21 Best Places to visit in Rajasthan

Places to visit in Rajasthan – If we had to describe Rajasthan in one word, we would say royal. That’s it! I think this word says it all about the place. Rajasthan is an amalgamation of two words, Raja and Sthan which means home of the kings.

This is literally true because Rajasthan was actually a land of Rajput rulers, kings, and queens. Rajasthan has a valor, brave, and a glorious history of the Rajpput kings, rulers, and queens, and they are still celebrating their victory in a grand way.

All the cities of Rajasthan, be it a small or a big one, all of them are famous for incredibly beautiful palaces, forts, mahals, and a lot more grandeur things. The state has moved onto having a modern lifestyle but the touch of the traditions is yet not over. You can see a contemporary life setting in all the cities of the state and this is an experience to take in.

As a traveler, the state has a lot to offer. Right from the sight of the grandeur Rajput architecture to the vintage streets to sand dunes and a lot more, you will return happy with amazing memories, gorgeous pictures, and a lifetime experience. Talking about all these, let us check some of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan that you must visit when you are there.

P.S – We are talking about some of the most famous and beautiful places in the entire state of Rajasthan that includes most of the cities of the state.

#1. City Palace, Jaipur

Credit: Travelmogo

Starting with the star city of the state which is Jaipur and its most famous spot! The City Palace is one illustrious buildings of the city that is build in the architectural style of Rajputs, Mughals, and Europeans. This amalgamated style proves how glorious the interiors of the palace would be. It is a grandeur palace that can be called as the pride of the city.

It is a beautiful palace with a huge verandah in front from where you can see the palace in a single sight. It looks beautiful with different floors, windows, and other things. The color of the palace is from the pastel family. Yet, a lot of colors are involved in the painting of the palace. You will also find a lot of detailing in the interiors. The sight is truly to die for.

Now, one section of the palace is converted into a museum wherein a lot of stuff  like handicrafts and the weapons of the Rajput era are displayed. It shows the iconic Rajput era in a nutshell now. It is worth visiting by every means. Every wall and every corner of the palace has something incredible to offer. You will be mesmerized by the interiors and exteriors.

#2. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Credit: Travel Food Nature

The most famous and the most iconic place of Jaipur is the Hawa Mahal. Your trip to Jaipur is incomplete without visiting the fort. Hawa Mahal was constructed for the Rajput women to check out the celebrations happening in the city without coming down on the streets. And this is the reason why the Mahal has so many windows. It has 953 huge windows and yes that is a lot. Because of having numerous windows, the Mahal is airy enough to be called Hawa Mahal.

The construction of the mahal is done in a Rajput style. It is a 5 storeyed Mahal with no stairs or lifts at all. There is a connecting slope to these storeys to move around the different floors. And this was something unique in a fort of that time. The sandstone are used for the constriction of this Mahal in the red and pink colours. The sight is amazing without a doubt. It is situated in the main road in Jaipur and is the most popular point of attraction.

To view the palace’s exteriors in leisure, you can visit the Wind View café just in the front of the Mahal and enjoy the view at leisure while enjoying a cup of coffee, may be.

#3. Nahargarh Fort

Credit: Jaipur photomaniac

If there could be a thing like king of palaces, we would surely root for this palace to be that. The view of this palace is totally dreamy and straight out of the king’s kingdom.

The huge walls, the yellow golden color, the grandeur architecture, the heavenly campus, everything about this palace is so charming and beyond expressing in words. The best and the unique part of this fort is that it is built up high on the Aravalli ranges hence it looks like never ending while going upwards. It is actually built on an upward slope.

The best time to visit this fort is during the sunset time and believe us you will have the view of the best sunset of your life. And the entire evening time feels incredible when you are here. The cool breeze from the Aravalli hills make for such a pleasant time. The fort overlooks the entire Jaipur city and it is such a delightful sight.

Also, did we tell you that the place is believed to be the abode of the tigers? Yes, the Indian tigers do stay here and can be found. Are you ready for some pictures with these tigers though?

#4. Jal Mahal, Jaipur

Credit: The Rajasthan Art

Jal Mahal, like you can figure out that it is a fort or a mahal in the lake. Yes, the city has a freaking palace on the lake. Just imagine a full fledged mahal that looks royal and is surrounded with water on all sides. What a gorgeous sight that would be! Well, this description shows that how beautiful the place would be and you need to be there.

