chandrashila trek, Himachal Pradesh

The Chandrashila trek located at 12877 ft gives you the opportunity to visit the 1000-year-old Tungnath temple, which is the highest shrine of Lord Shiva.


Tungnath Chandrashila trek is famous for its breathtaking 360-degree view of the Himalayan ranges.

  • Chadar Trek Jammu and Kashmir

Chadar trek is one of the extremely tough trek in Zanskar mountain range of Ladakh. Since the mountain is covered with blanket of snow, it is famous as Chadar trek.


Pic Credit – Abhishek Hingorani

  • Kumara Parvatha Trek, Karnataka

This trek has two peaks, the smaller one is Shesh Parvatha, and the higher one is Kumara Parvatha at 5,600 ft.


Pic Credit – Shruti Gowda

  • Chembra Peak Trek, Kerala

At 6890 ft is the tallest summit in the Wayanad ranges of Kerala. From the top you get view of lovely heart shaped Lake.


  • Har ki dun, Uttarakhand

Har ki dun is located at an altitude of 11675 ft and known as the hanging valley which is famous for providing exotic views on trek.


Pic Credit – Braham Gairola

The trail do pass through the Swargarohini snow peak which is said to bears bequest of the mythical stairway to heaven.

  • Indrahar Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

The Indrahar Pass located at 14270 ft, forms the border between Kangra and Chamba districts.


It also unfolds the soothing waters of Lake Mankiani and Kareri.

  • Kuari Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Kauri Pass located at 3757 miles also known as Curzon trail.


Pic Credit – Saamruth

The main attraction of this trek is the imposing view of the eastern peaks of Garhwal Himalayas, and the twin peaks of Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, Kamet, Bertholi, Trishul, Hathi Mana, Ghodi Parvat and Neelkanth peaks.

17 Best Treks in India during Monsoon

  •  Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand

An easy but popular trek that is famous and for a good reason too, its fauna.


Pic Credit – Manish Sabnanii

During the monsoon, the valley is covered with an array of gorgeous flowers, brilliant colors and intoxicating smells, this is a trek that you can’t miss!

  • Sinhagad Trek, Pune

Here is a trek that is a little but more moderate and a one day trek but the beauty that you encounter especially in the monsoon season makes everything worth it.


Pic Credit – Sreeleshak

Once you reach the fort you will be treated to views of lush green all around you.

  • Pin Parvati Trek, Himachal Pradesh

A challenging trek, 100km of trail, but don’t let this stop you! With the amazing views that surround you, time will pass before you know it.


Pic Credit – Sahil Sharma

This trek also takes you through the lush woods of the Great Himalayan National park.

  • Kalsubai Peak, Maharashtra

This trek is perfect for people who love wildlife encounters, especially during the monsoon season.


Pic Credit – Khush Khant

Cool weather, winds and thick fog will make this trekking experience a magical one for sure.

  • Rajmachi Fort, Maharashtra

 An easy trek for people who are just starting to trek, just a half an hour climb.


Pic Credit – Justin Patil

Once you reach the highest point you can view the beautiful backwaters of Shirota Damn, there are also activities like cave exploration and waterfall rappelling.

  • Torna Fort, Maharashtra

This fort is a little tougher, being the highest hill in Pune, but it takes you on an epic adventure.


Pic Credit – Vedant Marathe

You will encounter rustic first and old tanks, passing by waterfalls that flow beautiful especially during monsoon season.

  • Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh

The perfect trek, great for both beginners and experienced trekkers and one of the most beautiful ones out there.


Passing through mountain ranges that will blow your mind, alpine forest and lush meadows.

  • Harishchandragad, Maharashtra

A challenging trek for advance trekkers, spanning of 9 hours, this trek is an uphill climb. Once you reach the top you can explore the cave of Kedareshwar and temples that are out there.


Pic Credit-Vicky Anandkar

It may be a hard trek but totally worth it.

  • Sonamarg – Naranag Trek, Jammu & Kashmir

Another trek which have beautiful historical affluence, it is considered one of the most thrilling treks in Kashmir.


