5 Best Places to Visit in Indonesia 

Places to Visit in Indonesia – The lush rain forests along with the active volcanoes! This combination is beautifully deadly and what is the first thing that comes to your mind on the name of this combo? Okay, let us help you. Indonesia is a beautiful group of islands by the Pacific ocean surrounded by the marine archipelago and house to the exotic flora and fauna. This island is said to be the most oceanic fulfilled country having abundance of natural beauty.

Some known and very common facts about Indonesia, the island country, are the beautiful beaches, gorgeous islands, but there are other aspects to the country too that is adventurous enough to pump your heart to the next level. The places to visit in Indonesia make this island country one of the top in the tourism charts of Asia. 

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Places to Visit in Indonesia

This island nation is one of the most popular tourist destinations from India with a lot of people visiting it for their exotic vacation. The island nation is known for natural beauty, serene beaches, and all things pretty and picturesque that sounds amazing for a peaceful honeymoon site. Hence, Bali and some other parts of Indonesia are welcoming the honeymooners in the heavy numbers. But, over these there are a lot of experiences to try our hands on when in Indonesia. 

The weather in Indonesia is of the tropical kind. It is the split by the equator, hence it has a tropical climate throughout. The humidity of the area is quite high. The months between May to September are the best to visit Indonesia. It is not monsoons in Indonesia at this time and the weather is mostly dry and sunny. So, it is a good time to explore Indonesia and absorb it’s real vibe. The monsoons in Indonesia are however not the best time to explore the country. 

Even if the country is a small one, there are tonnes of gorgeous places to visit there and try a different kind of experience in all of these cities. Here are some of the top places to visit in Indonesia as per the kind of vacation you would want. 

#1 Bali


The best place and the king of all the places in Indonesia have to be Bali. Bali is the most loved vacation paradise for everyone currently especially for the Indians. This beach destination of Indonesia is a splendid place to be at while on a vacation. Imagine yourself at a vacation where you are chilling by the beach and are watching the most beautiful sunset, get back to the exotic resorts and have a cocktail by the pool, party hard at night at some of the club, and wake up to the most beautiful sunrise.

Bali makes all these things happen. Bali is one of the most aesthetic cities of the world filled with marvellous architecture throughout. The temples of the city, the islands, beaches, and the local shops of the city are the major attractions of the city. 

Also, not to forget that we Indians are lucky enough to have a budgeted vacation to Bali anytime we want. 

Things to Do in Bali

  • Visit some of the gorgeous temples like the Saraswati temple, Petitenget temple, Uluwatu temple, Tanah Lot temple, and others
  • Visit the most gorgeous islands of the city like Nusa Dua and the Nusa Penida
  • Go to explore the wildlife and exotic flora and fauna of the city at the Ubud monkey forest, Elephant safari park in Ubud, and go for a camel ride at the Nikko beach
  • Explore the beautiful beaches of the city like Sanur beach, Gunung Payung beach, Seminyak beach, Kuta beach, Pantai Geger beach, and Lovina beach
  • Go for sight-seeing the major spots of the city like Blanco Renaissance Museum, Tegalalang rice field, Campuhan ridge walk, underwater world in submarine, shell museum, Seminyak Square, Tirta Empul, and Mount Batur
  • Shop at some of the flea markets and other markets like the Ubud traditional art market, Kuta night market, and other local markets. 

Places to Visit in Bali

Here are some of the places to visit in Indonesia Bali

  • Ubud, the aesthetic place
  • Kuta, the land of the exotic beaches
  • Seminyak, the most happening area of the city
  • Nusa Dua, the most beautiful island and the most famous touristy place

#2 Jakarta


From the top places to visit in Indonesia, Jakarta marks for the second one in the country. It is the Capital city of Indonesia which is explicitly beautiful but an underrated town when it comes to beauty and tourism. The place is known for a variety of cuisines and languages that are highly influenced by the Chinese, Arab, Malay, Indian, European, and Javanese cultures. The architecture of the entire Jakarta city is also quite unique and is inspired by all these cultures and traditions.

There is a lot of heritage of Jakarta style to explore here in the city. The Chinatown of the city, Glodok, and the old port Sunda Kelapa are the spots where the traditional schooners dock. Kota Tua is the old town of the city that is the home to the Dutch colonial buildings. 

With a contrast to the heritage spots there are modern places in the city too to attract the visitors. The travellers are going to have a fantastic sight-seeing kind of tour in Jakarta. Jakarta shows a totally different side of Indonesia other than Bali which is mostly about the laid back vibe. Also, not to miss that Jakarta has a lot of picturesque spots around to capture in the camera. 

Things to Do in Jakarta

  • Explore the mixed delightful architecture of the city
  • Go for sight-seeing at various places
  • Enjoy the sailboats ride at Senda Kualapa Port
  • Visit the National galleries and the National museum
  • Explore the Thousand islands and go island hopping
  • Try the variety of cuisines and have a great time 
  • Explore the Dutch Colonial buildings 

Places to Visit in Jakarta

  • Ancol Dreamland
  • Ragunan Zoo
  • Monas tower
  • Thousand Islands
  • Taman Mini
  • Ancol Beach city
  • Istiqlal Mosque
  • National Museum
  • Kota Tua
  • National gallery of Indonesia
  • Jakarta Cathedral
  • Sunda kelapa Port
  • Atlantis water adventure 

#3 Yogyakarta


One of the lesser known places to visit in Indonesia is Yogyakarta also known as Jogja. If you are an offbeat traveller who loves to explore the underrated places around the world that are untouched by the human interference then Yogyakarta, Indonesia is one of those places. This place would fill in your budget by all means while taking you on a ride of pleasing vintage architecture. 

