10 Best Places to visit for a Day Outing in Delhi

Places to visit in Delhi – our very own capital city is quite a happening place when it comes to almost everything. If you are in Delhi, one thing is for sure that you will never get bored. The city has so much to offer to the people of all mindsets. If you love history, you always have enough historical places to fall back on. If you are a modern millennial, Delhi comes up with a cool new ‘Instagrammable’ place almost every other day. Here you can find out 10 best places to visit in Delhi.

Having a lifestyle in and around is something really cool as there is a planet of things to explore in the city that keeps you hooked to it.

In this blog we are talking about some of the places in Delhi that are perfect for a day outing. No matter whether you are a resident of a Delhi NCR or have just visited Delhi for touring or any purpose, these places are the best that would give you an entertaining day off from the busy city life.

P.S – Most of the places we are talking about here are historical tourist spots, so be ready with your camera to shoot and show your social media world a different perspective of the place. Yes, of course you can also enjoy these . Keep that the priority.

#1. India Gate Delhi

Credit: Sunetra

Starting with actually the liveliest and the most loved place of the city which is India gate! A very fascinating and touching history is attached to India gate and that is it was built in the memory of Indian soldiers who got martyred in World War 1.

This is a monument of pride for our soldiers and now it serves as one of the best hangout and tourist places in the city. A lot of people hover over here to enjoy in the garden and do some fun activities that are organised there.

A lot of photographers, models etc come here for photo shoots and campaign shoots. The best time to be in the India Gate is during the evening when the temperature is cool and the vibe of the place is cooler.

Also, with great lighting and other fancy stuff, India gate is happening to be in during the evening time. You can surely have a fun evening here with a lot of street food paddlers to keep you busy with delicious food.

#2. Hauz Khas Delhi

Credit: Paddington Bear

If you have a day off and you would want to spend doing fun activities in Delhi, then you can surely head out to Hauz Khas. Hauz Khas is a fun and an entertaining place in Delhi with the best restaurants, cafes, clubs, and street food shops. You will surely have your best day enjoying some amazing food. You can start the day with visiting the Hauz Khas fort which is a pretty fort where you could chill, explore, enjoy small picnics, do photography etc.

And by the evening, you could probably do some fun shopping in the shopping lanes. As we said, the best part is enjoying the food at fancy places over here. So, do not come back without enjoy the delicacies at any cost.

#3. Red Fort Delhi

Credit: Jade Mukhi

If you are from Delhi, you must have surely gone to the Red Fort tour a million of times but yet again, why not go once more. Red Fort is a huge fort of Delhi made with red sandstone that makes it look beguiling.

The fort is quite huge and you can spend the day exploring different areas of the fort. If you have an eye for architecture, aesthetics, or photography, you would probably love being in this fort. Mostly, you will come across tourists because they adore being here.

You are free to do some offbeat things at the Red Fort Delhi that you cannot really do in daily life and that could be sitting in serenity at any spot inside for hours, working on your hobby from some corner, and so many fun stuff that you have not done in a while. It is actually not about how many times you have visited a place but how well you know it and love being there.

#4. Qutub Minar Delhi

Credit: Dfor Delhi

Qutub Minar in Delhi was built by Qutub – ud – din Aibak who was the first sultanate of Delhi. We can obviously thank him for giving us such a picturesque tomb that we could keep visiting. Qutub Minar is in the Chandni Chowk area and you know you have a great day at Chandni Chowk.

The first thing that you could do is obviously spend some time at the fort. And then you can go ahead to do some shopping in the very famous Chandni Chowk market of Delhi. Delhi is famous for street food and Chandni Chowk is literally the heart of the city when it comes to street food. Do not miss visiting the ever so famous Paranthe waali gali here.

Talking about the fort, it is a tall one with 5 storeys and each one having a unique balcony. You can have a fun time here either solo or also with you gang.

#5. Lotus Temple

Credit: Qutlook Travel

Lotus temple in Delhi is one of our favorite spots. Yes, if you are adulating, you would know what we mean. The serene and the peaceful vibe of the place takes you away from the city life by yet being in the city. It is one of the most ideal spots to head out for a day outing from Delhi.

