12 New & Exciting Things To Do With Your Team In 2019

Team Building Activities – A family that spends time together, stays together. This goes for your corporate family as well. Keeping the team motivated, well connected and positive is as important as goal-setting and appraisals. In fact, the need for social bonding is one of the most basic needs an employee seeks.

As an entrepreneur or a team leader one must know about the benefits of the team bonding activities that can strengthen and reinvigorate a team. Team building activities have evolved in both creativity and effectiveness with the millennial looking for things beyond the usual farmhouse outings. If you’ve run out of ideas to keep up with these reality-TV inspired, adventure and variety seeking individuals, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are some unusual team activities which you can give a try.

1. The Game of Possibilities

This one is a modern corporate dumb charade. It can be played in teams and with just two people as well. All you have to do is make chits having the names of certain corporate objects or words and one team member has to pick the chit and intact the word written on it. The rest have to guess. This brings in innovation and helps in knowing how well the team understands each other’s direction.

2. Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the best activities that can be spread over the larger area in your city or any place you have taken your team for the outing. All you have to do is split the members into groups and let them go on a hunt for certain objects making the way through the clues. hunt_team_building_game This brings more coordination in the team along with following their respective leaders.

3. Create the Set

You have to collect some outdoor things like whatever is easily available in the vicinity of the team outing. Create two sets using those things and click a picture or take out a printout. The team members have to find out those things and create the same set that they saw in the picture. Insert tough detailing and take the picture after 10 minutes when the team has observed the picture. They have to create the set without seeing the picture. This increases the team loyalty and amazing division of labour technique.

4. Paint Ball

We had to include this because this is something everyone enjoys and this takes the level of the enjoyment much higher. The game is pretty simple. In Paint Ball Game, teams have to be divided into two or more. The teams will be dressed like warriors and they have to attack each other using their paintball guns. This game increases team positivity and trust amongst each other.

5. Desert or Disaster

This one is a cooking game but with a twist. Make two teams having 4 members each and ask them to pick a chit each and see what cooking category they have got. They all have to prepare that dish but two people can only instruct what ingredients to use and the other two can only make. Add some twist by giving them some offbeat ingredient as a must use but that should not taste bizarre and that is where the creativity will be tested. This increases patience and reliability amongst the team members.

6. Escape the Room

This one is pretty simple. All you have to do is lock the teams in different rooms. They have to find the key to open the room but they can only find the room through certain quizzes, puzzles or hunts. In the meantime, the team also has to make an interesting hypothetical situation based story. The story making is just to divert their attention and see how they perform in a critical time-based task. escape_the_room_team_bonding_game This increases the work capacity, the presence of mind and has a check on each person’s behaviour during the critical situations.

7. Karaoke Nights

Bringing fun into the team outings is really important. Host a karaoke night and each team member has to sing a song. karoke_team_building_game The team which performs well wins and the team which sticks in the fuss quite a lot of time obviously loses. The person being most extroverted will obviously perform well and this enables the team leader to check which person can be decent for presentations and which can be great in the meetings and so on.

8. Kayaking

Going overboard with the team activities and taking your team for some adventurous games is always helpful and enjoyable. Kayaking is will based and patience based activity. Kayaking_building_game A person has to know the correct techniques for doing this just like any other corporate work. You can judge easily who has better will powers and who takes the teachings in the most positive way. This is also a direction based activity so you can easily judge who finds out his direction in the least amount of time.

9. River Rafting

River rafting is a great team building activity because it’s a team-based activity and the raft does not row to the correct direction if the team is not performing effectively together. You can randomly group the individuals into teams and have a check on each individual’s performance. The team will try to beat everyone and find their way while enjoying. You as a leader have to find out who are the people working well in a group and who all are always against the team. Rafting_team_building_game This builds up the team confidence and the ability to work together.

10. Camping

Camping is ideally extremely refreshing. Hanging out with your office mates amidst nature is fun and really offbeat. Always packed in the interiors of the office make the environment quite monotonous but taking them camping will let you see their fun side. This helps in checking how well the individuals work in a changed situation and environment.

11. Cycling Race

Sounds too old school right? But creating a nostalgia moment is something worthy to the core. One can never get so friendly with their office teammates like their childhood friends. But you can bring them really close by letting them do some friendlier stuff like these. Host a cycling race for them and their inner fun side. Ideally good to refresh your team members and also make friendly relations with them.

12. Trekking

One of the most common team building activities is Trekking. They would be refreshed if taken to a new place and given some time to relax and explore. Trekking in groups and making memories will be really fun for them. Trekking is dealing with tough situations so you can make out how calm the team stays and enjoys the process. trekking_team_building_game Take your team members for such outings and play games with them you will gradually see the difference in their work pattern and style. Small things make great differences and these games are just not going to refresh your team but also bring them closer for all the good reasons.

So let’s make a plan for new & exciting things to do with your team. If you have any other query related to team bonding, which is not resolved by this article then put a comment below. Share this article with your team members and see which one excites them the most. Read this PDF, to see what can we arrange for your team.

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