Pic Credit – Bhushan Baheti

You will encounter amazing sights especially during monsoon and vast blue lakes.

  • Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand

This trek takes you to a lake known as the mystery lake, a pristine lake that will take your breath away.


Pic Credit – Arun Hegden

While you follow the trail you will pass gorgeous mountains and beautiful meadows, a true sight to see.

  • Vihi, Maharashtra

One for you adventure junkies out there, the trek itself is fairly easy giving you an amazing environment during monsoons.


Pic Credit – Rohan Gawankar

Once you reach the top then you can try their waterfall rappelling, a truly adventurous experience.

  • Tarsar Marsar Trek, Kashmir

With a nickname of “heaven on earth” one can imagine just how beautiful this trek can be.


Pic Credit- Sangam Ynwa

Surrounded by mountains and lakes, this is a 7 day trek of amazing scenery all around.

  • Indrahar Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Starting from the famous Mcloedganj, this is a popular tourist trek for a reason.


Pic Credit – Abhishek Shukla

The height of it treats you to a stunning view of the mountains and forests around, you can even camp out at the caves of Lahesh.

  • Dayara Bugyal Trek, Uttarakhand

A perfect trek for beginners as it is just 9KM long.


Pic Credit – harsh Shial

The surrounding mountains provide a beautiful view while you trek across the meadows, during monsoons the sheer greenery is absolutely stunning.

  • Great Lake Trek Kashmir

The Great Lake is located at an altitude of 12000 ft. The trek takes you through beautiful twin alpine lakes Vishnusar and Kishansar.


Pic Credit – Kiran Khatu

From there it takes you to other spots like Gadsar via Gadsar pass, Satara, Gangabal and Narang.

  • Stok kangri, Jammu and Kashmir

The peak is located at 20,182 ft in Ladakh.Once at top, it provides the breathtaking view of valley, glacier below and the Karakoram and Zanskar mountain range.


  • Chandratal Trek, Himachal Pradesh

The Chandratal Lake located at 14100 ft height also known as “The Moon Lake”. Chandratal Lake trail offers the view of two spectacular mountain ranges named Moulkila and Chandrabhaga.


Pic Credit – Anup Mandal

The trail also uncovers the Bara Shigri Glacier, the biggest glacier in Himachal Pradesh.

10 Best treks in India for family

India being blessed with so much of beautiful mountains and terrains has a lot of trekking routes.

While trekking in predominantly popular with solo travelers or adventure enthusiasts, there are also a number of treks which are extremely popular with families.

India has predominantly nuclear and joint families and all these treks are equally popular with both of these categories.

Here are the 10 best family treks in the country:

  • Hampta Pass trek

Hampta Pass lying at an altitude of 4270 meters above sea level in the Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas, is a very popular trekking destination for families.

This is located in between Lahaul and Kullu valleys in Himachal Pradesh. It is not a very difficult trek and can be done even by beginners.


Lush green open meadows, slopping valleys and waterfalls dot this entire route. One can extend this trek a bit and can visit the beautiful Chandratal Lake which the local people consider as sacred.

A number of wild flowers and medicinal herbs can also be found in this stretch. Stunning views of other ranges like Dhauladhar, Mulkila and Chandra Bhaga can also be witnessed from here.

You can also take your children for this trek and they will surely enjoy it a lot.

  • Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba trek is also popular with families. The Nag Tibba range is one of the three ranges of the Lesser Himalayas.

This place can be reached from either Mussorie or Dehradun.


Nag Tibba literally translates to the “Abode of Snake God” and has a beautiful temple on top dedicated to Nag Devta or Snake God where local residents come for offering prayers for protection of their cattle.

It can be reached from either of the three places- Devalsari, Shrikot and Pantwari.

The trek is the shortest from Shrikot than the other two places and takes mostly 5-6 hours to reach the summit.

Once you reach the summit, you can witness terrific panoramic views of the Himalayas.

The trek route is dotted with forests which have a large population of birds and animals.

