5 Best Places to visit in Chennai

Places to visit in Chennai –  Chennai is one of the most lovable, livable, lovely, and a lively city of India! This is how we would love to start our introduction for the blog. Chennai is much more than South Indian food, South Indian style filter coffee, hot weather, and metro.

It is a city to explore for its rich and intelligent architectural styles of buildings, the modern lifestyle settlement, religious and historical places, and of course cleanest beaches.

More over anything, Chennai is beautiful. Lately, the tourism board of the city is getting a lot of applause from the travelers because the city has so many things and experiences for the tourists and travelers.

More than the prominent and photogenic places, Chennai is about the distinctive culture that needs to be explored. And of course, you cannot underrate the authentic South Indian food in Chennai.

Here, we are talking about the 5 best places to visit in Chennai. So, keep these places on your bucket list for when you visit the city, you do not miss out on exploring these. We tried to keep it short, but if you are also into religious places, there are a lot of temples in the city that you must head out to. Till then, let us check out these.

#1. Covelong Beach

Credit: Balakrishanan ( Places to visit in Chennai )

Let us start with our very first place that you must visit when in Chennai and that is none other than the Covelong beach. The actual name of the Covelong beach Chennai is the Kovalam beach. It is in the coast of Bay of Bengal.

It is very near to the village called Covelong and hence this is the name given to it. Covelong is basically a fishing village that is around 40 kms away from Chennai. Apart from fishing, this village is popular for surfing and in fact it is India’s first surfing village. It is on the way to Mahabalipuram so the crowd of Mahabalipuram and Chennai both are seen here.

For the people who love sports and beach activities then the Covelong beach in Chennai is the best for you. This is the beach where most number of beach activities are hosted.

Activities like wind surfing and swimming are very popular here and you can try them for sure if you love beach activities. It is a crowded beach with thousands of visitors coming every day that includes tourists as well as locals. A lot of people also try fishing over here.

Other than just trying out the sports activities and chilling by the beach, you can also try out moving around to explore the nearby forts, mosques, and churches. It would be an entertaining day around this beach.

#2. Marina Beach

Credit: Neetesh Kumar ( Places to visit in Chennai )

Chennai is famous for a lot of beaches and Marina beach is one of them. In fact, Marina beach is one of the most famous beaches of India. This beach gives you the best of the Indian beach feels. For the best sunset views you must head out to the Marina beach Chennai and spent some time there.

The vibe of the beach is carnival like which is obviously very lively and entertaining. You will find a lot of amusement rides and food stalls over there to keep you busy. It is also the longest urban beach in India which is stretched at a distance of 8.1 miles. Chennai’s biggest landmark is this beach and hence you can guess the popularity for yourself.

It is like one of those highlighted place of the city that the tourists do not miss at all. And even the place is a common hangout place for the locals. The lighthouse is also there at the beach that is now open for the tourists. The beach welcomes thousands of visitors daily at the beach which is crazy. Swimming and bathing are the activities that are not allowed here like other famous beaches because the current is higher.

From political rallies, to protests, to picnics, to hangout sessions, everything is happening around this beach. It is never silent and never dull for sure. The golden sand and the fringing palms make for a gorgeous sight at the beach. The beach also has a park, a swimming Pool and an aquarium to explore.

#3. Elliot’s Beach

Credit: Smitha Tk ( Places to visit in Chennai )

Another famous name for the Elliot beach is Besant Nagar beach because it is located in the Besant Nagar area. It was named after the Governor of Madras back then, Edward Elliot. But now it is renamed to Besant Nagar beach.

Marina beach is a lively beach that is always crowded with tourists and the locals. But, the Elliot’s beach is the one that attracts more of youngsters, couples, and people who prefer serenity over chaos. There are a lot of desert joints, cafes, and restaurants in the vicinity of this beach and that is the reason why Elliot beach attracts youngsters.

The beauty of the Elliot’s beach Chennai is amazing and cannot be underrated at all. This beach also has a lot of attractions like Velanganni church, Ashta Laxmi temple, and Schmidt Memorial in the vicinity. Some popular restaurants of the place are Mash, Murugan Idli shop, Cozee’s to name a few.

You can have a splendid time at the beach because it is not filled with people so you can have solace time. Along with that, you can move around and visit these places. And last but not the least, you can have your amazing food at the place.

#4. Muttukadu

Credit: Saminathan ( Places to visit in Chennai )

Muttukudu is a gorgeous place 1 hour away from Chennai and 2 hours away from Pondicherry. You can reach out to this place via road trip from both of these cities. A road trip from Chennai to Muttukadu takes you through the suburbs areas of Chennai.

The views are great and the road trip from Pondicherry to Muttukadu is amazingly even more scenic. Muttukudu Chennai is a small town famous among st the tourists. People visit this place to enjoy the scenic road trip and majorly to relax. It is a great place to unwind yourself from the city life and just chill.

There is a beach at the place where you can chill, relax, and sun bathe. Other than this, you can simply walk around and have a good time relaxing. You can also explore the Muttukadu house boats too as they are entertaining. The beach also does not see a lot of crowd on daily basis, so the ambiance is more of peaceful and not chaotic at all.

Other than this, you can move around and eat something in the town. There is not a lot of things to try out here though.

#5. Mylapore

Credit: Mohit Saravana

Mylapore is declared as the heritage capital of Chennai. People refer this to as the soul of the city which is also one of the oldest residential part of the city where Brahmins reside. This place speaks culture like no place ever. There are a collection of monuments at the place and that is the best part about this trip to Mylapore Chennai.

You can explore various kinds of monuments here and also the residential part of the Brahmins. But, more things to explore here are the Kapeeleshwar temple which is the most impressive temple of Chennai in every form. It is a temple of 17th century dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Other than this, there are more temples like the Mylapore Sai Baba temple to visit in the area. San Thome Cathedral that is built in the new Gothic style is also a major attraction of the place and it was built by the Portuguese.

An annual Mylapore festival is held every year in January so make sure to have a trip to Chennai during that time so that you get to visit this festival. It is held before the Pongal festival, so you will also get to feel the vibe of the city during Pongal.

Walking tour of Mylapore is conducted with a guide that consists of story-telling and fact revealing about the place, so make sure to take up that tour to get to know the place up close and personal. You will return with loads of memories, information, and pictures from the place.


Chennai is hyped for a lot of reasons and majorly for being one of the best Metropolitan cities. We want to tell that all the hypes are totally true but there are lot of things that Chennai is full of and no boasts about. So, the next time when you visit Chennai, be sure to find all the underrated things or the gorgeous things that a lot more people should know about.

These were the top 5 most touristy places of the city that obviously you cannot miss to explore. But, there are tonnes of things to do more, a lot of food to try, a lot more places to visit, a lot more activities to make memories, and the list goes on. Chennai is a very lively and a livable city so try to absorb as much as you can when you are around. Happy tripping and cheers to adventures!

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