5 Best Places to visit in Dubai

Best Places to Visit in Dubai – While counting some of the blessings of the world in the form of the beautiful cities, most of us came to be united with Dubai. Yes, the glitzy, glamorous, and the glittering Dubai is a fantastic place to be at, at least as a tourist. Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’s holiday hot spot. The reason why Dubai is loved a lot by everyone especially Indians is because the city is near to India, is a food and fun zone, and somehow it feels like home.

Places to Visit in Dubai

Places to Visit in Dubai

The Dubai distance from India is just 2475 km. Dubai is a one stop destination for fashion, fun, food, family trips, and pleasant days. Sight-seeing the Dubai city is one of the best things to do here and explore. The landmarks, the cultural highlights, and the fashion side of the city makes it a loving destination for one and all. There are a plethora of places to explore in the city and here are the top places to visit in Dubai. 

For those who are planning a Dubai trip, consider these places on the top of your list. Yes, you got that right, these are the besets of all. 

Places to Visit in Dubai –

#1 Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Places to Visit in Dubai

You really have to be living under the rocks if you don’t know about this epic building. It can safely be called the landmark building of the Dubai city. It’s a no brainier why we began with Burj Khalifa specifically. It was called the Burj Dubai previously and is a skyscraper. Having 57 elevators, 8 escalators, and being at a height of 829.9 meters, this is the tallest building in the whole world.

Visit the 124th floor of this building to have a great experience. Be it watching the skyline, the view of the entire city from the top, and the views of the desert on one side and the ocean on the other is a fabulous thing to indulge in. 

Another interesting thing to do inside the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is to enjoy the view of the fountain show. It has about 6600 illumined lights and is the second largest fountain in the world. 

It opens from 8 am till 3 pm and then again from 3.30 pm to 6 pm. To avoid the long queue, it is always better to buy the tickets of the top floor online. It is located at 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd. The view of the place is drastically different in the sunlight and in the evening post sunset. AED 137 is the entry fee of Burj Khalifa. 

#2 Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Places to Visit in Dubai

The next one of the top places to visit in Dubai is the Dubai Miracle garden. You would have the most Instagram worthy pictures from this place. If you thought that Dubai was all about the tall buildings and the insane architecture, let us bring to your notice this beautiful garden. This garden happens to be the largest garden in the world in an area of 2000 square meters having 100 million flowers. 

It is not a typical green garden with just flowers all around. But there are various structures in the garden like the English style cottages, wind mills, and even the Burj Khalifa structure all made from different insanely pretty flowers. Isn’t it interesting and totally out of the blue!  

The garden remains open from 9 am to 9 pm and it is always better to be there during the working hours to avoid crowd. The entry fee for the same is around AED 56. To end this with, this is a wonderland created out of flowers that also have lights within them to lighten up your mood. This place would make you believe in miracles. It is situated at the Al Barsha South 3, Barsha, Dubailand Area. 

#3 Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

Places to Visit in Dubai

Not even exaggerating but Dubai Marina is one of the finest places to visit in Dubai and soak in the vibe of this city. For sure, Dubai trip is incomplete if you haven’t visited this place. FYI, this is the biggest man made marina and it says it all why you need to visit this place. The place has it all from the top eateries, boutiques, to waterfronts, to markets. This marina has ten regions created as an unmistakable group. Also, a fascinating part about the spot is that the Dubai marina walk that lines the water front also comes with a choice of the cosmopolitan eateries. So, a fun packed space, tbh! 

It is built in the stretch of the Persian gulf shoreline at a stretch of 3 km. Spare enough time to be at this place. The price or the entry charge for this place is around AED 105.14. The place is a heaven to enjoy, have fun, and click tonnes of beautiful pictures. You would be having a fun day when spent here. 

#4 Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek

Places to Visit in Dubai

In your Dubai trip, make sure to include the Dubai creek as one of the top places to visit. The Dubai creek is a landmark that separates the city into two towns with the Deira to the North and Bur Dubai to the South. It is a salt water brook and it closes at the Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary. The Dubai creek was once used the fishermen and the other tribes to stay here but now it is a place that hosts live shows, music, plays, and fireworks. The Al Seef, Al Muraqabat, and Al Rigga boulevards wake up amid the Dubai Shopping Festival. 

It is majorly because of the views of the sun that people like being here. The price or the entry fee for the spot is around AED 59. The view of the ocean and the boats make everything a lot better. The locals call these boats as the dhows. These dhows can be used for travelling across the creeks. 

In your tour, you would be having a good lively evening at this spot. Also, it is a great place to see the other side of Dubai. It is even better to visit the place when there is some show going on. 

#5 Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai

Places to Visit in Dubai

Talking about the best and the richest experiences to take away from Dubai, the desert safari thing has to be on the top 5. Desert safari in Dubai is one of the top rated things to do and get the feel of the city. Having a ride in the endless desert on a vehicle is something that we don’t do daily, right. Hence, this makes it elusive and fascinating. 

This is like an overall trip in the desert starting in the afternoon taking you to various posts with the first spot being the camel farm. From here, the view of the beautiful sunset is to admire and then head towards the camp side from where the camel rides in the sand dunes starts. Post this, sand boarding and henna designs are the activities to enjoy. The desert safari also comes with the option of barbecue dinners, lavish dinner at Shisha, and some Arabic belly dance performances on the go. 

The desert safari in Dubai takes place in the Dubai desert and the timings are from 3.30 pm to 9.30 pm. It happens on all days of the week. You would need to spend around AED 39 for the desert safari.


Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to say the least post describing about these gorgeous places of the city. Now you know these should be the top places to visit in Dubai in your Dubai trip. It would take around 2 to 3 days to cover these gorgeous places and make the most of it. And not only these but there are a lot more incredible places to visit in Dubai and that makes the city one of the lovable tourist destinations in the world.

Also, the best time to visit Dubai is from the months of November to March that is during the winter season. The weather in Dubai is pleasant only during these months and other than this time, it is quite hot in Dubai as it being the desert city. To avoid excessive heat, it is better to head out at this time of the year. 

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