5 Best Places to visit in Australia

Places to visit in Australia – Talking about some of the most beautiful and epic destinations in the world, Australia wouldn’t take time to pop up. Yes, we all know that Australia is an exceptionally incredible country and a paradise for travel lovers. It is crazy to even think that how can the smallest continent be so diverse and beautiful. The continent is known for varied landscapes, cultural heritage sights, and the beautiful beaches. 

Someone has defined the beauty of Australia that sparkles like a rare jewel between the South Pacific and the Indian oceans. The country has a variety in the landscapes and it can be seen in various cities of it. The smallest continent is also the biggest island of the Universe. And it is the only continent that is also a country. 

Places to visit in Australia

Places to visit in Australia

There are enough adventures to try out there without repeating the one you did before. Be it enjoying the modern lifestyle during the vacations or just leisurely chilling at the country side, the country has something for all. Having amazing national parks to treat the wildlife lover and at the same time having the bliss of the city’s nightlife in the hotspots of the city is the speciality of Australia. 

P.S – Australia is filled with gorgeous tourist spots but just like any other place, this one too has the best of the best. And here we bring some of the best places to visit in Australia from the lot of the spots around the city. And visiting all the places is not possible so it is always smart enough to cut down the list to the best places or rather the touristy places that everyone talks about. 


Places to visit in Australia

Get ready to explore the best of the world down under! 

#1 Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

The top destination of Australia and one of the top places to visit in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. This one is a multi venue performing art center. Opera House hosts the best performing arts in the country. This place sees over 8 million people in a year and this makes this place one of the hottest hubs of the country. It is also one of the listed monuments in the UNESCO World Heritage Sights.

John Urton, the famous Danish architecture was the designer of this house. All sorts of multiple events happen at the house. Also, the opera house has some cafes, restaurants, and bars for recreational purposes. This is one of the most fun, happening, entertaining, and informative places of the city to explore. Your trip to Australia is not complete without visiting the Opera House. 

Things to Do

  • Attend an event
  • Chill at the recreational places inside
  • Explore the vicinity
  • Click pictures
  • Get to know the history of the place
  • Explore the architecture

Best Time to Visit

There are different times of the year when different events happen over here. So, there isn’t really a best time to visit the Sydney Opera House. It is great throughout the year so visit anytime you are in the country. 

Location: Bennelong Island in Sydney. The building lies between the Sydney cave and Farm cave. 

#2 Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

While you visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you would be visiting the world’s largest steel arch bridge. Coat Hanger is the other very popular name of the bridge. This is one of the most iconic symbols of Australia and is also one of the popular landmarks of the country. This bridge is huge and it carries 8 vehicle lanes, footway, two train lines, and also a cycle way. This bridge connects the North Shore and the Sydney Central business district.

The bridge is an architectural pleasure and its beautiful design is inspired by the Hell Gate Bridge of New York, USA. So, this place has some vibes of New York to say the least and that makes it even more pleasing. The view from the bridge overlooking the waters is heavenly picturesque and a sight not to miss. In the evening, the sight of the river and the lit bridge looks immensely captivating. During the golden hour, the view of the bridge if explicitly beautiful. If you are there in Australia for a longer time, do visit the place both the time so that you get to know about the beauty of the place during both hours. 

Things to Do

  • Do some gorgeous architectural and street photography
  • Explore the bridge and have some great time there
  • View the sunset from the bridge
  • Enjoy the view of the river and the lighted bridge during the evening

Best Time to Visit

The best hour of the day to visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge is during the evening time when it is lit with lights all over. The view is simply gorgeous by all means. From the time of dusk, the view starts getting prettier at the bridge. It is also the best time to click tonnes of pictures here. 

Location: Sydney New South Wales

#3 Barossa Valley South Australia

Barossa Valley South Australia

Barossa Valley is one of the finest wineries of Australia and also one of the oldest wine regions of the country. There are around 150 wineries in the valley along with the cellar doors. The wineries are open for the tourists to explore, click pictures, and spend some peaceful time there. The Europeans occupied the region during the 19th century. 

