20 Best Places to Visit in February

Places to Visit in February – 2019 is blessing us with a lot of long weekends and it is obviously a good news. And for the travelers and the travel enthusiasts, it is probably the best thing ever. And even the month of February has long weekends and you can plan some great trip during that time.

If you are thinking about the places to visit during the month of February in India, let us help you. After all, we are here for this for you, aren’t we?

Here we have curated a list of 20 places that are best to visit during February. Keeping the weather, crowd condition, and the beauty of the place, we have specially these places over others that are favorable for February touring.


You may feel the sudden rush and need to book the tickets so be prepared for that.

#1. Goa

Credit: Saujanya Sane

No matter what age you are, I am quite sure that I do not have to stress about this. Goa has to be our first place in the list of any Indian holiday blogs. Goa holds a fond place in everyone’s heart. It is truly said that one cannot have enough of Goa and Goa is a state that is capable of surprising everyone with something new all the time.

During February, Goa is fabulous and looks totally exotic. It is not cold during this time in Goa and that is the best part. You can explore beaches, clubs, flea markets, Goan shacks, and also try out some adventure activities that Goa excels in. The best part is that it is not the peak season to visit Goa so you can have the entire trip on a budget.

#2. Agra

Credit: Rebeca Almonacid

Agra is one of the most beautiful places in our country in terms of ancient architecture and monuments. Agra is splendid to roam around and explore the gullies, lanes, old buildings, modern infrastructure, the ancient monuments, latest hotels, and so much more.

There is needless to stress or pay light on the famous Mughal monuments of the city but Taj Mahal, Sikandra Fort, Itmad-us-Daulah, Red Fort, Agra Fort are some of the best monuments to explore.

Agra is famous for street food and you cannot miss that. Agra is mostly hot and humid so February is the best time to visit the place. Also a tip, do not miss the sunrise view of the Taj Mahal. We totally assure you that this city is one of the most Instagrammable cities of the country. You will return with tonnes of gorgeous pictures in gorgeous locations.

#3. Mumbai

Credit: Abhijeet Matkar

Mumbai is one of the most beautiful cities of our country and this is the city that has it all. Some gorgeous British ancient architecture, vintage Indian buildings, modern infrastructure, contemporary setting, and a modern lifestyle is what sums up this city. Also, just as a tourist there is a lot to explore here and you will not get a time bored in exploring those gorgeous places.

Be it the cafes, restaurants, sea, or anything, you would just love to be there. Well, honestly, all the year round it is amazing to visit Mumbai and have a stay there but February is quite pleasant comparatively. During the summers, the weather gets a bit over the top. Mumbai is always flooded with a lot of tourists and its tourists spots are never less crowded.

#4. Puri

Credit: Bhupesh Bajaj

Puri is a very cool and a very popular beach holiday destination in Orissa. Puri is famous for holidays with friends, family get together, and also for destination weddings. Apart from the beach there is a very famous temple of Lord Johnathan which people visit on their trip. You can easily take a bus service and explore the whole place in a day. They take you to all the major attractions and give you enough time to explore the place.

Konark is near to Puri and people do visit the place for some gorgeous architecture and having a great time. Puri has a hot and a humid climate for the most time of the year, so February is a great time for it. Puri beach is a vibrant and a huge one to spend some quality time.

#5. Udaipur


The city of lakes is considered to have some of the breath taking scenes that would stay with you forever. Commenting on the beauty of this place will totally be an understatement. Unlike other cities of Rajasthan, this one is quite modern and the blend of contemporary India is more. The places like the City Palace, Saheliyon ki Bari, Sajjangarh Palace, vintage car museum. gardens, etc are some of the popular places of the city.

Talking about the lakes, there are quite a few of them with incredible sight and settings like the Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Dheber Lake, Udai Sagar Lake to name a few. You can spend enough time on the streets of the city and explore the not so popular but beautiful places too.

#6. Varanasi

Credit: Varanasi Ghats

The city of the culture, heritage, spiritualism, religiousness, and beauty is what describes Varanasi at its best. To view the true colors of India and to explore each side of India, you got to visit Varanasi and stay there for few days and explore the city and the lifestyle of the locals. From the sight of the Ganga Aarti in the evening to go boating on the other side of the river during the sunset time, everything about the city is magical and gives you such a different view of the country.