  • Chopta -Tungnath-Chandrashila Trek

Chopta Chandrashila Trek is extremely beautiful with beautiful sights waiting for you at every step of this journey. The trail passes through forests of Deodar, Oak and rhododendrons.


Tungnath temple, the highest Shiva temple in the world is located at the summit this trekking route. It is said Lord Rama prayed and meditated here at the Chandrashila peak after defeating Ravana.

The trek starts from Chopta. It is 5 kilometres in total and hence can be easily done by families together and stunning views of the Himalaya can be seen from here.

  • Triund Trek

The Triund Trek is extremely popular with backpackers as well as families and is located 10 kilometres from the Dalai Lama’s abode, McLeodganj.

Misty air, rocky terrains and scenic views are typical things one can find here.


The trek is easy but can test your endurance.

People mostly camp for the night once they reach the summit and stay there.

Bhagsu waterfalls can also be seen on this route. The best time to visit this is from March to May.

  • Korigad Fort trek

Fort treks are very popular across Maharashtra among families and Korigad Fort trek is a place frequented by most people. Monsoon is the best time to visit this fort.

It is around 20 kilometres from Lonavla. This trek can be easily done by children and beginners and is easy.


Stone cut steps easily lead the path to the top of the hill fort and the total distance required to cover is only 6 kilometres. It can be visited throughout the year.

You can get beautiful views of the Western Ghats from the top of the fort. A temple dedicated to Goddess Korlai Devi is also located at the top of this fort.

Families can also camp here at night after a round of trekking.

  • Dudhsagar Waterfall trek

The best time to do this trek is just after the monsoons and the waterfall can be seen with all its glory with water falling with full force.


Families have to start this trek from Kulem passing through tropical forests, streams and muddy paths to reach the waterfall.

This is a four tiered waterfall and falls down from a height of over 1000 feet.

  • Dayara Bugyal Trek

This trek passes through open land as well as dense forests and finally ends into a vast green meadow in high altitude. It is just 9 kilometres of trekking from the Barsu village in the Uttarkashi district.


A lake also can be seen on the way. It is one of the easiest treks and a lot of families visit.

Children can also go for this trek. It also serves as a stopover for the Roopkund trek. In winters you can also do skiing here.

  • Tadiandamol Trek

Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Coorg. It is considered to be one of the best trekking routes in Karnataka and has a vast array of things that one can see on the way like grasslands, streams, patches of dense forest and rocks.


The view from the top is too good.  The Nalaknad Palace is also present at the foothill of this mountain.

  • Kedarkantha Trek

Thirteen ranges of the Himalayas can be witnessed from the top of the Kedarkantha peak.

The trekking route is located inside a sanctuary and is also very much popular among families.

There are walnut and pine trees around and this route has some of the best campsites.


Families have to pass streams, open snow clad meadows and streams on the way. Family members can connect here in an even better way, cooking their own food and talking with each other amidst nature’s tranquility.

There is almost snow here all the time.

  • Har ki Doon Trek

Har ki Doon trek is a heaven for family trekkers. It is a valley with peaks and dense pine forests surrounding it.

In monsoons, there is flowering here and it looks splendid. Children can easily do this trek with their parents.


A river also flows through this valley and the sight of it amidst the background of snow clad mountains is breathtaking.

Safety Measures for Trekking

Trekking, it’s all fun and games but it can also be a tad dangerous activity.

For this reason, buying the right equipment and following specific safety measures can ensure that you have the best and safest trekking experience ever.

What to Do Before Your Trek

Before you venture out into the wild, make sure you know everything there is about the upcoming trek.

Is it easy, moderate or hard?

Will there be winding slopes or steep mountains?

Does the path go through forests or plan land?

By making sure you know exactly what kind of terrain you will be trekking on, you can dress accordingly and bring equipment that will suit that exact trail.

Prep before Trek

Make sure you had a full night of sleep before your trek, rest up and have a clear mind for the path ahead.

See that you don’t have any medical issues or injuries that might affect you during the trek.

Eat a hearty and healthy breakfast, although don’t over-stuff yourself as that could be a burden too. Drink a lot of water, hydration is key!

