Scale the Trails – Hand in Hand

Scale the Trails – Ever tried falling on your back?

Sounds scary right! Let me rephrase it; ever tried falling on your back but this time, you have someone to catch you. It ain’t that scary anymore because it involves trust you have on the other person. So here we have listed a few more activities to increase the trust in between and make a great experience out of it.


Trekking is challenging any day but what would make it special, to do it with someone special. Going through the off-beaten paths, crossing boulders, passing rivers and discovering new flora and fauna at every turn, this is the real essence of a trek and it would grow folds if you are with someone, be it a friend, partner, or anyone with whom you are comfortable. Try it; it’s a chance to live under the stars. A million star hotel is waiting for you in the mountains near you. Scale the Trails –

Trekking Couple


By gardening, I don’t mean the regular gardening where you just plough or water the plants. You can do this on a regular basis but this is nothing adventurous. I mean something which you guys can build together.

Select a land area at your residence place or may be in your farm house and build something over there. You can start and make a barren land into a beautiful natural garden.

This is a relationship building task where you guys will be coordinating and building something together out of nowhere which will be special and beautiful.

Gardening Couple


Playing outdoor games is equally and in fact more fun than watching those romantic movies on your couch. I am not discouraging the essence of the movies but going to play some outdoor games with your special someone is something I am sure you have not done previously and you need to do it now.

Outdoor Games Couple


You must have already done a lot of vacationing be it the beaches of Goa or holidays in the hills are a common scenario with most of us. But, I am talking about the vacationing with a twist.

Instead of going to beautiful places with a luxury suite as your stay, you can try some offbeat places and stay close to nature, try camps, bunk beds or a camp site. Try something different, it is worth it, any day!

Vacationing Couple


Road trips are fun and exciting and you must have been on a lot of them over the years but this time, plan a road trip with your partner. Ditch the nearby places and try a place which you have never been to and in addition which is not near.

Take the path less taken and create beautiful memories worth every second spent. Road trips alone will give you better options to evolve in the relationship. The good music, road, the two of you and everything romantic is the best part of this. Make your journey better than the destination. Scale the Trails –

Road Trip Couple


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