Ultimate Guide for Kudremukh Trek

Trek to Kudremukh – Do you which is the most beautiful and picturesque treks of Western Ghats? It is the Kudremukh trek. It is in Karnataka in the Chikmagalur district.

Most of the treks have picturesque and gorgeous sights but the sights that you would encounter here are not very common.

This trek is not super easy and mostly on the moderate level that can be completed during the weekend. The total distance of the trek is around 18 kms.

The trek trail includes dark shoal forests, streams, misty valleys, a lot of crisp brown leaves fallen everywhere, extremely tall bamboo shrubs, green hills, and windy atmosphere.

The scenery is so pretty that it will keep you hooked throughout. The view becomes more interesting and captivating if you spot some Sambhar deer or the peacocks.

Trek to Kudremukh

The meaning of Kudremukh is horse’s face in Kannada. This name is given to the peak because of its shape. The peak is actually in the Natural Reserve forest.

The trek is basically a winter or the cooler months trek hence it is advised to go on this trek during the months of winters or monsoons. You will have the best sights at that time.

Kudremukh Trek

Trek to Kudremukh

Basic Details of the Trek

Highest Altitude of the trek –

The highest altitude of this trek is 6,207 feet.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of the trek is moderate and the beginners can also go on this trek with a bit if assistance and information about the place. The trail is mostly pleasing and a bit challenging that makes it more fun.

Trekking Distance

The approximate distance of the trek is 18 kms and it is suitable enough to be completed in a weekend.

Best Time to go on the Kudremukh Trek

The winters and the monsoons are the best time to go on the Kudremukh trek. During the summer months, the climate here is very hit and humid so it would not be very good at that time to visit this trek.

Stick to the months from November to February and from June to August as the Kudremukh weather is the best during this time.


Chikamagalur district in Karnataka

Number of Days for Trekking

The trek distance is relatively very less around 18 kms and it can be completed within 2 days. So, this is one of the best weekend suitable treks.

ATM Points

You will get the last ATM points till Kalasa which is also the road that you would take for the trek.

Trail Type –

The trail of the trek is amazing and very pretty. Mostly you will come across meadows and forest trails in this trek. The scenes are gorgeous and totally worth the hassle.

How to Reach

The trek starts from Bangalore. The distance from Bangalore to Kudremukh is 333 kms and it would take an overnight journey for this. The nearest railway station to Kudremukh is the Mangalore railway station that is 130 kms away.

And the Mangalore International airport is the nearest airport as well. The nearest town to the Kudremukh National Park is the Kalasa which is 20 kms away. This town is very well connected with the roadways of the Chikmagalur district.

Trek Details –

Here are the entire details of the trek. The trek would be of 2 days from Bangalore and this is the entire trek detail for the two days.

You have to start from Bangalore on the Friday night and reach Kalasa and then move forward for Kudremukh and start the trek from the next morning.

Day 1 – Trek to Kudremukh Peak

With the overnight journey you reach to Karnataka and the lush green atmosphere welcomes you with open arms.

The Chikmagalur to Kudremukh route is one of the fanciest and prettiest routes to cover on a road trip.

You will be crossing the villages of coffee plantations and waterfalls and this would provide amazing off-roading experience.

You will have an early morning breakfast here and have amazing local coffee. Post that you will move for the Kudremukh peak hiking.

You will pass through the tropical rain forests and also through the streams. You will be passing to the 10 water streams on the way.

The day would end on a happy note with camping, bonfire, amazing dinner, and lots of fun.

Day 2 – Explore and Return

On the second day, you will be crossing the streams again and spend the day exploring the vicinity.

You will see a lot of coffee plantations everywhere and the scene is quite pretty. Post exploring, you will have some lunch and get back to the road trip to reach Bangalore.

Activities to do

1. Cross the Streams

In the Kudremukh trek trail, you will be crossing a lot of water streams. This trek is blessed to have tonnes of water streams and you will cross them all. They make the trek so much more beautiful.

2. Explore the Coffee Plantations

Since the trek is in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, you will some across beautiful coffee plantations. The coffee plantations are very pretty to look at and also you can enjoy some local coffee and that is the best part.

3. Camping and Bonfire

Camping is a fun activity to do at the Kudremukh trek. You will be spending the night at the tents with the fellow trekkers. Along with camping, bonfire activities with the fellow trekkers will be conducted. Snacks and refreshments will be an add on to make the activities interesting.

4. Hiking and Trekking

Of course the major activity that you would be doing is trekking. You would trek up to the hills to view sunrise and also trek near the streams and waterfalls and other areas. The trek gradient, trail, and difficulty is quite easy to moderate and even the beginners can go for it.

5. Exploring and Crossing Waterfalls

You will cross a lot of waterfalls in the Kudremukh trek. The waterfalls are really pretty and make the trek less stressful as you can just unwind from trekking and chill at the place. Kudremukh weather looks a lot of pleasant near the waterfalls.

6. Exploring the Natural Reserve Forest

The Kudremukh trek is situated in the Natural reserve Forest and you also get the chance to explore it while being here and trekking.

7. Have the mesmerising view of the Sunset and the Sunrise

The view of the sunrise from the hill top and the view of the sunset from the water streams is a sight worth catching while you are at the Kudremukh trek. Kudremukh weather is amazing during winters and sunrise looks the best during this time.


The trekkers would be spending the nights in the tents and enjoy the camping time. Kudremukh stay at the camps is quite fun during the monsoons specially near the waterfalls.


  • Transportation during the Kudremukh trek.
  • Camping equipment like the tents, sleeping bags and the sleeping mats.
  • Guide, helper, cook and the other required staff.
  • Forest entry charges and all the necessary charges and permit fees while going on Kudremukh trek.
  • Meals and first aid kit while being on the Kudremukh trek keeping the Kudremukh temperature in mind.
  • Mules and porters for carrying the camping luggage of about 10 kg per person only when the Kudremukh trek has started.
  • Mountaineering qualified and the professional trekkers who have ample knowledge of the Himalayan camp and who have the best Kudremukh trek reviews.
  • The first aid basic kit is available for the trekkers along with the portal oxygen. It is really important during the Himalayan camp for the Kudremukh temperature.


  • Personal Expenses and also the personal porters for personal use to cover the Kudremukh trek.
  • Transport to and from the starting point.
  • Insurance of any kind for this Kudremukh trek route.
  • Personal trekking equipment.

Things to Carry

Backpack with all your necessities to cross this entire Kudremukh trek distance.

A rain cover because you cannot predict the Kudremukh trek temperature.

Water bottles and all your refreshments which include all sorts of hydration packs which you prefer.

Snacks like the energy bars and the protein bars which would give you instant energy during the Kudremukh trek.

Personal Medical Kit with all the necessary first aid items and medicines which you feel you will need. It is always advisable to take medicines for dizziness, upset stomach, headache, and cold and cough while being in Himalayan camps or anywhere.

Pack your outfits with all the relatable clothing items like wind and waterproof jackets, t- shirts, track pants, thermal inners, trekking shoes, and fleece jackets. All the necessary winter outfits for the winter treks.

All the toiletries products in a bag because you will need them the most.

Also do not forget to take your extra accessories like the sunglasses, caps, gloves, walking stick, torch, and similar other items.

You must avoid the sports shoes, jeans, and shorts while going to the Himalayan camp. It is always better to stick to the trek pants and the joggers.


We hope this blog helped you are solved a lot of your queries regarding the Kudremukh trek. You can plan a trek to the place and also head over to the Togedr website to check out our packages. Head over to www.togedr.com and book the trek now and you can also reach out to us for some more personal information. Trust us for the most amazing and memorable experience.

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