5 Best Places to visit in Jodhpur

Beat the mundane life blues with a trip to the blue city of the country. Yes, I am talking about Jodhpur which is one of the finest cities of Rajasthan that is capable of giving you enough glimpse of the rich traditional Rajput culture. Honestly, when you are making a travel bucket list for Indian cities, this place should be there in your list.

Places to visit in Jodhpur where you would find the vintage vibe in the most modern or contemporary way. More than calling it just a blue city, I think it is more than that. The dazzling golden desert, the dilapidated buildings, the blue houses, the royal palaces, new architecture, compact lanes, old street, and every such thing contribute together to make a beautiful ambiance of the city.

We can totally tell that it is the city whose vibe matches the sky and the water. See the town being painted blue and its aesthetics matching the nature in the best way possible. Jodhpur is also called as the sun city because of the rising sun here.

Another name given to it is the old city because It has a lot of old buildings and is genuinely very old. The city is the second largest city in Rajasthan and is famous for forts and palaces. Going back to the history, we want to throw light on the fact that the buildings were painted blue anciently to mark they were owned by the Brahmans.

We have listed the 5 most gorgeous places in Jodhpur which you must visit when you are in the town.

#1. Mehrangarh Fort

Credit: Rana Ram

Beginning this article with the topmost attraction of the Jodhpur city which is the Mehrangarh fort! Your trip to Jodhpur has to start by exploring this grandeur and royal fort. It is the most famous fort of the city and guys, it is extremely huge. You need to have enough time in your hand to explore the fort in depth. Talking about the size, then let us tell you that it is one of the largest forts of the country. So, how can you not be there?

The unique feature of the Mehrangarh fort Jodhpur is that it is built over 400 feet from the city. Isn’t it incredible to believe? This makes it stand so tall and looks incredibly royal. While you stand at the entrance and view the fort from the distance then it looks like a huge and a royal castle. The walls of the fort have thick walls to protect the entry and attack of the enemies. It was built intelligently for that purpose.

Since the fort is built at such a height from the city level, when you reach the top, you will have the view of the entire Jodhpur city. The best part of this fort is that it is very well preserved in terms of architecture and culture. The fort has antique artillery on display for the tourists. It also has a museum that has various things like arms, costumes, paintings, and other items from the Rajput era to show case in this generation best places to visit in Jodhpur.

#2. Umaid Bhavan Palace

Credit: Anamika Gupta

Jodhpur is a city that speaks royalty and palaces are the best thing to speak about royalty.  On that note, we are talking about one of the best palaces of Jodhpur which is the Umaid Bhavan palace. The Umaid Bhavan palace is built on the highest points of the city which makes it a huge one. To begin with, the palace is a really beautiful one.

Umaid Bhavan palace was a residential palace for the Royal family of Jodhpur and still a part of it is reserved for them for staying. There are 347 rooms in the palace and by this you can feel how grand the palace would be.  

The architectural style of the palace is in the amalgamated styles of Indians and Europeans. If you have an eye for the architectural details then you will feel the royalty in every corner. The pictures taken at the palace are incredibly gorgeous and you will have some amazing backdrops for the shots.

Then the other parts of the palace are converted into a museum and also a luxury hotel. The normal tourists can explore all these and not the residential area. You can visit the palace and have a tour there but you can also book rooms in the hotel and enjoy luxury at its best. We totally think it is worth spending your hard earned money on. It will be an experience of a lifetime.

#3. Mansuria Hills garden

Credit: Priyanka Yadav Rajasthan

One of the most amazing and refreshing places to visit in Jodhpur is the Mansuria hills garden. It is a beautiful place and mostly the tourists visit the place because of it being an iconic spot in the city. On the top of the Masuria hills, is built the gorgeous Masuria hills garden. So, it is a beautiful garden that is built on the hills. The place is famous for having mesmerizing sunrise and the soothing sunset views.

So, either you can choose the sunrise time or the sunset time to visit the place. The views of both these hour are amazing. It is in between the city but the atmosphere here is magical and surreal. You will suddenly feel that you have come to another place. To leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city, this place is ideal and we would recommend you to go there and not take it lightly.

The place is totally Instagram friendly and you can take a lot of pictures at various spots in this place. From the top, you can view the panoramic view of the Jodhpur city which is insane.

The view of the old buildings, blue houses, golden desert, everything looks beyond magical. The Citysearch looks dazzling for sure mixed with a lot of colors. When you are here, do visit the famous temples that are located there and also have a meal at the best restaurant there with the most gorgeous view.

#4. Jaswant Thada

Credit: Aalm Ali

Close to Mehrangarh fort to the left of it is the Jaswant Thada which was built in the memory of Maharaji Jaswant Singh. It is a royal cenotaph built in his commemoration. This cenotaph has two tombs inside.

Talking about the palace, it has paintings of the Rathore rulers, pretty ponds, carved gazebos and a beautiful multi-level garden. This fort is really gorgeous and a perfect place to relax. Spending hours sitting in the lawn area and admiring the beauty of the fort is super soothing. You can admire the architecture which looks amazing and is purely royal.

Also, now let us tell you about the architectural details of the fort or the palace. To begin with, the style and the design is considered as a brilliant piece in Indian history. It is built of intricately carved sheets of the beautiful white marbles.

Places to visit in Jodhpurs the stones that are used for the construction are extremely thin and finely polished. And because of these polished stones, the outside surface of the monuments emits a dazzling glow when the sun’s rays fall on it. Once you reach the terrace, you can view the beautiful sights of the cenotaphs too. You can also see the gorgeous marble jail work on the cenotaph from the terrace.

Visit the place for spending some time in royalty, to view the incredible architecture, to do some photography and get back with some fabulous shots, and to explore the culture of the early Rajputs. Also, to go up the Thada, you have to take the rocky hills path which is picturesque too.

#5. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

Credit: Mukesh Kaushik

Done with enough of grandeur palaces and forts in this Rajasthani city? Well, we can understand that Jodhpur is a all about gorgeous buildings and amazing architecture, but we are giving you a break here. Here, is a park that is amazing and you must visit when you are around here. The ecologists had a great idea in mind about creating this park in 2006.

They wanted to preserve the natural wasteland near the Mehrangarh Fort and also preserve the native plant species. And because of this fabulous reason, they decided to construct this beautiful park. It is also a park open for the locals and the tourists to explore. It looks different in different seasons because of the changing foliage. Whatever time you are visiting, make sure to find out the beauty of this place during that specific time.

If you love having some peaceful time and would love to spend time in the nature then this is the place for you. The park is a huge one that is spread in an area of 72 hectares. In this park, you will find a lot of volcanic rocks and sandstone formations here. There is a native plant nursery, interpretation gallery, small shop, and also a cafe to explore and check around, so you will not get bored.

It is a nice place to have a break from exploring the city and chill with your loved ones in the area filled with different kind of greenery.


These stunning places of Jodhpur make the city have a prominent mark on the bucket list of the travelers. The beauty of the city is incomplete without visiting these places, strolling in the old streets amidst the blue buildings and trying out various Rajasthani delicacies.

Jodhpur will give you the sight and idea of how the royal Rajput rulers led their life. The city is a perfect blend of traditional and modern contemporary life which is totally different from the city life yet has all the city life facility. The vine of the city is positive and totally amazing. Do you have these places in your bucket list as well? We are sure they must be! Happy tripping and cheers to adventure.

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