Have emergency numbers at hand and inform family or friends about your location in case something happens.

If you are going for overnight treks, make sure you know how to set up your tent beforehand, you don’t want any last minute blunders.

What to Wear For a Trek

For winter treks, make sure you are bundled up properly. Depending on how cold it will get, you would need proper winter jackets and thermals, don’t take a chance.

During rainy season make sure you have waterproof raincoats or pullovers.

The most important part is also having non-slip footwear as a lot of trails get slippery during rains.

Summer clothing can be more lax but it’s still good to cover up in case your trail takes you through forests, there is always a chance of bug bites and scratches from plants.

Trekking shoes are one of the most important things to invest in, they may be on the costlier side but it’s a must.

You should always buy good branded and study shoes, preferably waterproof ones, these will endure any and every trekking trail you decide to take on.

Things to carry while trekking

Trekking is a fun filled activity and to enjoy it as a fun filled activity, the trekkers must carry the correct equipment with themselves while trekking.

Things to carry while trekking

Packing the correct equipment for trekking is really very important and here are some of the most required trekking equipment which one will surely need during his trekking trip.

  1. Torchlight/Flashlight – During the trekking, one will have to cross the dark paths and alleys and for that you will need a torch light and a flash light. It is the most important equipment for trekking.
  2. The Trekking Shoes – You cannot go trekking in regular boots or sports shoes, one has to be ready with the trekking shoes. The trekking shoes have the resistance of covering the bumpy and the rocky areas.
  3. Walking Stick – It is highly advisable to carry at least one walking stick while being on the trek because it gives support while walking and is extremely important for the edgy areas and the slopes.
  4. Personal Medical Kit – The trekking troops also make it clear for the trekkers to carry their personalized medical kit with all the necessary medicines they either need often or might need in the adverse conditions of the trek.
  5. Backpack with all necessities – It is highly advisable to carry lighter backpacks with the immediate necessities for the trek. Go light with everything that you may require and ditch other not so important stuff.
  6. Trek Route Map – Do not forget to ask for the trek route map from your professional guides. It is the most required thing and will be helpful in case you lose your track.
  7. Protein Bars and Snacks – The trekkers will not be given meal at any random hour so being ready with the easy protein bars and little snacks is always a great idea.
  8. Camera and Batteries: Only if you have the appropriate permissions then get a good camera. Carry plenty of batteries as they are quite expensive in the outskirts limits and they are not easily available either.
  1. Binoculars: This will help you catch a glimpse of the vast landscape with great ease.
  2. Umbrella: You are aware of the fact that the weather conditions are predictable. You would not want to face the severity of weather without having something that could have made it better for you. Carry an Umbrella along, it will help in one way or the other.
  3. Repair Kit: You would not know what would break down in an isolated place. Like say, the strap of your bag? You can be in trouble if you will have to use your hand to carry your backpack. Carry a repair kit with some essential stuff like needle thread, tape, scissors, blade, super glue etc. they will definitely come in handy.
  4. Swiss knife: It’s one of the most underrated multi-purpose tools. It’s a good idea to carry one on you, doesn’t take any space and who knows when you might need it?

Where Can You Rent Trekking Equipment?

Trekking has become one of the most popular outdoor activities, suited for both beginners and experts.

Across India you will find the vast array of trekking paths, from one hour long winding terrains to six hour journeys up treacherous mountain paths.

No matter what kind of treks you chose one thing is for sure, you will need proper trekking gear to begin your journey.

Camp on Rent

Here we are enlisting the websites where you can rent trekking equipment.


Unwind Life has the most vast collection of trekking equipment you can find in Delhi, not only that but they also rent out Go Pros so you can successfully document your trekking experience.


Shoes on Loose may seem like primarily tenting gear but they have a fair amount of trekking equipment that they give out on rent at a reasonable price. They also have a few items like walkie talkies and even a mountain bike for rent!


Carabina Adventures have a super range of hiking equipment you can choose from and good quality ones too, perfect for some hard core trekking trails.


