10 Best Things to do in Meghalaya

This one is a serious call to all the Monsoon lovers out there and the people who love rain to next level. If you don’t know yet then here is a spoiler that Meghalaya is the wettest place on Earth and Cherrapunjee, a place in Meghalaya receives the heaviest rainfall on the planet.

This makes this place the most visited during the Monsoons because the experience is surreal. This is the reason why Meghalaya is also called as the abode of the clouds. Quite underrated, but in North East, it is the most visited place. You will have a fulfilling retreat here where solely nature and less human hindrance keeps you happy.

To sum up the beauty of the place in a visual way, here are some things to allure you like gorgeous waterfalls, natural and the oldest bridge, sublime villages, fascinating caves, and abundance love of nature.

With a lot of greenery, rain, vegetation, peaks, etc this place is a must visit during your summer or monsoon vacations. You will feel pleasant and the vibe of the state keeps you hooked to it. On that note, here are some of the famous places and things to explore and do in Meghalaya.

#1. Umian Lake Shillong

Credit: Parth Gharat

Meghalaya is that one state that is accessible throughout the year and you are totally free to choose the season as per you. If you choose the winters, then do visit the Umian lake in Nongpoh because the beauty of the lake during the months of October to February is next level pretty. The sight of the lake changes with the season. A reservoir was built in the place and this lake was built out of the reservoir and this serves as the water supply for the Shillong city.

To spend a beautiful evening, you can enjoy the boat rides here. The water sports are also allowed but they are quite expensive but totally worth it. If you are anywhere near to the Umiam lake Shillong, do not miss out on exploring this.

#2. Umngot River

Credit: Go Adventure

Umngot river is in Dawki which is a border town in Meghalaya. Umngot river is famous among st the tourists and that has made Dawki a very famous place to visit in Meghalaya.

Dawki is a border town that is in between Bangladesh and India. This serves are the trading town between these two countries. The Umngot river and the bridge make for a prominent site in the state. It is one of the cleanest and stunning rivers of India. Jhantia and Khasi hills are divided by this river.

Boat rides are famous here that make Dawki an amazing place to be in. These boats look stunning from a distance and the sight of these in the greenish river is to die for.

#3. Cherrapunji

Credit: The Travel King

Let us take you to the visual ride of the most delightful city of Meghalaya and that is none other than Cherrapunji. It is totally a fairyland that gives you surprises every now and then. The Cherrapunji weather is unpredictable but gives you the pleasure of nature in full.

It experiences the heaviest and year round rainfall which makes it the wettest place on Earth. You will see tonnes of waterfalls, living root bridges, tree houses and so many captivating things at this city. Cherrapunji India is also one of the most loved honeymoon destinations of the country.

There are some of the most beautiful resorts in Cherraunji amidst the hills that create a lovely holiday vibe for you. You can have an amazing holiday in this city and explore the beauty of nature at its best. It is all about exploring nature in Meghalaya and feeling about it.

#4. Mausynram

Credit: The Explorester

One of the most frequently visited villages of Cherrapunjee is the Maunsynram village. The tourists prefer visiting this place because it is worth visiting and also has something in the environment that makes people want to stay here more. It is far away from the busy traffic and city life. It is soothing, rejuvenating, and all things healing.

Village walking and bird watching are some of the preferred activities to do here. There is nothing much to explore in the place but just relaxing and having a good time is what people reach out for here.

It is just 80 km from Cherrapunjee and totally worth visiting. It is a very small village but if you are seeking an escape from the city, you would love being here.

#5. Mawsmai Caves

Credit: Priyanka Tiwari

Meghalaya is famous for a lot of caves and these serves as a major tourist attraction point in the state. There is immense darkness inside the cave and there are narrow paths that are entwined with each other.

The exciting part about the caves is that there is just one exit and one entry point inside the cave. The cave is surely going to give you enough eerie experience but you can surely go for this experience as it is going to be fun and something that you do not do in daily life. It is going to be adventurous and fun at the same time.