Let us increase your curiosity by saying that the palace has 5 storeys and the 4 storeys are beneath the water. How can even this construction be possible? Imagine the feeling of being in a palace in the 4th floor which is inside the water. Totally, a sight and an experience that is a delight for the soul and like a cherry blossom for the eyes! The palace always looks tremendous but during the night it looks like a heavenly body with tonnes of lights on. The view of it from a distant is totally unreal.

Other things that makes the sight of the Jal Mahal even more marvelous is the sight of the offbeat wild migratory birds. They are found in and around the lake. You would not want to miss the sight of these pretty birds in their elements.

#5. Birla Temple

Credit: Arpit India

Talking about the temples, Jaipur is blessed to have some of the most beautiful temple of the city. The tourists make sure to visit these temples to view the grandeur architecture and obviously for the religious reasons. Birla temple is like a chain in the country and one of the temples is in Jaipur.

The other name that is given to the temple is Laxmi Narayan temple and the locals majorly know this temple by this name. This huge and gorgeous temple is located in the foot of the Moti Dungri hills.

It is a beautiful temple and is constructed with the fine white marbles. The temple construction has three domes that are huge and represent three different approaches to the religion. The Birla temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Godess Laxmi.

To view the actual architecture in detail then you got to visit the temple during the daytime. But during the night, the temple looks equally beautiful with all the lights on. It looks lit, in the millennial language. The exteriors and the interiors both look totally amazing. We suggest you to visit the temple during the daytime in the natural light if you love high class architecture and love photography.

#6. Lake Pichola

Credit: Putra Aditya

While sitting at the Lake Pichola and enjoying the sight of the soothing lake, you can also view islands, palaces, and the entire city of Udaipur while boating here. Yes, boating is a fun activity to try out in the Lake Pichola.

If you have a thing for sunrise and sunset, then coming to this place for those sights could be the best decision for the trip. Also, during the sunrise time, the lake is pretty empty, so you get solace time too. The place is famous for photography as well because you get some stunning pictures over here.

Another grandeur architecture and palace of Udaipur which is the City Palace is built on the banks of Lake Pichola. So, you know you have some more amazing sights to view and photograph.

#7. Haldighati, Udaipur

Credit: My Rajsamand

You have probably heard this name in your history books when you were taught about the Battle of Haldighati. Yes, it is that Haldighati and it is situated in the city of lakes, Udaipur.

It is one of the most popular historical sights and if you are someone interested in Indian history, you must visit the place. It is around 40 kms from Udaipur and we urge you to visit this place at least once. It is the mountain pass in the Aravalli ranges. The term Haldighati is given to the place because of the presence of yellow soil that looks like turmeric on its land.

To know about the heroic battles of the Rajput kings, you must visit the place and hear about their valour. You will also find a cenotaph build there in pure white marble and you must check that out too. And to suffice your travel needs a bit more, you can also move ahead and visit the Balicha village which is nearby and is famous for Rajasthani handicrafts and art forms.

Talking about some pleasant Instagrammable places, you can also visit the Badshahi Bagh that is at a distance and is famous for some real rose water and Gul kand. The sight is pretty.

#8. Mehrangarh Fort

Credit: PMD

The topmost attraction of the Jodhpur city is the Mehrangarh fort. Your trip to Jodhpur has to begin with a tour to this grandeur and royal fort. It is very famous and huge, in fact it is one of the largest forts of the country. So, how can you not be there? The unique feature of the Mehrangarh fort is that it is built over 400 feet from the city. This makes it stand so tall and looks incredibly royal. Every fort of the state has something interesting to offer and so does this one.

Since the fort is built at such a height from the city level, when you reach the top, you will have the view of the entire Jodhpur city. This panoramic view is to die for and every person who visits the fort, makes sure to go to the top for the best time.

It is spread in a huge area and is very well preserved. The fort has antique artillery on display for the tourists. It also has a museum that has various things like arms, costumes, paintings, and other items from the Rajput era to show case in this generation.

The walls of the fort have thick walls to protect the entry and attack of the enemies.

#9. Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur

Credit: Heritage

Welcoming you to tour another one of the gorgeous forts of Rajasthan and that is none other than the Umaid Bhavan palace. The Umaid Bhavan palace is built on the highest points of the city. The palace is a huge one and every inch of it is beautiful.