Addventure India provides a super selection of trekking and camping gear, if you ever find yourself on a longer trek where you have to stay somewhere overnight. They even have an option where you can rent out a barbecue!


Brag Packer, they not only have a clever name but incredible prices too! If you are looking for trekking gear at amazingly low prices then look no further as this would be the perfect website for you.


Trekking Tents on Rent not only have a variety of tents but they provide a lot of basic trekking gear too. If you are ever interested on a trek that ends in a picnic then look no further as they also have a range of food containers and ice coolers on rent!


Gypsy Tents. Don’t let the name fool you, they have a great selection of trekking bags, mats and other equipment you would need to undertake any type of hiking trail.


Zebra Cross is one of the more interesting rental places you will find, they have super selection of trekking equipment to make your trek the best experience ever. Not only that but they also provide technology rentals, which are audio and visual systems, this way you can make a whole outdoor adventure video from scratch, fun!


X Dog Trekking is a simple website but it packs a punch for sure. They have various trekking equipment that they give out on rent, their selection of trekking bags are sturdy and perfect for any types of trekking trails, they even give out tents on rent for a very reasonable price.


Hyderabad does not have a specific store you can rent trekking equipment from but on this website you will find exactly what you need that can be delivered to you in Hyderabad.

TrekkingHimalayas also is a good option.

I hope these websites will give you motivation to go out, get the equipment and start trekking.

How to prepare for your trekking adventure?

Trekking is like any other athletic sport which checks your stamina and strength.

So before you embark on this journey, it’s good to assess your current status of health and stamina. To be sure consult your doctor.

Small steps of precautions and a strong willpower for trekking, can help you conquer mountains.

If you are planning for a trek you should start your physical training as early as possible or at least 2 months before the trek.

The fitter you are the better it is for you to enjoy the trek.

The following tips will help you to prepare yourself for the trekking:

  • Walk and Exercise

If trekking is on your mind then start walking from today itself.

To begin with initial preparations start walking for 2-3 KMs and increase your walking distance day by day.

Trekking will check your physical endurance. So along with walking, try to do some cardiovascular exercises like running, squats, lunges, etc.

You can do cycling and make a habit of using stairs everyday which will increase your leg strength and stamina, which is very important for trekking.

  • Mix up terrain and climate

Try to make a trail that resembles your trekking path. This will help your mind and body to deal with the stress that you may face on trek.

Walk in all seasons from the day you have undertaken this task. It is likely that the weather on all trekking days not be same.

Therefore you should be able to walk in all conditions.

  • Day Pack

While on trekking you will be carrying a small bag which contains all the necessary stuffs like cloth, snacks, camera and cold cream along with water bag.

The weight of this bag will be around few KGs which you have to carry on your back.

So train your back to walk and climb stairs with some weight on your back.

The bag should have adjustable straps around chest and waist.

  • Fuel your body

Having small but frequent meals is a key to trekking.

Try to cultivate habit of eating ‘on the go’ which helps you to digest the food while on walking and supplies energy required for climbing.

It is essential to carry small packets of dry nuts, chocobars and snacks that provides instant energy.

Similarly, drinking frequently small sips of water is important. Also carry hydration tablets.

  • Shoes

Shoes play a major role on trekking. Buy a proper trekking boots with ankle protection.

Try to buy your boots in afternoon when your foot expands slightly. Your trekking boots size can be different from your ordinary shoes. Try them and be comfortable with them.

A wrong shoe can hamper your trekking experience.

Along with shoes, good quality shocks should be chosen carefully to avoid blisters on trek. Try to carry additional pairs of shocks with you.

  • Walking Poles

Walking poles make a big difference while trekking.

Light weight and telescopic poles, reduce the pressure on thighs and legs and boost our trekking speed.

  • First Aid and Map

It is always advisable to carry your first aid box and map of the place.

A small study about the place and localities before the trek is always recommended.

  • Learn to navigate

It is always possible that a trekker is lost in a new place. This can be due to bad weather conditions, ignorance of trekkers, etc.