You will explore the stalagmite and the stalactite formation throughout the caves. If you are an architecture lover, then there is a lot to explore everywhere around.

#6. East Khasi Hills

Credit: Shillong India

Meghalaya is full of beautiful hills and one of them is the East Khasi hills. For the people who love heights and view from the hills then you can totally trust this place and have a good time around.

It is also called as the land of abundant wonders and we urge you to explore that yourself instead of just listening to the stories. The area around is charming and have a beauty of their own filled with natural sights.

It is located in Shillong, so yes, whenever you are there in Shillong, you have one more place to your list to explore. Be there from the sunrise to the sunset time and you will have one of the best days of your trip to Meghalaya.

#7. Garo Hills

Credit: Girk M Marak

Garo hills are a really picturesque place and it is located in the densely forested area. It is in western part of the Meghalaya. A loot of natural beauty is going to unravel here and you are going to love them all.

Along with exploring the hills and the densely forested area, you can also find a lot of places to explore here like the Nokrek biosphere reserve, Balpakhram national park, and Siju Wildlife sanctuary. It will not be wrong to say that the place is full of pristine biodiversity.

It is definitely worth visiting and when you are here we also suggest you to go for the butterfly tours because that is also the highlight of the place. You will not regret being here for any reason and that’s a guarantee.

#8. Seven Sisters Falls

Creddit: Ultrs Runner

If you are in Cherapunjee, you cannot miss the delight of being and exploring the Seven sisters falls. The seven sisters waterfalls look enchanting and mesmerising whose beauty you would not want to miss.

The Nohsngithiang falls or the Mawsmai falls is called the seven sisters waterfalls. This one is the fourth highest waterfall in India. The name seven sisters waterfall is given to this waterfall because of the seven streams that flow down the bridge.

If you are around the area during the Monsoon then this place is something you must totally not ignore. The sight of the rainbow is also quite evident from here and all these things combined make this a must visit spot.

#9. Lady Hydari Park

Credit: Raaj Khandewal

The Lady Hydari park Shillong is famous majorly for the Japanese style garden. It is also situated in the heart of Shillong, so it is quite accessible. Since the garden is in a Japanese style, the hedges have a round shape with circular design elements, willow trees whose leaves are scattered all over that make the place even more beautiful, and also there are so many ponds scattered all over the garden giving it a more picturesque vibe.

There are a lot of rhododendrons and orchids all over the park and you must have a walk around to explore the beauty. If you are there around with the kids then you have to visit this park as they will enjoy the utmost over here with enough space for them to play.

#10. Balpakram National Park

Credit: Sanndo Marak

The park is famous for being the land of the spirits. It is located in the dense forested area of the Garo hills and is on the offbeat side. The park lets you experience the rich biodiversity. You will see some of the most fascinating wildlife buffs here like the red panda, wild cows, marbles cats, wild buffaloes, and lot of other eye captivating animals.

Are you fond of exploring beautiful and exotic wildlife in the country? Then one amazing place is also there in Meghalaya and it is the Balpakram national park.

Other than the fauna of the place, flora is also quite rich and offbeat. The park is a treat to the eyes wherein you will be seeing a lot of eye candy things that you would not see elsewhere. For some fun and rustic experiences, you should visit all the National parks at all the places that you go for a holiday, and that’s a quick tip.


Meghalaya is all things pretty. Yes, there are beautiful places in the world but there are very rare places that give you the abundance piece of nature to soothe your soul. It is nearly impossible to visit Meghalaya and not feel rejuvenated.

Far away from the city life, in the lap of the greenery with water flowing from literally everywhere, this place brings peace to your mind. We recommend this destination to all the stressed out city dwellers. The state is a gem and more than a place for sure. So, make sure to keep this place on your wish list and cheers to adventures.

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