10 Best Places to visit near Bangalore

Places to visit near Bangalore – Bangalore or Bengaluru is often called as India’s IT capital due to the presence of large number of IT companies in the city. Not only IT companies there are various companies of different domains that employ people from India and abroad  to work for them in the city.

The weekdays are busy. People have to start in time for avoid the traffic jams in the rush hours and come back home at night just to have dinner and then go off to sleep.Therefore weekends or holidays are the only times when people get some time for leisure or spend quality time with their family members or close ones.

Taking off for trips on weekends is a very popular activity and the presence of some beautiful and interesting places in the vicinity does give a lot of options. Forests, small treks, places to witness sunrises and sunsets, hilltops, amusement parks or even hill stations, the type of places to visit are innumerable.

Here are the 10 best places to visit near Bangalore : 

#1 Shivanasamudra Falls

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The Shivanasamudra Waterfalls is situated on the downstream channel of the river Carvery. The river gets divided into two channels creating two waterfalls. These two waterfalls are broken into further channels. The water source is perennial meaning water is present throughout the year.

Gaganachukki and Bharachukki are the names of these two waterfalls that collectively form the Shivanasamudra Falls. The water falls from a height of about 320 feet into a deep gorge. A number of ancient temples are also located in the vicinity of the waterfalls.

The Sri Ranganathaswamy and Sri Someshwara temples attract a number of visitors. This is also one of the first places in Asia where a hydroelectric power station was set up. The Shivanasamudra Falls is located 130 kilometres away from Bangalore.

#2 Hogenakkal Falls

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The Hogenakkal Falls serves as a great weekend getaway. The distance between Hogenakkal Falls to Bangalore is 180 kilometers. The whole area is surrounded by Carbonatite rocks which are one of the oldest of their kinds in the world.

The Carvery river gather momentum and then forms a cascade of waterfalls in this region marked with rocky terrains. There are whirlpools and undercurrents in the waters here. Coracle boat rides are very popular and are used to witness the grandeur of the waterfalls and the surrounding areas. It is located on the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka border.

Many people bathe in the waters here as it is believed to have medicinal properties. There are stalls that sell fried fish here and is savored by people. A number of scenes and songs from popular movies have been shot here as well. There are a number of small treks through forests around the waterfalls as well.

#3 Chikmagalur

Credit: Chikmagalur the land of coffee ( Places to visit near Bangalore )

Chikmagalur located in Karnataka is famous for its coffee plantations, rolling hills and beautiful landscapes. This small town is the best place to witness nature’s beauty and tranquility.

Being located in the Western Ghats it has some beautiful places worth visiting in the vicinity and the peaks here provide some stunning panoramic views of the entire region. Other than sightseeing, it is a popular trekking destination and home to a number of treks.

There are also a number of forests and National parks around this place home to a number of animals and plants. The lush green forests are also places where you can find stunning waterfalls, streams and rivers. The Belur and Halebid temples are also located nearby which are known for their exquisite architecture. The Chikmagalur to Bangalore distance is around 250 kilometers.

#4 Coorg

Credit: Corners of Karnataka

The Coorg region is known for its coffee and tea plantations, forests, verdant mountains and waterfalls. It is often called as the Scotland of India and is known for its picturesque views and sights.

The Cauvery river flows through this region forming a number of waterfalls. The Iruppu and Abbey falls here are popular places for sightseeing. There are also some spice plantations spread across the area. Bylakuppe which is a Tibetan settlement has a monastery as well.

Coorg is also a great place for adventure activities like river rafting, trekking and hiking. It is home to a number of treks like the Brahmagiri and Tadiandamol Trek. This place was a summer retreat for the British and therefore has an old fort ( Mercara Fort) and a number of old churches. Coorg’s distance from Bangalore is around 250 kilometers.

# 5 Nandi Hills

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Nandi Hills is a popular weekend destination in the outskirts of Bangalore that is mostly visited during the early morning. It is around 60 kilometers away from Bangalore and can be easily reached by a car drive.