The palace was a residential palace for the Royal family of Jodhpur and still a part of it is reserved for that. There are 347 rooms in the palace and we are not even kidding about this. Apart from the residence, the other parts of the palace are converted into a museum and also a luxury hotel. However, none of the people are allowed to visit the residence.

So, you can not only visit the palace and have a tour there but you can also book rooms in the hotel and enjoy luxury at its best. We totally think it is worth spending your hard earned money on. It will be an experience of a lifetime. Talking about the architecture style of the palace, this palace too is built in amalgamated style of Indians and Europeans.

You can have a glimpse of the fort from outside and just have the permission to visit the museum or the hotel (only if you have to stay).

#10. Jaisalmer Fort

Credit: Sweet Udaipur ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

Let us take you to tour of the desert city which is Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer fort of the city is called as the Golden fort. This name is given to the fort because of the color and outlook of the city. During the day time, it looks like the fort is bedazzling with the rays of sunlight falling on it. The fort is made with yellow and gold mixed sandstone. These colors look so fantastic that it is even tough to explain that shine and luster into words. Even this is one of the largest forts of the country.

The architecture of the forests is in the Rajput style and looks like a mirage from the desert. The view of this fort from the desert looks like a dream. Even from the fort, you can have the view of the desert. The fort has 99 turrets in all. There are various areas in the forts that you can explore. Photography is the best when done at this fort. You will have options of various angles from various spots in this fort.

Spare a day to explore this entire fort and don’t be in a hurry to just roam around and leave. Stay there, explore and experience as much as you can.

#11. Pushkar Lake

Credit: Green Curry ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

Pushkar is a beautiful and a holy city of Rajasthan. The city is also called as the city of temples as there are so many beautiful temples in the city. The city is a small but a very peaceful one. Totally recommending the place for the city dwellers who would want to relax and take a break from the city life. The city or the small town not only has incredibly pretty temples but also beautiful spots in the city to chill at.

One such beautiful spot in the town where you must go is the Pushkar lake. Pushkar lake is serene and has the most peaceful vibe to soothe your senses and calm you down. Even if you don’t visit any other spot and just chill here, you can experience the vibe of the whole town. The Pushkar lake has 50 bathing ghats and the scene of arti on those bathing ghats is so gorgeous. Do not miss out on this, we tell you, do not miss out on this.

It is a strong belief by the locals of the place that a dip in this lake would wash away all your sins. It is extremely religious and people do follow the tradition of bathing in this lake. You will see so many people during the sunrise time bathing in the lake considering it holy.

#12. Brahma Temple

Credit: Nikhil ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

Brahma temple is one of the very famous temples of the Pushkar city. As you know by now, that the city is famous for temples and hence being in the city and not exploring the famous temples would be such a disgrace. So, you can totally visit the Brahma temple which is famous for its rich architecture. Also, on the side note, all the temples of the city are very beautiful in terms of architecture and construction.

The temple is close to the Pushkar lake so it also becomes convenient for you to be there. The temple is quite colorful and lively. The colors would catch your attention for sure.

Stone slabs and marbles have been used in the construction of this temple. The temple is obviously dedicated to the creator God and he is Lord Brahma. The sanctum sanctum of the temple has the image of the four headed Brahma and Gayatri, who was the Godless of milk.

During some major festivals of the country, the temple sees huge crowd and a Brahma festival is held which attracts a lot of pilgrims from everywhere and specially Rajasthan. If you visit during afternoon, you will have the temple mostly to yourself to explore because the crowd is evident during morning and evening time.

#13. Nakki Lake

Credit: Sandeep Jain ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

Nakki lake is a beautiful lake in the city of Mount Abu. Mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan. So, if you thought that Rajasthan only has palaces and deserts, No. It has this beautiful little hill station which is also considered to be the pilgrimage of Sage Vashishth.

Nakki lake is one of the most peaceful and soothing tourist spots of Mount Abu. If you don’t know about this fact then let us tell you that the ashes of Mahatmi Gandhi’s bones were immersed in this lake. So, it is also kind of sacred.

And the next thing that might catch your attention is the fact that the locals believe that the lake was built by the Gods themselves. The place is great for relaxing and chilling. Boating facility is also allowed at the lake, so you can enjoy some time doing boating. And another intriguing thing about the lake is that the lake changes its colors with the changing of the sky. How cool that sight would be!

