Solo Traveling in India- A Guide for Females

Solo traveling will be the scariest, most liberating, life-changing experience of your life. Try it at least once!”

As they say, traveling solo means getting to know the real you. India, the land of the exotic promises everything a European country does and probably even more. The rush, the adventure, the spontaneity that accompanies a solo traveler are hands-down the best travel partners (Oh! The irony).

Getting a solo travel package in India is the best decision you can take for yourself; unless you love your couch a lot, in which case, we’ll upload some photos for you (Still a pretty good visual aphrodisiac).

India can cater to the tastes all types of humans and equivalents. Especially if you’re a girl, taking a solo trip can be the most ravishing experience you can take. Thanks to Kangana Ranaut and her solo trip experiences (God bless Queen!), we now know what to expect and about the inevitable adventures waiting for you.

Planning your trip in India requires a thorough selection process as there are so many options to choose from. The best places for a solo trip in India lies completely on the preferences of the traveler.

There are numerous options for solo female travel destinations in India to choose from depending on your taste and preferences. Some of the best solo female travel destinations in India or to be more precise, the best female travel destinations in India have been mentioned:

Solo trip to Goa

If you want to just leave the baggage behind, you should consider taking a solo trip to Goa. Shake those emotional sands down your clothes and bask in the Sun’s comforting touch. No matter what the occasion, a solo travel to Goa is the answer.

Failed your exams? Take a solo trip to Goa! Done with society’s chauvinism? Take a solo trip to Goa! Want to just relax after a lifetime worth of B-crap? Well… you guessed it right, a solo trip to Goa is the answer. Getting married? Umm… well… moving on…

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Waves that motivates you to keep moving in life.

Solo trip to Kasol

If you are the kind that already doesn’t care about the society, and consider yourself cushy and a rebel, in which case your mother likes your sister more; or you suddenly get brighter every day at 4:20; or you just want to enjoy some time with nature, a solo trip to Kasol is your call.

Shadowed by the Godly peaks of Chandrakhani, Malana, a small village in Kasol is the one visual-treat you don’t want to miss, also referred to as the “Little Greece of India”. Other places to visit are Kheer Ganga Peak, which is one of the easiest treks; Tosh Village, the greenest of greens on Earth; Tirthan Valley, for the lovers of wilderness out there and many more. Traveling solo to Kasol comes with its own perks.

Tranquillity, quietness, beauty, are just a few things to expect when doing the solo trip to Kasol. Who wants to be disturbed when reaching for God’s abode anyway. It is a given that it takes lots of courage to explore the world alone but take our word for it that just one solo trip to Kasol, and you’d be “high on life” forever.

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Destination for everlasting memories

Solo trip to Pondicherry

If you are the kind of person who feels connected to history and tradition or you just want to get a neat tan, may we indulge you in the rich heritage and traditional importance of Pondicherry (A solo trip to Pondicherry, of course). A solo trip to Pondicherry is as harmless as a globe with a “Flat-earther”.

Who will not love some preserved remnants of the French community (especially when we have not less than 2% French blood in our veins)? A solo trip to Pondicherry is not only tempting because of the numerous beaches but also increases your parents’ respect for you owing to all the beautifully carved temples and churches.

It’s a win-win situation, closer to God at either place. But we didn’t keep it under the best places for a solo female travel destination in India for the beaches, temples or the inviting solo travel packages that are offered, but the alluring Auroville, an experimental township designed to spread the idea of a peaceful co-existence in India.

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Rains that showers wisdom

A solo trip to Pondicherry, promises mirth, knowledge and most of all peace. If you ask us, a complete value for money as far as solo travel packages in India are concerned. It is for these reasons that it is one of the most sought-after “solo female travel destination in India”.

Solo trip near Delhi

The next in list for the best places for solo trips in India is Delhi and the NCR region. If you don’t mind a little traffic and prefer the security of a city (Well…) to solitude, you would love a solo trip from Delhi to places like Rishikesh, Jaipur, etc.

The city and the neighboring regions are filled with options ranging from temples, mosques, churches, forts to humongous water parks and trampoline parks. It is also an excellent choice for a solo trip from Delhi in the form of a road trip or just scaling the city in the metro.

The roads are lined with “Dhabas” to cater to the likes of you who have left the cauldron of chaos behind to enjoy a solo trip near Delhi or a solo trip from Delhi which promises the experience of a lifetime with the straight highways stretching beyond the horizon. You can also avail solo travel packages in India if you are not sure what all places to cover.

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Dil Vallo ki Delhi

Solo travel to Mumbai

The next food for your striving soul is the home of Bajirao and his Maratha rule. Mumbai! The place where your dreams, including a solo travel to Mumbai, will materialize in front of you if you can only get rid of the clingy boyfriend. One of the best solo travel destinations in India is also the fashion as well as the financial capital of India.

So, let that hair down AND get it in a bun, because it can’t get better as far as sightseeing goes. One of the most famous solo female travel destinations in India hosts a huge number of breath-taking spots. This makes it one of the best places for solo traveling in India, as you have to be an explorer and get that beauty in. This place never runs out of places to see.

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City of dreams

Take a solo trip near Mumbai, forget about the world, ride on to Lonavala, Alibagh, and Mahabaleshwar and let the places work their magic on you. Mumbai is already known as the safest city in Mumbai, which makes solo travel near Mumbai easier. Or a solo trip from Mumbai also opens the prospects of popular beaches and then there is Goa. (If you know what I mean). Book solo travel packages for India now re imagine its beauty!


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