20 Best Places for Solo Travellers in India

Solo Travellers in India –  to be honest, is one of the millennial trends that everyone is trying their hands on. A lot of people are liking it and a lot of people are not able to cope up with the concept.

Solo travelling is hands down the best experience that everyone needs to make in their life irrespective of their age. Or I should say, when a person is totally ready for a solo trip, no matter what the age, the person should definitely try out a solo trip.

Either you will enjoy a lot on the solo trips or you will get back home totally bored. But whatever that may be, it will be a lesson and an experience for you.

You will get to know how much you like your own company and how much others play an important role in your life. You will also get to know the kind of a traveller that you are.

Solo Travellers in India

Solo travelling and backpacking is something that is gaining popularity throughout the year and in every corner of the world. People are attracted to this concept to see how it turns out for them.

And we at Togedr, are all open for this concept of travelling. And there has always been a debate as to which places are the best for solo travelling. So, we thought to help you out with that a little bit.

On that note, here are some of the best Indian destinations that you can try out for solo travelling. A quick tip would be to ask yourself the kind of place you like, research about the best places in that category, choose for the one best place, find activities to do in that place, and hit it.

Without wasting time, here are the destinations.

  1. Kasol
  2. Manali
  3. Gokarna
  4. Puducherry
  5. Jaisalmer
  6. Rishikesh
  7. Hampi
  8. Zanskar
  9. Auli
  10. Nubra Valley
  11. Colva Beach
  12. Spiti Valley
  13. Sikkim
  14. Dharmshala
  15. Runn of Kutch
  16. Meghalaya
  17. Majuli
  18. Gulmarg
  19. Khajuraho
  20. Pushkar
  21. Conclusion

1. Kasol


Starting with one of the prettiest Indian destinations and that is Kasol. The best part about Kasol is that its beauty is still raw, unadulterated, and untouched by humans or tourists. These days a lot of travellers visit Kasol but still, the beauty of nature is satisfying.

You can go alone with a trekking group along with fellow trekkers and travellers. It will be so much fun to experience the offbeat activities with new but likeminded faces. The river flowing in the place with chilly breeze hitting your face is such an exhilarating feeling to miss out on.

Try staying in camps over the luxury hotels as that tends to be more advantageous. Bonfire and gazing at the stars is magical over there making you believe that such settings actually exist.

2. Manali


The queen of all the hill stations has to be Manali because it is so beautiful and so gorgeous. Manali has it all, the perfect city civilisation, gorgeous wooden hotels, old cafes, vintage villages, adventure spots, pilgrim places, apple orchards, and a lot more.

Manali is perfect for travelling alone as all these spots will require just you to indulge in them. It’s just that you have to return to your hotel by 8 or maximum 9 in the evening because the city tends to get less crowded in the early evening only.

If you are not staying in a beautiful cottage in Manali, you are missing out on a lot of beautiful experiences. The sunrise view from such apple orchard cottages is purely mesmerizing.

3. Gokarna


If you love beaches and have either done Goa too much or are not getting permission for Goa, then the best alternative has to be Gokarna. This has been one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations for the Bangaloreans.

The city is a small one with extra clean beaches and shacks. It is totally safe for travelling alone. You can go for a leisure holiday or also for the trekking kind of holiday in Gokarna. It is fun in all ways.

On the other note, we host Gokarna treks every weekend, so if you want to make the most of your weekend, you got to join us for our weekend Gokarna trek. Trust us, a lot of fun is waiting for you. Gokarna has a lot of things to do and get over the normal mundane life routine.

4. Puducherry

This is the land of the solo travellers in India. This has to be one of the safest destinations for women to go solo travelling. The International vibe of the place makes for the best and the most delightful sight ever.

The best part of travelling alone here is you can gaze at those colorful houses and streets for as long as you want without anyone bothering you. And, you will also not have to share the South Indian food with anyone.

For the people who love exploring the streets and every minute detail of the new place, this is perfect as you can simply stroll on the streets and get to know the culture of the place so closely.

