The Flip Side of Goa

Goa. As soon as you hear the word, an image of beaches, scenic beauty, a never-ending trail of boats and an ocean line that meets the horizon comes to your mind. This is a defined image we all have in our mind about Goa but there is a flip side, highly unexplored and hiding behind those famous restaurants and party places we all love to crash.

Just to make your next Goa trip a more memorable one, and to give you an adrenaline rush when you in the smallest state of India, we are listing some of the best adventure activities which you cannot miss at all.

  1. Scuba Diving

No doubt, beaches in Goa are one of the major highlights but sitting on the beach and staring at the sun is so old school. It is no doubt a magical experience, but, have you tried Scuba diving?

Well, it is a lot more fun than you can imagine. Coming face to face with nature, swimming with the marine and coming across a completely different life is a surreal experience, it is something that can’t be put into words and can only be felt. So next time, make sure you go for a dive and say Hi! to the marine life.

2. Yatch Watch

Goa never stops to amaze you and it came up with the right tool to make sure that you are awestruck by the beauty and larger than life attitude of it. To up the ante is the Yachts, they give you the pleasure of being chauffeured around in the coastline of Goa and having a view very few enjoy. They are the perfect tool to relax and enjoy the beauty of Goa with your loved ones by your side.

Flip side of Goa

  1. Wake-boarding

This is the newest water sport which is being introduced to the visitors. It is the most recent addition to the water sports lineup, being somewhat similar to water-skiing; it gives the true sense of gliding over water with only a skateboard between you and the water. The skateboard is towed by a boat and the momentum is high enough to keep you in motion.

Flip side of Goa

  1. Trekking

Other than the famous beaches, Goa also has beautiful trails for hiking and bringing you closer to the wild side of nature. There are falls, wildlife and a lot of beauty to explore just on the other side. Do not miss on these, you will cherish it, take our word!

Flip side of Goa

  1. ATV Rides

It is a thrilling experience which you must not ignore. If being on wheels is something you adore, then this is for you. One of the most exciting activities you can do; with riding a quad over impossible terrains, enjoying the excellence of the machine with nature all around.

  1. Wind Surfing

This adventure sport is extremely thrilling and exciting. If you have not tried you must get your hands on this, and if you have tried, you know it is worth doing it again. This sport combines the process of surfing and sailing. You will be thrilled to do this exotic and exclusive water sport of Goa. Trust us; it’s worth giving a shot.

Flip side of Goa

  1. Banana Tube Boat Ride

If you are a group of people, in Goa, then you have to try this. It is a sport that is worth every penny spent. It is a basically a water sport which has a giant, huge banana shaped boat in which your entire gang can board at the same time. You leave behind the high tides and go further, enjoying. This is super easy and extremely fun water sports activity.

Flip side of Goa

If you have a Goa wish list, these have to be on them. All these activities make your Goa experience better, giving an offbeat taste to those mundane experiences that do not give anything new. There is nothing bad in sitting on the beach and enjoying the setting Sun, but wouldn’t it be better doing it sitting on a mountain top you have just hiked or going on a banana boat ride with your gang rather than sitting in a restaurant.

The sound of waves make the best kind of music.

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