The temple is gorgeous and we now it. The vibe here you get is spiritual, silent, and refreshing. If you are stressed out and want to escape the hassle of the city, this is the one place within the city that you will love.

We love the campus of the temple. The place is ideal to head out with family, group of friends, or even alone for that matter. Just imagine you love painting, and you take a day off and had out to this cool place and dive deep into your hobby. Rejuvenating? Isn’t it?

#6. Chandni Chowk

Credit: Kirti Shukla

How would you define Delhi if you have to? We would call it busy and never stopping. And Chandni Chowk Delhi fits the best in that criteria. It is one of the most famous streets of Delhi even among st the tourists. For the people who love shopping and food, this is a heaven truly.

Neither shopping nor food is expensive here so you already have the reasons for calling it a paradise. From some wedding shops to the regular shopping shops, the street has it all and it sees the most number of crowd on a daily basis. So, if you can handle that madness, you will like to be there.  

We mentioned earlier about the Paranthe wali gali and it is very famous for amazing and low costing food. Don’t miss out on this experience. And you Dilliwale, a weekend once in a while calls you to be here.

#7. Rashtrapati Bhawan

Credit: India Diaries

You know that Delhi has a lot of historical places. And so the political places too. Rashtrapati bhawan tops the list of one of the most famous touristy places. This white house of the president is in the Rajpath street and this sight is beautiful.

If you are here as a tourist or as a traveler, you can totally keep one of your days to explore the Rashtrapati bhawan. The experience will be splendid and you will get to know a lot about the political side of India.

In the garden in the front side, you can chill, de- stress, and have some ‘me’ time. You can find a lot of street food peddlars here too so you can indulge in some street food. A day will be well spent here, you can do some walking by the sight, sit for hours with your friends or alone and have a great time.

#8. Jama Masjid Delhi

Credit: Yamolchuk

Let us talk a bit now about the biggest mosque in India and that is Jama Masjid. Apart from being the biggest mosque, it is also one of the most beautiful mosques you will ever visit. It is so damn huge that it can house upto 20,000 devotees. This huge mosque took 6 years to be made and you can see the reason for it in the detailing of the walls and everything of the mosque.

If you go up on the Southern tower of the mosque, you will have a gorgeous view of the entire Delhi city. To not miss out on this experience and instead of watching the city from modern tall buildings, go for this bird’s eye view. What is there to not love about it! The sight of the mosque from inside and from outside is impeccable.

#9. Akshardham Temple

Credit: Things 2 Do in Delhi

This is one of the newest attractions of the Delhi city. And you would require one whole day in literal sense to explore this beautiful temple. Akshardham means divine abode of Gods. This temple is famous for showcasing the Indian culture in various forms.

The construction of this temple is done with pink stones and white marbles. Just imagine, how pretty it would be looking. It is also considered to be a spiritual complex for the Hindus. If you are a fan of rich architecture, you would love the construction and detailing of this temple.

It is a very peaceful place that is also dedicated to learning and harmony. The temple is a sheer tribute to the God Swaminarayan. And other than the temple, the campus has water bodies, open garden, and a courtyard that is in the steep well style. Exhibitions are also held continuously on Hinduism and non violence in the temple campus.

#10. Jantar Mantar Delhi

Credit: Vineet

Ending this list with yet another popular place and that has to be Jantar Mantar Delhi. Spend your another weekend in yet another historical place in Delhi about which you have read a lot in your history books. Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur built this site. 13 architectural astronomical instruments are there in it. It is basically an observatory that was built to understand the movements of the moon, planets, and the sun.

You can visit the place for gathering some information, have a walk in the park area, exploring the observatory and basically a lot of intelligent stuff.


What are your thoughts about these places? They are fabulous, we know it. Enjoy your coming weekends by heading out to each of these places. Give your weekends some historical twist and also do not forget to take your friends along with you.

A heritage walk in your own city would be such an offbeat and also a rejuvenating thing to do. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know. Also, mention the place that you are heading out first.

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