9 Best Places To Do River Rafting In India

River rafting is a very adventurous sport. It is done in places where there is river. There are a lot of places in India where river rafting is done.

Some of the places are mentioned here. People from all age group can do this but proper safety measures and precautions should be taken for river rafting in our country.

The tourism government of our country encourage this sport a lot. There are some of the places mentioned here for river rafting.

1. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is famous for its river Ganga flowing. There are very few places in the entire world where the holy goddess Ganga flows. Rishikesh is one of the rare places where it flows. And doing river rafting in its water is a sense of achievement.

Rishikesh has got all types of waves in its water. Starting from the easy and low level waves to the high waves and good flow in the water. Trip to rishikesh could prove to be one of the most memorable trips of your life. You should definitely plan a trip to Rishikesh at least once in your lifetime. It is also a major attraction for tourists since it is located in the foothills of Himalayas.


Best time

Although you can enjoy river rafting  almost the entire year except monsoon, but the peak time is in the month of March. Monsoon is not preferred for rafting as the tides are really very high and there is a lot of current in the river making it impossible to raft. So rafting is closed from 1st july to 15th September every year.

There are four stretches in Rishikesh where rafting is done. And every stretch has got different lengths and different timings to enjoy. The four stretches are mentioned below.

  • Brahmpuri stretch – this is the shortest stretch of all. It is as long as just 9 kilometers and the most simple one of all the stretches. Rafting here is done from mid September and june end. People of all age groups can enjoy there.
  • Shivpuri stretch – this stretch is of 16 kilometers and is a moderate level stretch. The currents here are not that much but better than the Brahmpuri stretch. This stretch opens at the same time of Brahmapuri stretch and closes at around beginning of june.
  • Marine drive stretch – the total length of this stretch is around 25 kilometers. if you are a first timer then this stretch is not recommended for you. This becomes pretty much thrilling and is much better than the shivpuri and the Bramhpuri stretch. This is also opened at the time when shivpuri opens but closes down before shivpuri as the tides grow higher and higher.
  • Kaudiyala rafting – this stretch is the most adventurous of all. If you want to feel the thrill and your heart pump then this stretch is the most recommended one. This is the best of all the above mentioned stretch. This is also available for a shorter period of time. This stretch opens at around mid October and closes before mid may.

The total cost rafting in Rishesh depends on which stretch you are going to and in which season. If you are going in the peak season then it will cost you definitely more as compared to other seasons. But at an average it will cost you Rs. 450 to Rs. 2000 per person for rafting.

2. Sikkim and Darjeeling

The Teesta river is not a known river but a beautiful place for river rafting. The Teesta river flows through Darjeeling, Sikkim and a fomous hill known as Kalimpong hill. This river is also stretched to a lot of stretches.

The total distance of the Teesta river is 11 kilometers to 37 kilometers. depending on which stretch you go for rafting will decide the amount of thrill you experience. This river has got all types of thrill from the lowest level to the highest level.

Rafting in the Teesta river will take you through the dense forest and will give you a mesmerizing view. You will be awestruck.


Best time

Again in teesta river also the best time for river rafting in Sikkim is the entire year but not during monsoon. The tides become really high making it impossible to raft. Although the best time to raft is during December to June.

If you go in winters then you will feel the chilling water splashing on you while rafting. And if you go on summers, the water will be still cold but not as cold as in winters.

3. Arunachal Pradesh

The Brahmaputra river is also one of the frivolous rivers in India flowing through Arunachal Pradesh. It also flows through the Tibet region. This river also flows through the Himalayas and rafting in this river is adventurous.

The Brahmaputra river rafting is one of the most thrilling and adventurous places for river rafting. This is not recommended for first timers.


Best Time

The best season to go for river rafting in Arunachal Pradesh this place is in the months of November, December, Januray, February and March. This river closes early as compared to other places for river rafting because of its high currents in the river.

The total distance covered by the river Brahmaputra is 180 kilometers and the whole distance is covered for 7 days.

If you love sports and are highly adventurous then this place is perfect for you.

4. Maharashtra

Maharshtra is known for its divine beauty and the Kudalika river. It is one of the fastest rivers in the south India. It originates at Kolad and passes through Sahayadris.

The total stretch of the Kualika river is 15 kilometers. river rafting in Kualika river is considered to one of the finest raftings and adventurous one. The rafting here is not that simple and also not that high level. It is a moderate rafting in the Himalayas.


Best time

Although in most of the places it is not recommended to go for river rafting in monsoon but in Kudalika river in Maharashtra , the best time to enjoy rafting is in monsoon only. Monsoon because the water is filled completely and you can enjoy a lot with a good amount of water gushing out of the river. So plan your travel in the months of June to September.

