10 Best Places to visit in Hyderabad

Places to visit in Hyderabad – The city of Nizams, is declared the best city in India in terms of lifestyle and establishing a life for the unbars in the best urban setting. You must be knowing Hyderabad for a lot good reasons and one reason it being the world capital of biryani.

So, the foodies and the biryani lovers around the world love and know Hyderabad for this. Hyderabad is one of the most gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing cities of our country that is rich in everlasting glory of the past. The Nizam culture of the city is also called as the New York of India and why would you not want to explore that.

The city of pearls has a modern day culture, old traditions, young crowd, racing lifestyle, and the historical attractions. To be honest, the city is a lot more than the hyped biryani scenes and the Chaar Minar. To taste a bit of the Hyderabad, one of the fanciest cities of India then check out some of the best places to visit in Hyderabad.

#1. Chaar Minar of Hyderabad

Credit: Prana Rawal

Of course, clichés have their place first and going by that rule we welcome you to the gorgeous Chaar Minar. But, also aren’t clichés a classic? Chaar Minar is the major point of attraction in the city which lies in the heart area. Cazia style is the architectural style of the minar.

The Minar has 4 minarets which are 48.7 metre tall, mosque inside, and also 45 prayer spaces. So, it is a huge Minar to explore while taking loads of pictures for the gram of course.

To skip the crowd inside and around the Minar, visit the Minar early in the morning for gorgeous views. The market area around the Minar has some amazing stuff to check out and also do some local shopping. The Chaar Minar of Hyderabad is the major glorious landmark of the city. It is an epitome of art and architecture in the city.

#2. Golconda Fort

Credit: Encouraging Travelling

A fort that is huge and incredible to explore in terms of beauty, art, architecture, and history is none other than the famous Golconda fort Hyderabad. The word Golconda is derived from the Golla Konda that means Shepherd’s hill. You will enough of acoustic effects in the fort while exploring.

Well, obviously there are the normal things to explore in the Golconda fort like the palaces and everything normal but there are quite some creepy things to explore. One creepy thing is the whispering wall which is the main center of attraction for the visitors. The Fateh Darwaza sound effect is another spooky thing to explore wherein you clap at Fateh Darwaza and its sound will be clearly heard at the Bala Hissar which is 1 km away.

You can also shop some handicrafts here along with enjoying the musical and light show.

#3. Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad

Credit: Himanshi Purohit

To begin with, the Ramoji film city in Hyderabad is the biggest film studio in the world and holds a Guiness book record for this. This is an honour for India and Indian film industry for sure. The film studio is open for the tourists to explore and see the insights of some films and the sets as well.

The lawns and various other parts of the film city is used in many Bollywood and Tollywood films for shooting. You can tour the entire film city, have meal at the in house restaurants, and also have an eco tour over there. The Ramoji film city timings is from 9 am to 6pm and is open on all days except Sunday.

It is the foundation of the reel world.

#4. Nehru Zoological Park

Credit: Annu Godara

Apart from the forts and other historical places of the country, Nehru zoological park is one of the places to explore in the city. It is a huge park spread in an area of 300 acres and it has a huge number of wildlife animals who are delight to explore.

It is famous for wildlife exploration, zoo are, and also for the in park rides. The main attractions of the park include Children’s train, safari park, safari ride, nocturnal animal house, picnics, and battery operated vehicles, and history museums. The main wildlife attractions of the place are Orangutan, rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger, white tiger, lions, cobra, giant tortoises, and the star tortoises.

You got to visit here for some exploring and being in the environment of wildlife.

#5. Qutb Shahi Tombs

Credit: Sven Punt

There were a series of 7 forts that belonged to the Qutubuddin dynasty and the Qutub Shahi tombs are the heritage tombs of the city. The architecture of the Qutub Shahi tombs are a blend of Persian and Hindu style and that makes it quite unique.