Would you spend the whole day by the lake to view the change in the sky and change in the color of the lake? We would totally do.

#14. Guru Shikhar

Credit: Mount ABU Blog ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

Another very famous spot of Mount Abu is the Guru Shikhar peak. When you are in the hill stations, you got to explore the peaks for the incredible sights and the panoramic views.

So, you can totally dig this place for it. The Guru Shikhar peak is the most scenic and picturesque peaks of Mount Abu. Along with being all things good, this peak is the highest peak in the whole of the Aravalli ranges. You can view this peak once you enter inside the Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary.

We recommend you to go at the top of this peak and view the sights from there. It will be all so worth it and so incredible. You can view the entire Mount Abu city from the place along with the sights of some other peaks. The place is also picnic friendly so a lot of people come here for picnics and get-togethers. For the people interested in photography, it would be amazing for you to spend some time here. You will surely return with so many clicks.

A not to miss place when you are in Mount Abu! Also, if you are hill lover, you will be loving the ambiance from the top and that we guarantee you.

#15. Junagarh Fort

Credit: Rajasthan The Heaven ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

Coming back to the forts and now to one of the most gorgeous and magnificent forts of Rajasthan. Junagarh fort is in Bikaner city and we urge you to google some more pictures of the fort.

You will have serious wanderlust feelings by watching the pictures of this fort. It is huge, it is marvelous, it is beautifully constructed, and it is all things royal. You enter the fort through a courtyard which is super stunning. And from the courtyard, just look up and view the entire fort at once. What a sight that is!

When you enter inside the fort, you will also find some Mahals and you got to explore them. Also, this fort is an undefeated one and this stands tall telling the valour and the pride of the Rajputs. The architecture of the fort is in the amalgamated styles of Rajputs, Gujaratis, and the Mughals.

We now let you decide how beautiful this fort is. Just take that tour and view this grandeur fort for yourself. Mostly, during the offbeat season when the tourists do not come, the fort is solitude. So, you will have enough time and space to explore the place all by yourself. We recommend you to go during off seasons so that you can explore the place in depth.

#16. Karni Mata Temple

Credit: Anurupa Roy ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

Karni Mata temple is a famous temple in Udaipur city. The full name of the temple is Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata temple. If you visit the gorgeous Doodh Talai lake in Udaipur, you will find this temple nearby. It is located on the Machla Magra hills.

It is beautiful Hindu temple with the stone idol of Karni Mata. The best part is that no vehicles are allowed to take you to the temple premises. You can either go walking or by the lake boating. And this makes the whole thing quite interesting and pollution free too.

Though there is not a lot of interesting things to do here but still you can visit the temple and make the most it. It is 4 km from Udaipur and we can tell you that it is worth going to the place. Apart from Udaipur, the Karni Mata temple is also in the cities of Alwar and Bikaner too.

Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata is one of the most religiously prayed Gods of the state and that is the reason why Rajasthan has so many temples.

#17. Lalgarh Palace

Credit: Amreesh Manjrekar ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

We love the palaces that are converted into the luxurious hotels because the tourists can actually visit the palace and also stay there to enjoy and experience how royalty looks like.

The Lalgarh palace is also a palace that has been converted into a luxury hotel with luxury service at its peak. Obviously, if you wish to stay here then you have to splurge on the luxury life. But, it will be worth it. A sure shot once in a lifetime moment that you deserve. It is an ancient palace giving you major vintage vibes built in red sandstone.

The architectural style blend of the palace is of the Rajputs, Mughals, and the Europeans. Before you enter the palace, there is a huge courtyard from where you can view the palace and also spend some serene time.

If you are lucky enough then you will also find some peacocks dancing in the courtyard which surely makes for a delightful sight that is not a regular thing in the cities. We live for such sights and you? The intricate detailing on the walls and everywhere is something to pay sheer attention to.

Even if you are not willing to stay at the hotel, you must visit the palace and have a tour of it.

#18. Deeg Palace

Credit: Jitendra Sahu ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

The Deeg palace is in Bharatpur city of Rajasthan. Bharatpur is an offbeat and also an underrated city of the state. We totally recommend you visiting this city if you are in Rajasthan or if you are planning a trip to the place. The Deep palace is a very fascinating palace because it is a lake palace.