There are also buses that ply from the Majestic Bus Stand to Nandi Hills in the city. The Tipu Fort which now lies in ruins is also situated here. The ancient Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple is also situated on top of this hill. There are also a few other temples on the way to the summit as well. The Nandi Hills is a great place to witness some spectacular sunrises.

It remains covered with mist in the early mornings. The Nandi Hills weather is cold in the mornings and pleasant post the sunrise. The road to Nandi Hills passes through vineyards and forests. There are few accommodation options here but most people come here in the mornings to witness the sunrise and then head back to the city.

#6 Wonderla in Bangalore

Credit: Paovy Chin ( Places to visit near Bangalore )

Wonderla in Bangalore is an water themed amusement park in the outskirts of Bangalore and has a variety of rides and attractions. There are around 55 different types of land and water rides. There are also rides specially designated for children. Not only rides, there are also musical fountains and a resort inside the premises.

It requires one full day to go around the whole park and try every ride. There is also a conference room for conferences and meetings and a variety of restaurants serving delicious food. Wonderla timings are from 11:00 am in the morning to 6pm in the evening on weekdays and 7pm on weekends.

#7 Makalidurga

Credit: Karnataka_Nodi

Makalidurga is perched at a height of about 4430 feet above sea level and is around 60 kilometers away from Bangalore. Due to its close proximity from Bangalore, it is a popular weekend trekking destination from the city. The Makalidurga trek passes through grasslands and forests.

There are streams that flow through this region in full force during monsoons. The terrain is rocky with some challenging portions. The Makalidurga Fort which now lies in ruins is also situated here. There are a few temples on top of the Makalidurga. There is huge lake that can be seen from the top of the hill as well. This is a great place to catch beautiful sunrise and sunsets from the hilltop.

#8 Bannerghatta National Park

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The Bannerghatta National Park is located on the outskirts of Bangalore which houses a zoo, animal rescue center, safari park and a special area designated for elephants. There are a few temples and small trekking trails within the premises.

It is home to a variety of animals including the rare ones like the White Tigers and Lions.This place offers a variety of activities and sights. This place acts a natural wildlife corridor for elephants and connects with the forested areas nearby.

The park offers safari rides along a 6 kilometre path specially designated for this purpose where people can see these animals. The Bannerghatta safari timings are between 9:30am to 5pm everyday except Tuesdays when the park is closed. It is great example of need of ecotourism and wildlife conservation in today’s world

#9 Yelagiri Hills

Credit: Sri

Yelagiri is a quaint hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu and is popular tourist destination. The distance of Yelagiri Hills from Bangalore is around 170 kilometers and takes about four hours by road to reach. It is a cool and pleasant climate.

It is not so crowded like the other hill stations Ooty and Kodaikanal. Yelagiri Hills is surrounded with orchards, gardens and mountains.There are adventure activities like rock climbing and paragliding that are popular here.

The Swamimalai Hill which is the highest point in Yelagiri Hills is a popular trekking destination and offers some stunning views. There is also a lake, a nature park and a waterfall that can be visited.

#10 Ooty

Credit: Coimbatore Makkal

Ooty being one of the most popular hill stations in Southern India surely needs no introduction. Ooty is located in the foothills of the Nilgiri Mountains and has beautiful tea plantations, forests, viewpoints, dams, lakes and gardens.

The Botanical Garden houses a wide variety of plant and flower species. The Rose Garden here has around 20000 types of rose flowers. The Lake here is a great place for boating and has waters that originate from springs from the hills. Ooty has a colonial past as well when the British had made this as their summer retreat and there are some beautiful churches and old buildings.

There are adventure activities like hand gliding, trekking and kayaking that can be done here as well. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway which was built by British and has narrow gauge rail tracks passing through plantations and Nilgiri mountains attracts tourists from all over.

Due to its pretty locations and landscapes, a number of movies are also shot here. The homemade chocolates, tea and marshmallows from Ooty are also very popular. Ooty visiting places therefore offer a lot of variety and options.


Taking a break once in a while is surely advised as the hectic work schedules at times can become a bit overbearing. Bangalore does have a large number of options nearby where you can go for a short yet memorable vacation. Whether you love treks or hill stations or even small day trips to a National park, Bangalore has them all.

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