The tomb is build on a raised platform and also has some intricate stone work on the arches. It is at a walking distance from the Golconda fort and explore all the 7 tombs from the place.

You can also shop some local handicrafts over here which are really pretty to ignore. It is solely the resting ground of royalty. It is inside the premises of the Ibrahim park. You can get a lot of great backdrops for the pictures here.

#6. Belum Caves

Credit: Kshreyaas

The Belum caves is known for its speleologists. And if you are someone who loves exploring such places then you would love to know that this is the largest and longest cave system in India. You will find galleries, long passages, siphons, spacious caverns with fresh water, and some intriguing things here.

It is really informative and entertaining to explore such places and especially this one. It is located in the Kornool district in Andhra Pradesh. There are various sections in the caves to explore and they are also of the biological and historical importance.

Belum caves timings is from 10 am to 5.30 pm. You will learn a lot of things about Indian history while exploring the Belum caves.

#7. NTR Gardens

Credit: Harshal Wagh

From all the epic and the old places to visit in Hyderabad, this one is quite new but totally refreshing. If you are a peace and a nature lover this is the place that you have to be in.

You will surely have a soulful time here wherein you can give a lot of time to your mind, soul, body, and heart. Also, in the millennial lingo, it is a very Instgrammable garden. You will find a lot of cute spots to click pictures at. It is open for 24 hours on all days so you don’t have a time restriction here.

NTR Gardens can be a great place for you to skip the monotony of exploring the busy city and having some leisure time for yourself.

#8. Horsley Hills

Credit: Akshatha Bhat

It is just not one hill but a series of hills in the Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. The local or the original name of the hills was Yenugu Mallama Konda after a legendary women who was fed up by the elephants there. You will find some amazing flora and fauna at the place with some Samba deer, sloth bear, and wild boar. The major birds that are found in the place are yellow throated bulbul, white rumped shama, black eagle, and also some different kinds of toads.

The main attractions around this point are Gali Bandalu, Kalyani, and the View Point. The temperature ranges up between 15 degrees to 30 degrees centigrade.

#9. Chowmallaha Palace

Credit: Prudhvi Chowdary

In the city of Nizams, it is impossible to not explore the palace of the Nizams which is the Chowmahalla palace. To experience the rich Nizam culture, you got to visit the Chowmalla palace for sure. Also, let us tell you that you will love the vibe and the architectural style of the palace. This was the royal residence of the Nizams. The history, architecture, art, and the glory of the palace intrigues the travellers to know more about the Nizam culture.

Chowmallah means four palaces and you can explore the 4 palaces inside. It is located in the old area of the city near the Chaar Minar. The courtyard, halls, bangle, and everything about the palace is really very beautiful. You must not miss out on exploring this.

#10. Hussai Sagar Lake  

Credit: Janmojit Nath

Do you know which is the largest artificial lake of Asia? Yes, you got this correct. It is the Hussain Sagar lake that is in Hyderabad and also makes for a great tourist place in the city.

Hyderabad and Secunderabad are the two twin cities and this lake connects these both. Another major attraction of the lake is the huge statue of Buddha that stands 15 m tall in the middle of the lake. You can visit the lake to chill and relax while also engaging in water sports like cruising, boating, skiing, and parasailing. You can also visit the tomb of Saidani Maa Saheba.

The lake for the tourists is open on all days from 9 am to 9.30 pm and there is no charges for entry but you got to oay some extra bucks for boating.


If not for having a standard life in the city, you can always fall back to explore the city and trust us that Hyderabad is worth visiting and exploring not once but even a lot of time. Also, it is called the City of Pearls so if you are in the city make sure to try your hands buying some real authentic pearls as well.

On the side note, a lot of the places mentioned above are also declared as the World Heritage Sight by UNESCO. The charismatic city of Hyderabad would keep you hooked enough for days and that’s a guarantee. So, when are you planning for a trip? Cheers to adventures!

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