7 Best Places to visit in Jaipur

Places to visit in Jaipur – We could define Jaipur as 3Ps – pink, pretty, and picturesque. Will you agree? Well, if you have been in the city or if you love the city through the Internet pictures then I am quite sure that you would be loving the Jaipur city for sure.

Jaipur is one of the most desirable Indian cities to visit as many times as possible in your lifetime. The capital city of the state has a contemporary lifestyle where all the modern facilities along with an ancient touch prevails. You can actually see a Mercedes and a camel in the same road in the middle of the traffic. Yes, that is Jaipur city for you along with a lot of other things.

Leaving aside the offbeat things for later, here we are talking about the mainstream places of the city. Here we are talking about the 7 most famous places of the city. So, you know, that if you are in the city, you cannot miss out in being at these places.

#1. Amber Fort

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Amber Fort Jaipur or the Amer fort is a beautiful fort in the Jaipur city that is really famous among st the tourists. It is actually not in Jaipur but at a place called Amer that is 11 kms from Jaipur. It is a total picturesque fort of the city that welcomes tourists all year round.

The walls of the Fort are extremely high and formidable. A lot of colors and mirrors are involved in the making of the walls and the major interiors of the Fort. During the evening, the view of the fort looks breathtaking with all the lighting and mirrors. Visit the fort both the time during the daytime as well as during the night time to view the different perspectives of the fort.

If you are a photography or an architecture enthusiast then exploring the fort during the daytime will be worthwhile because the fort has a lot of intricate patterns and detailing to pay enough attention to.

The best part is entering the fort on the back of an elephant through an elephant ride because that feels royal and like a local for sure. Do not miss out this leisure when you are around. These are the experiences that add on to your trip and make them memorable.

#2. Nahargarh Fort

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The most epic and our personal favorite palace or fort of Jaipur has to be the Nahargarh fort. We love the grandeur appeal and look of this palace. The huge walls, the yellow golden color, the grandeur architecture, the heavenly campus, everything about this palace are so pleasant and glorious to even state their beauty in words.

Talking technical yet mesmerizing facts of the fort, let us tell you that it is built up high on the Aravalli ranges hence it looks like never ending while going upwards. It is constructed on the uphill slope.

The Nahargarh fort in Jaipur overlooks the entire Jaipur city and it is such a delightful sight. The fort is also said to be the abode of the Indian tigers and you may spot some of them in the fort in the far away area. Yes, they totally make for a crazy sight in the fort.

The sunrise and the sunset view from the fort is a famous experience. You must experience this and go around either time for the fort exploration. The sunset views are more highly rated so we would root that for you.

The palace looks royal and heavenly. You will surely return with tonnes of pictures from various spots of the Nahargarh fort Jaipur.

#3. City Palace

Credit: Amit verma

The City Palace is one illustrious buildings of the city that is build in the architectural style of Rajputs, Mughals, and Europeans. The style of the architecture is on an amalgamation basis which has turned out to be extremely gorgeous and eye pleasing.

It is a beautiful palace with a huge veranda and it is a typical sight for most of the Rajput palaces. The palace is a colorful one with lots of light and dark shade of colors. It looks beautiful with different floors, windows, and other things. You will also find a lot of detailing in the interiors.

Every wall and every corner of the palace has something incredible to offer. The interiors and the exteriors are obviously to get you hooked to the beauty of the palace. There is a section of the palace that is been converted into a museum and the museum is open for touring purposes. The museum shows the Rajput area, their history, their velour, their bravery, their story, through the artifacts, weapons, and also the handicrafts of the royal era.

The different sections of the palace have amazing and intricate things to explore. Also, each section of the palace is picturesque to the core and people are found clicking tonnes of pictures at these spots.

#4. Hawa Mahal

Credit: Rohanmintoo ( Places to visit in Jaipur )

The most famous and the most iconic place of Jaipur is the Hawa Mahal. If every Indian knows Jaipur by just one monument then it has to be the epic Hawa Mahal. From the history books to the main tourism pages, we have heard about the Hawa Mahal almost everywhere.