In this case, having knowledge of modern navigation techniques like GPS systems and other technologies can get you back to your group.

  • Be in a group

Always be in a group. When walking in groups, try to calculate the speed of the slowest person.

Dragging too hard is how accidents inevitably occur. So it’s important to plan according to the ability of the weakest person in your group.

Also when done in groups, trekking can be enjoyed to its fullest.

  • Sleep well

Strive to get at least eight hours of sleep at night during your training.

People often have trouble sleeping at higher altitudes, and lack of sleep will make your journey much more challenging.

Along with the above preparations there are various do’s and don’ts one has to follow while on trekking like:

  • Don’t wear cotton clothes since it takes long time to dry.
  • Carry woolen gloves and socks, sunglasses with UV protection, cap, sanitizer etc.
  • Don’t litter on the way. Always carry an additional bag for your waste.
  • Don’t relieve yourself near inhabitants or water streams.
  • Always have respect for the local people and their cultures.

Now I think, I have motivated you enough and you are ready to go on a trek. I included all the topics here which will help you prepare for the trekking.

But, it’s hard to convince people around you to go on a trek as it’s not an easy task.

It’s hard to convince your friends and family members to go on a trek with you. Even if they agree, such planned trips with them get cancelled for various reasons.

So you would be wondering if you can go solo.

Yes, you can go solo on various treks and there are multiple benefits of solo trekking.

In next subtopic, I will explain various benefits of solo trekking.

Benefits of solo trekking

Solo trekking is much in vogue these days and the whole idea is surely gaining popularity every day.

A few years back, solo trekking in India where people generally go for such treks in groups, would really sound like an alien idea.

But, with the coming up of social media and more information being available on the internet about solo trekking and trek routes, solo trekking is a surely turning out to be the next big thing.

The best part about solo trekking is that you can do things which you generally cannot do being part of a big group. You use your own skills and acumen to deal with the things.

Benefits of Solo Traveling

You can cook your own food, walk at your own pace and decide where to take breaks and also your whole itinerary independently.

If you are part of a big group, there are timelines to follow and tough schedules to adhere to which are on the contrary totally absent in solo trekking where you are your own boss.

You can take unknown paths at your own risk, which is really thrilling as you are unaware of what lies ahead in front of you.

This unpredictability mixed with adventure, does give a huge adrenaline rush. You can always decide your trekking routes on your own and also change them as and when it is required.

Solo trekking also really adventurous and a great way of fighting your fears and drop most of your inhibitions.

We all have things we fear about, some fear darkness, some fear loneliness and some fear wild animals but being totally own on your own in solo trek gives anyone sheer confidence to deal firmly with one’s fears and tackle them quite convincingly.

A solo trek also continuously pushes our boundaries.

There might be difficult and risky terrains, inclement weather conditions or long hours of trekking involved but all these things eventually help us enhance our abilities beyond a certain limit.

A solo trek also gives you chance to discover different aspects of nature and marvel at its beauty.

You can stop over at waterfalls to take dips in them, take pictures of the wild flowers or ferns that grow on the sides of the trekking route or just sit and meditate by the edge of a cliff, it is all possible.

It is a great way of relaxation and getting away from the everyday monotony of life. You can introspect amidst the beautiful nature and just cut off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life temporarily for those few days.

The whole idea of a solo trek where you took the courage to go and explore exciting and difficult trek routes does leave a very positive impact.

It gives you a sense of pride and confidence at the fact that you could actually complete and do this whole trek totally on your own successfully.  

The things you learned on the road, the choices you made and the challenges you faced but tackled are eventually going to be things you will cherish forever.

The whole experience is amazing because you can focus on the things that interest you and visit trek routes that interest you.

It is surely a great experience indeed.


So taking up the challenge of trekking makes you stronger and improves your personality.

If your friends are not convinced for it, go solo.

If you have any other query related to trekking, which is not resolved by this article then put a comment below.

And if you have trekked before, then share your experience and let everybody know how it improved you.

Share this article with your friends to convince them for your next trekking adventure.

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