So, ya, the palace is on the lake and trust us when we say that it is a huge one. What makes the sight of the palace most interesting is that its reflection on the waters. So, the illusion is quite a scene to die for and also capture in your cameras.

The architecture is obviously mind blowing and very intelligent. It is not like the regular palaces that you will be seeing everywhere. Rather it is a unique sort of a palace built in a very offbeat way.

Visit the place during the sunrise and the sunset time and you will have the best views of it. The sight of the palace at the golden hour is one of the most beautiful time to be there. This water palace is such a picturesque one to spend hours in clicking. Totally a paradise for the photographers!

#19. Lohagarh Fort

Credit: Purvi Gusain ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

Taking you back to Jaipur at this amazing fort resort! This is a luxurious boutique resort and let us brag a bit for them that they have won so many awards for their excellence in the hotel industry.

It is basically a fort that has been turned into a resort for the people to come and stay to experience the royalty in a contemporary way. The accommodation options that you would get in this resort are the cottages, villas, suites, tree houses, etc with a lot of 5 star facilities. The destination is ideal for honeymoon couples, families, group of friends etc.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway from the nearby cities and are willing to splurge then this is a gorgeous place for a stay cation. Google their property and you will be mesmerized by the facilities and the rooms of the luxury. Their price is on the higher side and you will have to spend more for this experience but that would be worth it.

Jaipur is the main city of the Rajasthan in every way and if you are done exploring the major places of the city, you can just fall back to experience royalty in a modern way.

#20. Chambal Garden

Credit: Naren Drone ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

Kota is a small town of Rajasthan which you must be knowing for the country’s best IIT classes. But, the city has a lot more over this. The Chambal garden is one of the famous spots of the city that you surely must visit as a tourist.

If you are wondering what is unique about this garden then let us tell you that the garden is on the banks of the Chambal river. And in the pond nearby to the river, you will surely spot some crocodiles and the ghariyals. The garden is very well groomed and you will surely start having a thing for the ponds and gardens after you visit this. The pond is the center piece of the garden.

You can also cross this pond by the suspension bridge and or even by the boat. While crossing the bride, you can spot some reptiles easting the fishes. Totally something pure and not seen easily in the cities! Walking throughout the garden and exploring it is such a fantastic de-stressing activity. Alongside, you can also enjoy the toy train ride to explore the entire park. We think you must.

If you love spending time in the solitude then do visit the place. Boating is also a thing to enjoy at this garden.

#21. Taragarh Fort

Credit: Nikhil ( Places to visit in Rajasthan )

One thing that we love about the cities of Rajasthan is that all of them have glorious and gorgeous forts. And even the Ajmer city has a wonderful fort called as Taragarh fort and we are ending this list with it. Do your complete your Rajasthan trip with a tour to the Taragarh fort.

This fort was the home of the Chauhan dynasty. They used to stay here during their reign. The Taragarh fort is one of the oldest forts in India. You can tell that it is very old by its appearance now. It is not ruins but yes it looks quite dilapidated. You will mostly find overgrown vegetation from all sides of the fort in the present time.

The fort is a big one and looks totally majestic from all sides. The exteriors look quite royal and you can imagine how fabulous it would have looked when it was constructed. The interiors of the palace or fort is also interesting but the exteriors are more picturesque. Obviously if you are in Ajmer, you cannot miss being here.

For the architecture lovers and the photography lovers, visiting the palace will be entirely worth it. Also, mentioning that the construction is done on a steep hillside that makes the palace look going upwards and very huge.


Hands down, these were the most amazing places to visit in Rajasthan. Whenever you are in the state, do not forget to count upon these places because a tour to these places would make your Rajasthan trip all worth it. A lot of people visit Rajasthan for taking amazing pictures and trust us, you will be tired of taking gorgeous pictures on all these fancy spots that we mentioned. Yes, Instagrammable trip is the word for it.

A small suggestion from our side would be whenever you are planning a trip to Rajasthan, make sure to have a longer one for around at least 5 to 6 days and try to cover not more than 2 cities in this trip in this duration. All the cities have quite a lot of places to explore, so having a chilled out and relaxed trip will always be worth it. Have a happy trip and Cheers to Adventure!

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