To begin with, it is airy mahal and that is why it is called as Hawa Mahal. It has 953 huge windows and that makes is quite airy. Hawa Mahal was constructed for the Rajput women to check out the celebrations happening in the city without coming down on the streets. And this is the reason why the Mahal has so many windows.

It is a 5 storeyed Mahal with no stairs or lifts at all. There is a connecting slope to these stores to move around the different floors with the construction in the Rajput style. The sandstone are used for the construction of this Mahal in the red and pink colors.

The overall rust pink color looks so fabulous. The tourists are allowed to explore the mahal in and out and it is worth it all. It is situated in the main road in Jaipur and is the most popular point of attraction. Visit the Hawa Mahal according to the Hawa Mahal timings though.

#5. Jal Mahal

Credit: Beautiful Diaries ( Places to visit in Jaipur )

Jal Mahal means a mahal or a palace in the water. Yes, this is freaking true! There is a palace in Jaipur that is in the water and you can view that palace in real. If you know about the palace already, you love the city just like us and if you don’t, then here we are helping you with the facts.

Jal Mahal Jaipur is a palace inside the lake. Half of the palace is inside the water and you have to go inside to view that, and you are allowed to do that. And the other half is visible over the lake.

The Jal Mahal Jaipur has 5 storeys and the 4 storeys are beneath the water in the lake. The 4 floors of the palace are inside the water and that is really cool. You can go inside and explore the palace areas in the water. Hats off to the thought and to the construction! The palace always looks tremendous but during the night it looks like a heavenly body with tonnes of lights on. The view of it from a distant is totally unreal.

There are a lot of wild migratory birds chirping around the palace who make for a gorgeous sight too.

#6. Jaigarh Fort

Credit: History tv18 ( Places to visit in Jaipur)

Jaigarh fort is another famous and gorgeous forts of the city. This fort is also given the name as the Viceroy fort of India. The world’s largest canon called as the Jaivana is placed in the Jaigarh fort. This is such a matter of pride for the Rajputs and for all the Indians rather.

Obviously, the fort is in Rajasthan and hence it was built by the Rajputs. This was not a residence fort for them but they build this fort for storing and securing their weapons that they would use in the battle and wars. This was built for the security reasons and for defense for themselves. Majorly, it was build to safe guard and secure the Amer fort Jaipur.

The Jaigarh fort Jaipur is situated on the Cheel Ka Tilla which means the Hill of the Eagles. It is also situated in the Aravalli ranges. If you go to the top of the fort, you will see that it overlooks the Amer fort and the Maota lake. More than anything, it is such a glorious fort to even miss a trip to.

There are various palace complexes, museum, and a armoury inside the fort. Also, Jaigarh fort Jaipur and Amer fort Jaipur are connected through a passage and they are counted as one palace complex.

#7. Central Park

Credit: Travel The Globe ( Places to visit in Jaipur )

Central park Jaipur is the largest park of the Jaipur city. If you are someone fond of parks and nature, then you got to visit the Central Park without giving it a miss. It is constructed by the Jaipur development authority. It is also in the center of the Jaipur city.

Hence, the name Central park is given to it. The park has a beautiful lush green garden, polo ground, and a golf club as well. It is very human friendly with a walking and a jogging track. And yes, the people of Jaipur, do visit the place for exercising and jogging.

The other eye catching sight in the park is that of the migratory birds that come here throughout the year. The other attractions of the Central park are temple, stone states, and the fountains. It is totally worth visiting and just chilling around doing nothing.

When you are too tired of exploring the forts and the whole city, the Central park is a great place to unwind.


There is a lot more to the pink city than just the pink houses and the pink palaces. Don’t you think? We think it is quite a colorful city and no, we don’t demean pink in any way too. And we love the vibe of the Jaipur city to the core.

We can bet you that your trip to Jaipur would be nothing if you don’t visit these places out of a lot of other places that the city is famous for. Don’t miss out on the major activities of the city like camel riding, elephant riding, boating, and riding on the rickshaws. We prefer exploring like the locals. It is the best way.

Also, sorry about the over usage of words like gorgeous, breathtaking, splendid, marvellous, beautiful etc because each of the mentioned places are so freaking awesome that it was hard to not compliment them.

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