The city has a perfect blend of extreme modern culture with a total traditional lifestyle. The lanes, gullies, buildings, people, everything in the city has a story to tell if you closely observe them. Not much has changed in the city, yet there are a lot of changes in it.

#7. Kodaikanal

Credit: Yogesh Bhat

Talking about some of the hill stations that you can visit during the month of February and not freeze a lot is Kodaikanal. The best part is that it is not like any other typical hill station but a hill station of South India with its own specialties.

If you have been a lover of tea gardens, coffee plantations, greenery, and hills then Kodaikanal is the best place for you. Most of the summer months are good for visiting this place but February is totally ideal to chill and de stress in a pleasing ambiance.

The hill station is really very pretty and fancy to stay in huts and cottages and enjoy some late winter moments in the South Indian style.

#8. Gulmarg


How can you not include Kashmir when it comes to travelling the best places in India! Just like a lot of other cities of the country, Gulmarg is also totally beautiful and totally amazing to visit throughout the year. The best part of the state is that it has something new to offer every month and during February it is most pleasing giving you the happiness of both late and early winters.

You can spend enough time on the snow, in the wooden cottages, and take the full advantage of winter weather in not very extreme but bearable climate.

#9. Kolkata


Kolkata is kind of underrated in terms of travel when it comes to explore the best of India. But Kolkata is one of the most fascinating places in India to spend considerable amount of time. Kolkata is famous for being hot and humid for the most parts of their life and winters are literally the best time to spend in the city. February would allow you to explore the streets, British buildings, touristy places, and the streets of Kolkata at utmost ease.

Just like Varanasi, it is also a place for exploring the rich heritage of Indian culture. You will come across some of the beautiful British buildings, sight of the ancient India, and a blend of modern Indian touch as well. Do not ever miss out on trying the desserts and chai of the city.

#10. Jaisalmer

Credit: Rangilo Rajasthan

Talking about the beautiful cities of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer has to be there on the top of them. Spending time in the deserts and trying out the camel safari is literally not possible during the extreme weathers so February makes for the best time to explore the city. For the people who love Rajasthan and would want to check out the actual or the mythical side of Rajasthan that you have always heard about, you have to visit Jaisalmer.

Apart from the popular sand dunes and camel safari there are a lot of famous palaces and monuments to explore and drool over the Indian architecture and the Rajput culture. The city boasts in spreading the goodness through some Rajasthani street food and you need to try that.

#11. Bangalore

Credit: Aditya

If you think that Bangalore is just a hi-fi city that is good for staying and settling and there is nothing to explore over there as a traveler, you are probably wrong. To all the people who love touring and touristic, Bangalore has some fancy spots like the Bangalore Palace, Tipu Sultan’s summer palace, the hilltop sunset point, parks, gardens, and so much more.

And if you are an adventure traveler and trekker then also Bangalore is a fabulous place for you. You can go on various road trips when you are in Bangalore to many cool places. Also, the weather of the city always greets you with a good mood. And in February, the destinations seem to bloom like never before.

#12. Ranthambore

Credit: Rachit Shah

Trips that do not have fun and adventure are simply riding in the cars without any excitement to either reach a destination or do something. And Ranthambore is a trip that is capable enough to give you excitement, rush, and total fun. The Ranthambore National park is one of the best national parks in the country to explore the wild side. A trip to the place with friends or even solo is going to be fun packed.

This is one of the best trips to do in Rajasthan in this month and give your February a kickstart.  

#13. Kutch

Credit: Our Kutch

Though the best time to visit Kutch is during the time of the Rann Utsav because it is all lit, fancy, and the best crowd from all over the world comes at that time. Honestly, everyone should visit Kutch during the Kutch festival because it is one of the best events of the country. But, that does not mean you cannot visit Kutch anytime later. You totally can because Kutch is such a dreamy and a pretty place. The sight of the never ending white sand is a pleasure for the eyes.

You can literally do camping, trekking, and some other adventure activities as well. It is a desert and the place will be hotter in the summer seasons and extremely cold during the winters so February and March has to be the best time.

#14. Jodhpur

Credit: Alyssa Ramos

Hell yes! Apparently, February is totally favorable for visiting Rajasthan. And Jodhpur is the next best place to visit on the state. If you are someone who is extremely attached to royal Rajput culture and ancient Indian architecture then do visit Jodhpur. Jodhpur is a fabulous place in a lot of terms. The blue city excels in giving you the glimpse of rich ancient India, colorful streets, vintage houses, and so much more.