5. Jaisalmer


For the people looking for budget-friendly destinations to travel in India then Jaisalmer has to be one of them. If you have done enough of hills and beaches, then it is the time to experience another side of the world and that is deserts. Jaisalmer is one of the underrated places in our country for reasons unknown.

No doubt that other places of Rajasthan are also beautiful and exceptionally regal but Jaisalmer is no less. If you have an eye on vintage royal detailing, you would totally love this place. This is a proper city but the vibe of the regal Rajputana can still be felt in this city.

The vast stretch of the Thar desert, camel rides, eating in pure Rajasthani vibe hotels, strolling in old streets, staying at a luxurious vintage hotel, and more such things make for a wonderful Rajasthani experience in Jaisalmer that too in a budget.

6. Rishikesh

Credits: Vani Yoga

Rishikesh is damn fun with friends because there are so many activities that you can try out with them. But, in case you didn’t know, Rishikesh is also popular for having the most number of solo travellers in a year. The city is famous for seeking tranquillity and you can do this the best by being all alone in the place.

Just give it a thought and visit the place once alone in your lifetime. Invest some time in solace and see the changes this trip would be bringing to you. And who said you cannot do bungee jumping or river rafting alone?

You can join some trekking or travelling groups for solo tripping in Rishikesh. It is totally worth it. Take your camera along with you so that you don’t miss capturing the beautiful scenic views that come on the way. And trust us, there would be many such views at every stop probably.

7. Hampi

Credits: Shaheen

Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site and that is the reason why a lot of people visit Hampi. The setting and the theme of the place is so beautiful that it will remain in your minds and eyes for a lifetime. It is a small town with ruins of the ancient buildings, sights of the old forts, vintage ambience, and basically everything rustic.

You will learn a lot while travelling solo in Hampi. You can have access to the ancient settings all by yourself and you can spend as much time as you would want there. It is also safe and budget friendly.

You will have the best trip of your life in a reasonable amount. Up for it? Don’t forget to catch the glimpse of the sunset from the architecture of Hampi. The view is totally mesmerizing.

8. Zanskar


Let me give you a bit of chill down your spine by saying that Zanskar valley lies in the Kargil district. Now let me convince you that you can actually go on a solo trip to this valley and this will be the best trip of your lifetime. Yes, not only because it will be adventurous but also because it will be on the verge.

It is somewhere near to Jammu and Kashmir along with Ladakh. So, you yourself can imagine how beautiful the scenes there will be. You can go there in trekking groups along with strangers and make the best of your trip. Like minded people can be really helpful on solo trips for a lot of reasons.

You will come across picturesque sights, old villages, small huts, locals, and having a cup of tea in the hills with the locals of the Zanskar valley is an experience in itself. Don’t give it a second thought. And if your solo trips don’t make you a stronger and a better person, you probably have not done it to the right place then. This is the place, guys, go for it.

9. Auli

Did you know Uttarakhand for a few beautiful places like Dehradun, Mussoorie, Valley of Flowers etc? But hey hold on.

Let me introduce you to some offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand that are worth visiting and spending some solace time. Auli is one of those destinations. Yes, it is offbeat and also totally good for solo travelling.

Auli is basically a beautiful hill station covered with Nar Parvat mountains and the Nanda Devi peak from the sides. You will find oak and coniferous forests all around in this hill station and that makes for a picturesque sight. A lot of pilgrim and adventure people come to the place as a lot of religious places are nearby.

Valley of Flowers is also nearby to this place so you can actually go trekking to two different places when you come here. You will not find enough crowd in the place because the place is not mainstream. This could be one of the best reasons to try solo tripping here. You will not have to try hard to find peace.

10. Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley is in Leh Ladakh area. Hands down I can say this with total confidence that Nubra valley is one of the best and the most beautiful destinations on the Earth. It is also so soothing and peaceful. This is one of the most visited places in India and yet it is so soothing and wonderful. You cannot simply ignore the peaceful vibes of the place when you are there.

If you are in your 20s, Ladakh has to be in your wish list no matter what. Visiting Ladakh in your 20s with your friends is an achievement in itself and you will feel this, once you are there. But visiting and exploring the Nubra valley all by yourself and all alone is a feeling of surrealism to feel and keep for a lifetime.