It is the only royal city of Indonesia that is still ruled by the act of monarchy. Heritage and the traditional arts rule this city. From the ancient era, there are tonnes of places around the city to explore and gain enough knowledge while you capture their beauty in the camera. It is more of a picturesque city than anything else. To know the history of Indonesia, visit this place. 

There is also an active volcano in the city that is the king of all the gorgeous attractions. This can definitely be counted as the places to visit in Indonesia with family on a budget. You are going to have a splendid holiday over here with the entire family. Safely this city can be called as the cultural soul of Indonesian island. The unique thing about this island is that it shares the same island with Jakarta but both of these cities are totally different from each other. 

Things to Do in Yogyakarta

  • Explore and witness the most gorgeous site of the active volcano in the city. 
  • Go sight-seeing and explore the architectural delight
  • Explore the traditional arts and crafts of the city
  • Chill at the beaches 
  • Explore the royalty of the place while knowing about the history
  • Go for the temple tour
  • Explore the major places like caves, national parks etc
  • Click and keep clicking tonnes of gorgeous pictures 

Places to Visit in Yogyakarta

  • Merapi Volcano
  • Sinden beach
  • Jomblang cave
  • Timang Beach
  • Kalibiru National Park
  • Watu Lumbung beach
  • Kedung Kandang waterfall
  • Prambanan temple

#4 Java


A beautiful city lies between Bali and Sumatra and that is Java. It is basically the volcano dotted island and the economic centre of Indonesia. In fact, Jakarta is the largest city in Java and this shows that more than half of the people of Indonesia live here. Java is also the biggest island of Indonesia. The busiest cities and the most famous sights of Indonesia are in Java.

Bali kind of steals all the limelight for being the most ideal vacation destination while it sidelines all these fantastic places. Bali has a lot of things to offer too but these places like Java and Jojga need more recognition and their tourism need to develop their marketing. The iconic beauties of Indonesia are in Java. 

One can go for trekking here, hop at the island, chill at the beaches, witness the active volcanoes, and do a lot more crazy stuff here and make the most of their trip. Java is not very ideal for being a honeymoon spot in Indonesia but for solo trips or for group trips, this place is gorgeous. 

Things to do in Java

  • Visit the different mountain ranges and have the view from the top. It is the most common touristy thing to do when in Java. 
  • Sight-seeing all the places because all of them are beautiful and they are all ready to give unique experiences. 
  • Architectural and cultural tour of the city. 

Places to Visit in Java

  • Dieng Plateau
  • Mount Merbabu
  • Baturraden
  • Mount Bromo
  • Mount Semeru
  • Ijen crater
  • House of Sampoerna
  • Grand mosque of Bandung
  • Patenggang Lake
  • Mount Gede
  • Citumang

#5 Papua


Finally, ending the list of the best places to visit in Indonesia with this one that a lot of you might not have heard about! It’s Papua. When it comes to tourism, this city in Indonesia is extremely overrated. This island is known for its biological and cultural diversity. The rainforests and the mountains of this island are inhibited by the Indigenous Melanesian tribes.

The island is also known for its varied wildlife that includes some weird animals like tree kangaroos and birds of paradise. Trust this Indonesian city for the best scenery out there with a plethora of architectural beauties throughout. This is a paradise for diving enthusiasts as well as one can enjoy the best diving in the world. Irian Jaya is its another name. 

This one is a lot more naturally beautiful place as it has a lot more rainforests and waterfalls. The nature lovers are going to find their paradise here. The only drawback about Papua is that reaching here takes some time and can be accessed only through the boat. In its defence of this drawback, this also happens to be the last untouched spots of Indonesia which means no human hindrance and a lot of serenity with natural beauty. 

Things to Do in Papua

  • Visit the prettiest location of the city which is the Love lake and enjoy some serene time there and click pretty pictures
  • Have the cave tour because Indonesia trip is incomplete without that
  • Go for hiking at the Puncak Java 
  • Visit the National Parks and the caves around the city 

Places to Visit in Papua

  • Goa Jepang cave
  • Raja Ampat
  • Jayapura
  • Puncak Jaya
  • Lorentz National park
  • Kaimana Islands
  • Love Lake 


Indonesia is a small country but still these places to visit in Indonesia makes this country one of the best in the world to explore. Lately, we all know how Indonesia’s tourism has increased and all thanks to Bali for this for being such an amazing welcoming place. Out of the all five places to visit in Indonesia explained above, Bali forms the majority of the tourism of the country. But, all of these places in the country are also worth visiting. Indonesia is one of the best places from India to go on an International trip on a budget. The country is beautiful and is ready enough to give you all the beautiful experiences. Get ready to head out to the exotic vacation to Indonesia and not just Bali this time, the other four places as well. 

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