Umaid Bhawan palace, Mehrangarh fort, jaswant thada, desrt rock park, camel safari are some of the best points of interest to visit and explore in the blue city of Jodhpur. If you are in Rajasthan and you do not visit palaces, how is that even possible. Get ready to spam your followers on the gram with a lot of blue feed.

15. Kaziranga National Park

kaziranga national park
Credit: Saevus Magazine ( Places to Visit in February )

The next best place to plan a trip to is the one and only Kaziranga National Park. Not only the tigers are fascinating in their natural habitat, even the one horned rhinoceros make for a delightful sight in their homes in Karaganda. A variety of birds and animals can be viewed in this place to make your love towards them even stronger. Talking about the flora of the place, the upright grasslands look the best during the month of February and make for some gorgeous sights.

Spending two to three days over here in the nature in between the wild animals is a surreal feeling that you don’t always get. It is soothing to next level and we suggest you to take some of these trips once in a while over the main stream trips.

#16. Sikkim

Credit: Diksha Ranjan ( Places to Visit in February )

Time and again, we have told you guys how much we love North East and how underrated it is in terms of beauty and travelling. But, a good thing of it being underrated is that the beauty of the place is untouched and unfiltered from the human hindrance. It is totally raw and Sikkim is one of the best places in the North East without a doubt. If you are someone who loves staying close to the nature then Sikkim is the best place to be in.

A week or atleast 4 to 5 days in Sikkim would be an amazing time to spend in the place. The vibe of the hill stations of the North East is something different and the experience is quite unique to be honest.

#17. Coorg

Credit: Jidhu Mg ( Places to Visit in February )

Coorg, the Scotland of India, is a place that we would recommend you to visit quite often. This is the place that you can visit for a leisure trip as well as for the adventure trip. It is super soothing to trek along the waterfalls that make for a gorgeous sight. The best sight is of the sights of the tea and the coffee plantations. If you are a tea or a coffee lover you got to spend some time here and do not forget to take fresh tea and coffee packets from the hill station.

In Coorg the landscapes keep changing from forests to streams and more. People from all over the world come here to spend some amazing time in the city. Last word for the place would be beautiful.

#18. Bir Billing

bir billing

( Places to Visit in February )

If you are an adventurer or an adventure enthusiast then you must already be knowing then Bir Billing is the best place in India for paragliding and it is the next best place in the world for paragliding. So, if you would love to try out such adventure activities then you know Bir is the place for you. Apart from paragliding, you can do some trekking, camping, and also some other adventure activities.

For the people who love leisure trips and would not want to such strenuous adventure sports then also you can totally go for a chilled out trip the place. The town is really very pretty and not a lot of crowd is always seen so it is an amazing and an offbeat place to holiday.

#19. Andaman and Nicobar

Credit: Vishal B ( Places to Visit in February )

If you thought we have done enough of hill stations, cities, and other places and you are feeling beach sick, then here is the place for all you beach lovers out there. Havelock island is a true heaven on earth for all the beach and the nature lovers. First things first, you would be glued to the clean and the serene beaches of the place. No matter how crowded it is, it is always serene and peaceful.

February is the best time to be in Andaman and spend some quality time in the place. You can try out some adventure activities like scuba diving, beach camping etc and leisure holiday ding sunbathing at the beach is obviously a fantastic option.

#20. Gokarna


Places to Visit in February

Gokarna is the most preferred weekend destination for the Bangalore peeps. You need to try the solitude beaches of Gokarna. It is basically a temple town that has now been turned into a tourist place as a lot of people visit the town. Trekking in Gokarna is really fun and not at all strenuous or tiring. After having a wild little trek, you can always get back to the beaches and enjoy sunbathing. The local market of the place is totally ideal for a delightful evening walk along with some shopping.

Along with some beautiful temples, there are few touristy places that you can check out in Gokarna. If you are not a touristy person, you can simply enjoy trekking near the beach or you can book a resort and chill for few days without any kind of hustle.


Now, we totally hope that you are all set to go out tripping in the month of February to these fabulous places. We have already helped you with the places, so now you just need to focus on getting the tickets done, taking a leave, planning the vacation, convincing your friends or family and settling with the rest of the chores.

Also, did we tell you that we also have some packages and trips on Togedr as well for some of these places? We also have various activities lined up in most of these places so make sure to check them out on our website as well. Happy tripping and cheers to adventures.

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