Crossing the highest motor able road while driving the bike yourself is such a surreal feeling, isn’t it? It is called as the land of High Passes. You will feel the vibe of nature up close and personal when in Ladakh. The best part is sitting peacefully at the famous lakeside and getting involved in all kinds of nature lovers.

11. Colva Beach

Credits: Paramesh Reddy

Colva beach is one of the most popular beaches of Goa. As much as Goa is popular and fun with the friends, it is equally amazing to explore all alone and all by yourself. Goa is one of the safest places in India for everyone. The energy of the place is the next level. I personally think if you have not done solo travelling then you give it a start with Goa for sure.

All you would need is a bike and Google maps on your phone, and with proper research, you can head over to some of the most amazing places and make the most of your trip. You don’t need a companion to enjoy in Goa. Goa is always lit with lots of travellers, tourists, and trekkers.

You can enjoy at the beach with lots of people and be alone at the same time. You can also hit to some of the craziest parties all alone and make the most of your trip. Trust us, start with Goa, and feel the love for travelling like never before. It becomes easy with Goa.

12. Spiti Valley

Credits: Heaven in Himanchal

If you are an avid trekker or an adventure enthusiast then Spiti valley should be on your list for sure. If you haven’t gone trekking to Spiti valley, the actual trekking experience would be surely unknown to you. People from all over the world come to Spiti valley to try their hands on trekking.

This is one of the most picturesque treks you would ever come across in India. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the amazing posts of Spiti valley on our Instagram feed. This place is totally ideal to hit all alone and is one of the safest as well. You can join us in our Spiti treks and meet the like-minded people and make the most of your trekking expedition.

The views that you will come across is gorgeous. The sunrise and the sunset views coming from tearing the mountains look so spectacular that it cannot be explained in words. The trek trail has a lot of ups and downs with a bit tough trek gradient but at the end, it is all worth it.

13. Sikkim


Sikkim is a gem of the North East area. Altogether, North East is a gem in itself. And instead of it being so beautiful and everything good, it is underrated. But, now that you know that the state is beautiful and has some amazing spots to cover, you can definitely hit over to the place and that too all alone. Yes, it is totally solo travel-friendly.

The beauty of the place is not adulterated with man’s touch and filters and it makes the place less crowded and more vacant to explore. If you go to the state during the off-season, you will have certain destinations all by yourself to explore and it is the best feeling ever.

The gigantic views of the mountains along with the calm views of the lakes is what comprises the scenic beauty of Sikkim. Buddhist temples, old cafes, calm lakes, picturesque sights, and a bit of adventure can make your whole trip to the place a worthy one.

14. Dharmshala

Clearly, Himachal Pradesh has a lot of places that are solo travel-friendly. Dharamshala is one of them. Dharamshala and Mcleodgunj are near to each other and both of them are gorgeous places so make sure to visit both of them. Along with the popular tourist sites, there are a lot of offbeat things to try there like camping, lunching at the riverside, bonfire, etc.

If you are visiting the place during the winters, you will be extremely lucky to witness snow all over. The sight of the wooden huts covered with snow is something to die for. Also, you can just stay in your wooden hut, light a fire setting, and enjoy winter nights alone in the hills.

Dharamshala also has some beautiful parks and places that are close to nature where you could just sit and spend your whole days doing nothing and feeling good about life. This is the beauty of solo travelling, you have a lot of time to yourself.

15. Rann of Kutch

Credits: Gujrat

Coming from Rajasthan to its neighbor state and that is Gujarat. Rann of Kutch or the Gulf of Kutch is one of the most beautiful Indian destinations to ever visit. The beauty and the incredible sights of this place is underrated and not a lot of people tend to visit this place. But, you surely must visit the Rann of Kutch once in your lifetime.

Rann of Kutch is basically a stretch of white sand and the sight of this is like a sight of heaven to the eyes. Solo travellers do prefer this place as the crowd here is less and the experience to gain is so much.

There is an annual Rann festival or Rann Utsav happening everywhere which is popular, so you can visit during that time for more amazing time.

