5 Best Places to visit in Thailand

Places to visit in Thailand – Thailand is one of those countries that has seen a tremendous increase in its tourism in the last few decades from all over the world, especially from India and other Asian countries. The reason for Thailand’s increasing rate of tourism is its gorgeous beaches and all other pretty places to explore. Thailand is a country that is known for its crazy city life, unbelievable night life, mesmerising temples, fantastic architecture, and exquisite beaches.

Thailand is a destination suited for every kind of traveller be it solo vacationers, honeymooners, group vacationers, and everyone. This means that the kind of places to visit in Thailand have an amazing variety to have a different kind of holiday each time depending on your mood. 

Places to visit in Thailand

Places to visit in Thailand

If you are someone wanting a romantic vacation, a honeymoon, a religious vacation, a family vacation, a fun vacation with friends, or just a relaxed vacation, whatever it is you will get them all in this country. It has some of the best places to visit depending on which various packages of all the above interests can be created separately. There are so many spots in Thailand that you will be spoilt for choices. 

The best time to visit Thailand is throughout the year. The climate keeps of varying but the tourism in Thailand is high throughout the year. The most ideal time to visit is during the months of November to early April when the weather is cool and dry. Summers are really not ideal for a tour to Thailand as the temperature in Thailand during this time is humid, extremely hot, and unlikely to explore around. The climate in the Eastern and the Western coasts of Thailand is always different. 

And finally we come to the tough part of sorting the entire country and bringing the top 5 best places to visit in Thailand. Yes, in the entire Thailand. 

#1 Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace Bangkok

Starting with the most enchanting place of the most famous cities of Thailand which is Bangkok! And the place is Grand Palace. It is located in the heart of the city and the presence of this place calls for our visit because a tour to Bangkok would be incomplete without visiting this place.

The King Rama of Rattanakosin kingdom used to stay here and it was his residence. Now, it is used to hold the royal ceremonies and is a popular tourist spot in the city. A temple of the emerald Buddha is also here in the palace complex and is a place of interest inside. 

The palace is open from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. And the entry fee for the palace is 500 THB per person. You would need around 2 hours to explore this entire place in detail. 

You cannot visit Thailand and not see Bangkok, it is the most unfair thing to do. Head out to this palace to endear the beauty of the Thai architecture and to seek blessings of Buddha. 

#2 Similan Islands

Similan Islands

The next mesmerizing place on our list is the beautiful Similan islands which is located 84 km from Phuket. It is one of the cleanest islands in the country with clear blue water and azure blue sky. It is a highly picturesque island. Also, it is one of the top 10 diving areas in the world. Even if you are not an avid adventurer, we insist you to try scuba diving here for once. You need this experience in life. 

For the yachts and the tour boats, this place has become the most favorite archipelago. Similan islands are a combination of 9 islands each one having a name and a number. It is a very dramatic island with the view of the ironwood and gum trees all over the area. 

But, the only catch here is that these islands are open for public only during the months of October to May.

#3 Krabi Island

Krabi Island

Krabi is a very popular place in Thailand just like Bangkok. It is one of the top places to visit in Thailand. If you are heading out for a fun trip with friends or for a romantic getaway then you can head out to Krabi island for sure. The vibe of Krabi is great for chilling with friends and lovers. Krabi island have a group of various islands and this place is a retreat in itself. It is so beautiful, picturesque, and serene that you would just want to sit here for hours near the water and all your worries will ward off. There are 154 islands in total and island hopping in Krabi is the best thing to do. 

Of course Krabi is also famous for a variety of water sports like snorkelling, sea walking, sea diving, and all the other interesting things. 

#4 Underwater World in Pattaya

Underwater World in Pattaya

You can never underrate Pattaya when it comes to visit the best places in Thailand. Pattaya is the most laid back place with a perfect relaxing vibe ever. Be it the day or night, Pattaya is so refreshing that even roaming aimlessly would not tire you. From the many amazing places to explore here, the underwater world in Pattaya is one of the topmost places.

This is for the people who love marine life and would love to explore all sides of it. It is the only aquarium in the city and it also offers a lot of amazing programmers for the visitors. There is a coral reef zone, touch pool zone, open ocean zone, and the giant of Siam zone. It is a huge theme park where you get a chance to explore a lot of great and offbeat activities with the marine animals. 

It is a family friendly place suited for every age of people. 

#5 Railay Beach

Railay Beach

As we mentioned earlier that the beaches in Thailand are extremely beautiful, clean, and serene, here is one of the top beaches in Thailand that you must visit. This beach is a large peninsula between the Krabi city and Ao Nang. The beach has a high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access. Head out to this beach for spending some serene time, for clicking some fabulous beach pictures, and also for trying out some adventure sports. 

In fact, this beach is the most famous destination in Thailand for rock climbing. The travellers can also try a plethora of water sports here. 


No, at least in this world, it is not possible to sum up the gorgeous and fun Thailand in just 5 places for visiting. Each city of the country has too many places to explore and roam around that it was the toughest task for us to bring the top 5 places for you to visit in Thailand. But, we did this tough job and did it great. Having these places in your list to explore will make your travel even better. In your travel to the land of the stunning white elephants, do visit these places primarily. 

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