7 ways by which you can Reduce Trekking Cost

Reduce Trekking Cost – To everyone who loves rush and adventure in their lives, here is a raising toast to all of you from our side. We can feel you when you try to convince your friends to try out some adventure on Sundays rather than just laying.

We want that adrenaline rush in our body all the time and it is so tough to explain these feelings to others. Okay, keeping that aside let me tell you that I am not going to be philosophical about adventure junkies are hidden within us but I am going to share some informative content with you guys in this space.

If you are an adventure lover then you must love trekking to the core. It is always our savior for bad moods or continuous tough days. And if trekking would be free, it would be hard to catch us. But hey, trekking tours may not be free but it can be a little less expensive if you follow these tips to reduce trekking cost. These tips are really effective and can help you make the plan for the trekking tours quite often.

  • Take Road Trips and Avoid Flights

In most cases, you would be planning treks in your country itself probably Himalaya trekking, so you can skip flights. Taking flights will just unnecessarily increase your budget. And for people who go on treks regularly, I don’t think it would be economical to choose flights.

Himalayan Trek with Togedr

Reduce Trekking Cost

Instead, go for road trips as they are best and you will gain more experience while having a great time. Also, you can take trains for longer distance hence expenses will cut short to half with this tip.

  • Plan Your Treks in Advance over Impromptu Trips

Impromptu plans are the best and we all agree with it. But financially, it may not always be in your favour. Spontaneous plans for the treks mean booking everything instantly which means giving almost 20%- 30% more for everything which we would definitely not recommend.

Himalayan Trek with Togedr

Reduce Trekking Cost

So, a better idea is to always plan your trips in advance, at least a month before. This would really help in cutting down the budget of your budget of your trekking tours.

  • Take Hostels and Not Hotels

While you will be on your trek, you will precisely be staying in the camps and tents. But, before your trek starts you still have to cover a long distance and you have to spend a night or two in some places.

So, during that time avoid taking hotels. Instead, it is always better to take hostels or dormitories. The reason for this is the hostels and dorms are extremely cheap as they are on the share basis.

So, you can book these hostels or dorms at almost 1/4 the price of the cheapest hotel room you would take plus they provide you better facility than those cheap hotel rooms will. Hence, one of the intelligent tips to reduce trekking cost is to avoid hotels.Himalayan Trek with Togedr

  • Rent Your Trekking Gears and Camping Equipments

No matter how much you love treks and how often you go on one, we would strongly suggest you do not purchase the camping equipment and trekking gears.

These are mostly highly priced because of their usage and brands. Ones from the cheap brands are not worth, so do take special note of it. You will find few online sites as well as a lot of stores which excel in renting such things at a very low price. If you are really looking to go on a low budgeted trek and make the most of it, keep this point as a highlight.Himalayan Trek with Togedr

  • Go in Groups, Known or Unknown

Going solo trekking trips is like heaven because you get to explore so many things all by yourself without anyone pondering over your activities. But I personally feel that solo trips are on an expensive side and to manage the budget one has to compromise a lot.

Same is with the solo trekking trips. If you have no one to go with you or you don’t want to go with some known faces then you can go in backpacking treks where you will heading with a lot of people but all unfamiliar ones. Going in groups means cutting expenses everywhere.Himalayan Trek with Togedr

  • Research and Compare Prices of Various Service Providers

Yes, do keep this on your planner list. Going for the treks all by yourself without booking the trekking packages from the service provider could be a bad move.

The service providers are experienced professionals who give you the best trekking experience. Trust them but not blindly. Research for all the service providers online and filter the best ones. The most important thing is to compare the prices all of the available trekking packages and make the best and most economical choice.Himalayan Trek with Togedr

  • Book Full Package of Every Single Thing Included

Booking for stays and not for food or booking for trekking and not camping is not considered to be an ideal planning! Splitting of the trekking packages always cost you more than you think and are entirely full of hassles.

Instead of making your trip such a confusing one is always better to book the entire package from start till the end. This would help you for saving money and not spending here and there.

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How much did you find these tips to reduce trekking cost effective? Do share your reviews in the comments section below with us and also with your fellow trekkers. We would love to know your experiences with the trekking trips.

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