16. Meghalaya

Credits: Banshan L Dkhar

To start with, let me tell you guys that Meghalaya means the abode of clouds in Sanskrit. Megha means clouds and the state is an abode of clouds. It is a state in the North East area and no-brainer for it that this is also one of the most underrated places in the country. We call it underrated not because people have doubts about the beauty of the place but people prefer mainstream places for travelling more than these hidden places.

But, if you are up for these places, then you can go for a solo trip to Meghalaya. There are some of the most beautiful and serene cities in Meghalaya like Guwahati, Shillong, Cherrapunjee, Tura, Nongpoh, and more. These places must be not super familiar to you but just google the places and you will see what you are missing out on.

On the other note, the most watery place on Earth is Cherrapunjee with the only natural bridge left over there. These incredible things need to be explored, don’t you think so? Even travelling alone would be amazing because there will not be a single second where you aren’t exploring things.

17. Majuli

Credits: Akuti Ojha

Have you heard about this place earlier? If not, let me introduce the place to you. It is a river island on the Brahmaputra river in Assam area. In 2006, the place has been stated as the first Indian island as an Indian district.

Since it is a river island, it is a beautiful place with amazing views to catch your eyes and satisfy your soul. Don’t you think that visiting a river island is something new and crazy? You must go for it.

You could do a lot of things in the place all alone without being bothered about anything. Also, it is the world’s largest river island so now you know that you have a lot of fun awaiting there. The place is popular but not that much that it can said to be crowded. The population of the place is also very less so you can explore it all without any hindrance.

River island is something new which we are sure you would not want to miss. Just google the pictures of the place, you would totally love it.

18. Gulmarg

Credits: Dina Garrett

Let’s take a moment and talk about the actual heaven on Earth and that is Kashmir. Yes, when we are talking about Kashmir, we have to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of the place.

Kashmir is hands down one of the best destinations on the Earth and it surely can give a tough competition to your favourite International destinations as well.

Gulmarg is totally solo travel friendly and you can do some amazing backpacking over there. There is a lot of things to explore in the state and commenting on it would be surely an understatement. Do visit during the summers so that you can actually go out and explore the place.

During the winters too the place can be explored and the true beauty of snow can only be experienced during the winters. But a lot of activities remain closed during the winters because of the excessive snow fall.

19. Khajuraho

Credits: Teresa Sadurni

The history of India and the historical places of India are one of the best things to explore. People from all over the world come here to explore the ancient buildings and regal architecture. And Khajuraho precisely is known for its culture and history.

On the other note, it is stated to be the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Khajuraho temple is the main attraction of the place which reflects the life of the people during the Chandella dynasty.

There are a lot of temples, old buildings, ancient architecture, vintage lanes, and more to explore in the city of Khajiraho. The city is a quite one where people come to explore the history and also seek peaceful and positive vibes.

The city is safe for the solo travellers as well. If you are someone into history, architecture, and ancient lifestyle, you will totally love the place. It is purely rich in history and culture.

20. Pushkar

Credits: Umesh Gogna

To start with, the best time to visit Pushkar is during the time of the Pushkar fair or the Pushkar mela. A lot of travellers from around the world come to visit this mela and enjoy the beautiful sights at that time.

Well, not only at this time, but the city remains beautiful and benefiting to the tourists throughout the year but during this time, everything is a little more joyous and fascinating.

Don’t forget to enjoy the camel rides and clicking pictures with the camel because that is the soul beauty of Rajasthan and you cannot miss it. Hanging out with the locals of the place is the ideal way to spend your solo trips. They could be your friends on the go.

The city is called to be the land of temples, so you will meet a lot of religious people on the way who can make your trip extremely knowledgeable and informative as well.


Now that you have got the access to some of the best solo tripping destinations in India then now you must be ready to pack your bags and hit the place. Also, you must know that it is never too late to start the solo travelling and get addicted to it. And for all those who don’t like this concept and style of travelling, you still can try once and understand it.

If things work out well, it is amazing and if not, you can always quit it. And you never know that it may be so entertaining for you and you would regret that you tried it so late. You may also bump into so many like-minded strangers. So, up for it?

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