5. Jammu and Kashmir

Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be if you could raft in the beautiful rivers of ladakh. Well Kashmir has got so many things to offer. Starting from the divine Himalayas to the crystal blue lakes. There are a lot of lakes in Kashmir.

The Indus river is one of the most famous rivers in Kashmir. It originates from Tibet and flows over the cold desert of Ladakh. The water is very cold here. There are a lot of streams of the Indus water flowing all over Ladakh.

Some streams give a rafting experience very low and moderate especially recommended for new comers. Some streams give rafting experience which is very adventurous.

The total stretch of the Indus river is 25 kilometers. you can raft for the entire 25 kilometers but then it will be very tiring and hectic. Before rafting, try to take a day off for adjusting yourself with the cold and dry weather of Kashmir and do the acclimitation.


Best time

However as the temperature of Ladakh becomes really very cold in the months of November, December, January, February and March, the water is frozen and icy cold. So the perfect timing to go for rafting is in the month of June to August. This is the time when the water is not that cold and you can enjoy rafting a lot.

6. Kullu manali

Kullu Manali is a perfect summer vacation destination. This place has got so many things. The beautiful view of the Himalayas and he beautiful trails for trekking is something you will not get in any other place of India. The combination of trekking and rafting is something which only Kullu Manali will offer you.

The river rafting is done in the Beas river in Kullu Manali. The total stretch of the Beas river is 14 kilometer. The rafting normally starts at Pirdi and ends at the destination known as Jhiri. You can do rafting for the entire day here. You should make a lot of memories and new friends as this is something you will not be doing again. Click a lot of pictures and enjoy with your friends. Kullu Manali could prove to be the best summer vacation getaway for you if you plan your trip wisely.


And if you come Kullu Manali then river rafting is must and should definitely be there on your checklist.

Best time

The perfect time for river rafting is from March to July. Do your bookings prior as this is the peak time for tourists.

7. Karnataka

Karnataka is a huge state. It is famous for its exotic beauty, coorgh, and many more things. River rafting is also a famous sport that usually do here. The river rafting is done in the river Kali which flows in Dandeli. As this place is very close to the popular city Bangalore, IT professional often travel here and spend the weekend in Dandeli.

This sports could be the perfect weekend getaway for you. The total stretch of the river Kali is around 12 kilometers. it lies in the western ghats of India. The river Kali flows from an altitude of 1549 feet.

This river is famous because of its swift nature. You will really enjoy a lot if you choose to do river rafting in Kali river. Though the stretch is a short one but really a thrilling one. It is perfect for first timers and also people who come to spend their weekend with their family. It is a moderate level rafting.


Best time

The weather is very pleasant throughout the year. In summers it is not that hot but it is not recommended to do river rafting in monsoon because of heavy rains and increased current in the water. The perfect time to do river rafting is from November to June.

8. Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a famous summer destination. People from all over the country come here to spend their vacation. Uttrakhand is famous for its spectacular view of the mighty Himalayas. People also come to this place for trekking, relaxing , enjoying and to get back their mental peace. To add to the fun Uttarakhand has also got the river Alaknanda which is famous for river rafting.

The Alaknanda river flows through the rocky mountains and the rocks all over. The current in the river is really very high. It is believed to be one of the most thrilling and adventurous rivers for rafting. People who really want to pump up their heart beat and feel the adrenaline rush, then they should definitely plan a trip the Alaknanda river and do rafting here.

The total stretch of the Alaknanda river is approximately 25 kilometers. this river originates from the river Ganga and is the second largest of all. The rafting starts from Chamoli and ends in a place known as Rudraprayag. Rafting in Alaknanda river is not recommended for first timers.


Best time

The perfect time for the river rafting in Alaknanda river is between months October to June. In winters the water is really freezing cold and the thrill is double. Monsoon season is avoided for rafting because of high tides.

9. Ladakh

Ladakh is famous for its beautiful lakes. Apart from the Indus river there is one more lake called the Zanskar lake which is famous for river rafting. But unlike the Indys river Zanskar lake is a thrilling one. Rafting in Zanskar lake will be very adventurous. The rafting starts from Padim and ends at the Zimo region.

While rafting in this lake you will be seeing mighty mountains on both your sides. After rafting ends the lake merges with the Indus river. The total stretch of Zanskar lake is 30 kilometers. covering the whole distance would be very tiring.


Best time

The perfect time to go for river rafting is in the month of July to August.


River Rafting is one of the best thing to do in a monsoon season.

The River Rafting is an experience that will touch your soul and will give you memories for life.

If you are planning to do river rafting, it is recommended that you try out each of these places mentioned above.

If you have any other query which is not resolved by this article then put a comment below.

And if you have gone for river rafting, share your experience.

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