5 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai

Places to visit in Mumbai – Mumbai is a city in our country in which everyone wishes to stay. The vibe, aura, climate, ambiance, and the feel of the city makes this city everyone’s topmost favorite. It is said that hundreds of people come daily to this city with a lot of hopes, dreams, and aspirations to start their dream life. And the best part of Mumbai is that the city welcomes everyone with wide open arms.

The city is always overwhelming in all the ways. Also, this is one of the topmost cities of the country that sees the most number of tourists and travelers on daily basis.

Since the climate of Mumbai is mostly refreshing, there is not a particular season to visit it. You can go there at anytime of the year and you will return with happy memories. If you have been to the city before then you know what we are talking about. If not, take our suggestion, make a plan because you are never really too young or too old to visit Mumbai. And in your very first trip, do visit all these major places that we are discussing below.

P.S – There are many more places that you will be finding to spend time in Mumbai but for the time being, let us start with these.

#1. Gateway of India Mumbai

Places to Visit in Mumbai

Places to Visit in Mumbai

Credit: Mumbaikar

Let us begin the article with the most famous place of the city which is none other than the Gateway of India. A place of Mumbai that is always crowded with the tourists, photographers, models, bloggers, and who not. The story dates back to the Independence that the last British soldiers departed from the Gateway of India.

The tourists come here to explore the grandeur gateway and the British architecture. Although the architectural style is not only of the British style but is a blend of it along with Hindu, Islamic, and European styles.

You are going to have a great time here and right in front of the Gateway of India Mumbai is the Taj hotel whose glimpse is the best from here. You will also find a lot of vendors selling tea, snacks, and other items to keep you entertained.

The atmosphere here is quite cool because of the sea breeze flowing. The whole ambiance and the view of the spot is next level happening. You could also take the ferry rides from here to leave for Elephanta caves and also you can take a ferry ride from this sea to visit Alibaug. These are also fun things to do there and we suggest you to not miss out these activities as well.

Mumbai’s weather is too cool is miss the sea fun. In fact even in peak summer seasons too, the activity is quite cool to try.  

#2. Marine Drive Mumbai

Places to Visit in Mumbai

Places to Visit in Mumbai

Credit: Indeed Indian

If you are in Mumbai and you do not visit Marine drive, are you still in Mumbai? No matter what age group you are in and what kind of travels you like, everyone feels amazing at the Marine drive Mumbai. You would love sitting by the sea and doing nothing but just enjoying the sea waves and doing nothing is the best thing to do here.

Leave your all the worries of the world and let the high tides touch your feet. Be there to watch the sunset and the sunrise and those glimpses would be the best for sure. Have a heartfelt walk by the sea all alone or with your loved ones and see the peaceful vibes getting inside you that you were seeking throughout.

It would be wrong to say that Marine drive is not the heart of the Mumbai city. This is a stretch along the Arabian forms a bay in C shape that also links Nariman Point and Babulnath. The cool breeze constantly blowing here is the major vibe for which people come here. Not only tourists, but the place is quite filled with a lot of locals. It is a very popular place of Mumbai.

You can even sit here at the late night hours and have the best time of your life. Marine drive Mumbai open on all hours of the day.

#3. Chowpatty Beach

Credit: Wahh Mumbai

The next very popular and loved place of the Mumbai city has to be the Chowpatty beach or the Juhu beach. Most of the people of the world and of the country know Mumbai for the Juhu beach and this beach is hands down the pride of the city. If you are there in the city for the first time, we would urge you to go this beach and see what the hype is all about.

Trust us, you would not return being sorry. The beach is always full, always lively, and always happy. The beach is open for swimming and enjoying random beach activities. You can also simply sit on the sand and enjoy the vibe of the beach. There are a lot of stalls or shops at the beach where you can do some thrift shopping. A lot of photographers are always there to click pictures of the tourists.

Now, coming out of the beach and taking you to the Chowpatty area which is the highlight of the place. It is in the Chowpatty that you will find all the local delicacies of Mumbai in various stalls. You name a food and you will get here and they taste sumptuous and amazing.

The feeling of eating Mumbai food at chowpatty in Mumbaikar style is an experience to have in the city. Do not miss this at any cost.

#4. Haji Ali

Credit: Sharing Moments

From the trending places of the Mumbai city that you can easily go, we are taking you to one of the most beautiful places to explore in Mumbai and that is the Haji Ali dargah. Not many people visit this dargah because it is under water and a lot of people feel it is risky to go there. It is a mosque and a tomb built by Pir Haji Ali in 1431 whose body is inside the tomb. He was an extremely wealthy Muslim merchant.

He was inspired after his trip to Mecca to change the course of his life. It is situated in the middle of the ocean and is accessible during the low tide time. So, you have to wait for the season when the tide is low and then only you can visit the place. It is an adventurous thing for sure to try out. There is a 500 yard long walkway to reach the dargah.

This is a place of pilgrim that holds great belief and devotees and believers of all religion visit Haji Ali dargah. People believe that there is some sense of spirituality that changes the way you live your life. You will feel peaceful there.

Also, the construction of the dargah is amazingly done in Muslim architectural style. The shrine is constructed with the use of the marbles. The monument has mirror work throughout and the shrine has artistic pillars. Also, every Friday, qawalli sessions are held here.

#5. Worli Sea Face

Credit: Kunal Gaikwad

Last but not the least, Worli sea face is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai. It is also called as Rajiv Ghandi sea link. It is basically a cable stay bridge that was constructed by the Maharashtra State Road development corporation.

This bridge links Bandra and Worli and that’s why it is also called as the Bandra worli sea link. Bandra on the western suburbs of Mumbai and Worli on the Southern suburbs of Mumbai are very well connected through this gorgeous bridge.

The main reason to construct this bridge was to reduce the travelling hours by half an hour. The architecture and the infrastructure is worth viewing. This is one of the newest and the popular attraction of the place. On this sea face you will have the best picturesque surrounding. The endless blue stretch of the Arabian sea makes everything much better. It is a posh area of the city that you must visit.

You can also go to a lot of other places of attraction here like the Worli Fort, Haji Ali Dargah, and some other places as well. It is a soothing place with a soothing vibe.


Mumbai literally never sleeps so if you are planning a trip to the city, get ready to be filled with positive energies because you will need that in buckets for exploring. No matter what all major things you do there but these are some touristy things that you will surely do.

These places are mainstream but so gorgeous that you can literally not leave them behind and not explore. The best part about Mumbai city is that each place and each street has a story that you can makeup yourself. You will find a lot of interesting things everywhere in Mumbai, so make sure to open your eyes and capture every beauty that you can. Happy tripping and cheers to adventure!

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