This valley is famous amongst the tourists as it is a really beautiful place that has a lot of fancy restaurants, seasonal fresh agricultural products, and also skilled food manufacturers. To make the tour even more fun, there are options of bike tour, hot air balloon ride, and bicycle tours available as well for the explorers. The best way to explore the wine trails of the valley is to take the bicycles from there anss go on a ride. End the day with some local shopping in the area. 

Things to Do

  • Explore the wine and the food trail
  • Explore the entire old valley
  • Go on bike tours in the wine trail
  • Take a guided hit air balloon tour
  • Do some fun shopping of antiques and other fun stuff at the shops in the valley
  • Relish and eat to your heart’s content at the fancy restaurants
  • Take pictures

Best Time to Visit

If you know, Australia is the only continent to celebrate Christmas in summers then you know that the months between December to February are the summer months in Australia. Hence, in that respect, the summer months of Australia from December to February are the best months to explore the Barossa valley. This is the best time to explore more of Australia. 

Location: It is located 70 km from the Adelaide city centre

#4 Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

If you are in Perth then you have to visit Rottnest island because this is one heaven of a place whose beauty you would not want to miss. It is just a few kilometres from the Fremantle island and taking a ferry ride from the place would be the best way to reach there. The beach water is emerald green whose sight is fabulous. The beaches have abundant sea and aquatic life.

To explore the island, one can choose either the walking trail or the biking trail. The view of the sandy beaches with the emerald green water is amazing for the soul and eyes. The island also has some amazing water sports to try like snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, etc. Exploring the island on the bike is also a fantastic thing to do. There are museums, galleries, heritage buildings, and light house in the island to explore. It will be a fun packed day when here. 

Things to Do

  • Walk up the lighthouse to view the panoramic view of the island
  • Chill at the sandy beaches
  • Treat your eyes with the sight of the emerald green waters
  • Do some exciting water sports
  • Explore the gallery, heritage buildings, and the museum to know about the history of the island 
  • Explore the island on bike
  • Swim and take bath

Best Time to Visit

Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere hence the summer season in the country is during the months of November to February. This is a good time to explore the beaches as the temperature could be better. But, in the winters of Australia, the temperature is going to be very cool and not suited for the beaches at all. 

Location: The island is located in Perth, 18 km from the Fremantle harbour 

#5 Coolangatta Beach


Coolangatta Beach

The Coolangatta beach is located in the southernmost suburb of Gold Coast. It has a really less population that makes the area even more pretty. The place shares it economy with the neighbouring twin town Tweed Heads that is situated in the New South Wales. The highlight of the place is the seafood that serves. Greenmount Hill is a spot here that is favourable for swimming so if the travellers would want to dive in, they can do it here. There is a fishing fleet region in the Tweed river. 

The Coolangatta beach is also known to have the best ocean hotels, restaurants, clubs, and other entertainment facilities for the visitors. The Tweed Heads new year festival is also a great time and a fun event to attend at Coolangatta beach. 

Things to Do

  • Do swimming at the Greenmount Hill
  • Try fishing at Fishing fleet region
  • Chill at the oceanfront restaurants and other entertainment places
  • Attend the Tweed Heads new year festival
  • Try the world class sea food here
  • Explore the area of the Queensland

Best Time to Visit

Coolangatta beach has no best time and is amazing throughout the year. The beach is not prohibited as per the weather so it is good anytime of the year. The weather here experiences warm summers and mild winters with cooling ocean breeze in the hotter months and ocean temperatures that remain comfortable during the cooler months. 

Location: Queensland 


Australia is a beautiful country and a continent and having said that these were the top places to visit and explore. Your trip to the fantastic country of Australia is totally incomplete if you haven’t visited these places around. All of these places have a crazy vibe and something new to offer to the travellers and explorers. In your Australia trip, make sure to add these places. 

These places to visit in Australia have our heart and we would love to know your travel stories to the place if you have been there. Help your fellow travellers and let us build a community Togedr of sharing our travel stories. 

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