7 Best Places to visit in Wayanad

Places to visit in Wayanad – Wayanad is one of the most loved and frequently visited weekend getaway destinations of South India. It is in the North eastern side of Kerala and that makes it more of weekend friendly destination of people from Karnataka and Kerala. The native tribes of the region call this place as the land of the paddy fields. It is situated at the top of the Western Ghats at an altitude of 2100 meters.

Wayanad is mostly famous for the forests that are believed to be 3000 years old which is insane. Enchanting waterfalls, lush greenery, meadows, tree houses, cottages, and national parks are some of the beautiful things to explore there. Along with this, a lot of adventure activities like trekking, river rafting etc are done. Even a lot of people reach out here for practicing spiritualism.

The nature lovers would truly love being here and it is a great rejuvenating experience to explore Wayanad. Now, Wayanad is no more a small unknown place but a friendly weekend spot for the city dwellers who reach out here to feel tranquility in the nature. You can totally have the most relaxed vacation when in Wayanad. Check out below some of the touristy spots of the place.

#1. Chembra Peak

Credit: Jobin Scaria ( Places to visit in Wayanad )

To begin with, the Chembra peak is the highest peak of the Wayanad hill area. And this is the reason why trekking is most popular here. With the captivating sights from all around, the peak tour and the trek is definitely going to be a picturesque one.

The peak is a very quiet place with utmost calmness of the nature that will make your trek so much more worthy. When you reach here, you will also get the view of the most beautiful lake of heart shaped which is called as the Cupid lake. Along the foothills of the Chembra peak, you will get the views of Banasura sagar dam that is surrounded by tea plantations from all sides.

The best time to visit the Chembra peak Wayanad is during the months of September to March to get the most stunning views. It is open throughout the day so you can choose your set of hours. Trekking is very active here. And we suggest you to go on a trek at the Chembra peak because that is the best way to explore it and don’t worry the trekking is not that tough.

#2. Pookode Lake

Credit: Adresh Baskar ( Places to visit in Wayanad )

Did we tell you that Wayanad is famous for peace and serenity? Then, add the most peaceful place to prove this fact correct and that place is none other than the Pookode lake. The name sounds quite weird but the views that it offers is insane and unreal.

The fresh water Pookode lake is surrounded by the verdant forests and the Western Ghats from all sides. Also, an interesting fact of this lake is that it looks like the shape of India’s map virtually. The views from here are excellent, serenity is at its best, nature behaves here in a splendid way, what else would you want from the world?

Of course, you can sit for hours beside this lake and feel happy to be welcomed in the lap of the nature. But, if you are looking for some fun things to do there then boating is one thing, there is also a Children’s park, and also there is a shopping place where the handicrafts of the place are sold by the artisans. You will also find a lot of wild birds and animals around the Pookode lake Wayanad so that too contributes to a majestic sight.

#3. Meenmutty Waterfall

Credit: Pooja Gupta Tour ( Places to visit in Wayanad )

If you are in Kerala and you are not exploring the sight of the beautiful waterfalls, are you in Kerala? One of the most gorgeous waterfalls of the state is in Wayanad and is called as Meenmutty waterfalls. This one is a three tiered waterfall that is breathtakingly gorgeous.

You have to trek from Wayanad Ooty road and then you will get there to view this heavenly piece of nature. The water falls from the lush green forests and the waterfall is quite a roaring one. As serene as this place can get, it is also a very thrilling place filled with adventures.

The best part of this waterfall is that there are different decks or levels from which you can view this waterfall, so it totally depends on the trekkers as till where they want to trek up and explore the place. Photographers make sure to visit this place because they get tonnes of beautiful natural pictures that are hard to miss out on. Try going for an early morning trek to experience less crowd.

#4. Mudumalai National Park

Credit: Urban Mowgli ( Places to visit in Wayanad )

We have something for the National parks and we honestly believe that you must visit the National parks of every city that you are going to. You get to see so many exotic and extinct animals in their natural habitat that you will never be able to see otherwise.

And this is a delight. Life is all about knowing and loving our fellow living creatures, isn’t it? Go to Mudumalai National park, it is worth it too. It is situated in the Nilgiri ranges and it looks beautiful from everywhere. There are a lot of rivers, lakes, and waterfalls inside the National park that are obviously the points of attraction.

Also, it is a declared tiger reserve so you know you can find a lot of tigers. You can go on a wildlife safari on an open jeep and explore all the wild animals and vegetation up close and personal.

Village touring and camping are also some of the activities to try out here. You can actually stay at camps and other option is staying at the tree houses which are again a beautiful experience. Do check for the timings of the park before visiting though.

#5. Iruppu Falls

Credit: Yasin Naseef ( Places to visit in Wayanad )

Let’s talk about another beautiful waterfall of the place and that is the Irruppu falls. This ride into the nature is another enchanting one filled with natural beauty from all sides. People consider this as one of the most legendary places to explore in Wayanad and literally your trip is incomplete without taking this piece of nature to your heart’s content.

It is known as the Lakshmana Tirtha falls and has its roots attached to Mahabharata. The vibe of the place is totally peaceful over here and the cascade comes down from the height of almost 60 feet.

Since, this waterfall has its history attached to the Ramayana it is considered holy. A lot of pilgrims and even the devotees come here from a lot of places to take a dip in the water.

They have a strong feeling that taking a dip in this water would wash away all their sins. There is also a Shiva temple located at the banks of the river so that makes it more sacred as well. And also if you are around here then make sure to visit the famous and sacred Shiva temple too.

#6. Soochipara Waterfalls

Credit: Jafis Pc ( Places to visit in Wayanad )

Another beautiful waterfall of the place is the Soochipara waterfalls. There is a needle shaped rock placed here and this is where the waterfall got its name from. This is another Instagrammable place that you must not miss by any chance when you are around.

But, it is mostly crowded because of its love in the people. It is also surrounded by greenery from all sides and that is a cherry on the cake. There are two exciting and offbeat ways to view the Soochipara waterfalls. One is to view it from the top from the tree hut.

And the other one is quite thrilling where you have to trek downwards and reach near to the waterfalls. The downward trek is worth going for. Along with trekking, you can also enjoy water rafting, rock climbing, and swimming at the Soochipara waterfalls.

This again is a three tiered waterfall and it falls from the height of 200 metres. This is refreshing place to chill and leave the stress miles away from you. The best time to experience the behavior of this waterfall at its best is during the Monsoons.

#7. Thusharagiri Waterfalls

Credit: Rijin Anand

Last but not the least, the last place on our list is again a waterfall but it too is amazing to the core. This is a cool waterfall because the water of this waterfall is pretty chilled. The meaning of Thusharagiri waterfall is snow capped mountains and the water falling off the cascade look as stunning as the snow.

Adventure lovers would love this place for sure because of the trekking and rock climbing activities done here. The views of the plantations and the mountains at the backside make for a beautiful overall ambiance. The trek from Thusharagiri to Vythiri is the best one and you must take.

There are some picnic spots over here where you will see a lot of families doing and enjoying picnics. And it is also the most romantic place in Wayanad. Do visit this even when you are with your friends, or are with your family, or your partner, or even alone. It is worth it for all kinds of trips.


Now that you know some of the best places to hang around in Wayanad, don’t be a spoilt sport when it comes to exploring. Instead of sticking around to just the easy and the cliché places, go around and also explore all these beauties.

If you haven’t been to Wayanad before, these are some of the places that you must check out when you are there. Make your weekend a more of exploring one and go around checking out these cool spots. Also, don’t forget to tell us which spots from the city are your favourite. And, cheers to more adventures!

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